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Rosewood Rose Aromatherapy Spa and Bath Products: Bathsheba

Experience romance like never before with Castle Baths' rosewood rose Bathsheba aromatherapy blend. The scent of fresh roses isn't just associated with romance for tradition's sake, these fragrant flowers actually possess romance-inspiring sensations according to aromatherapy studies. The romantic Bathsheba scent is blended by hand from the essential oil of rosewood and pure rose absolute - not synthetic fragrances that merely mimic nature's gifts!

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foot cream - rosewood rose

Luxury Mineral Foot Cream - Bathsheba Rosewood Rose


natural soap rose bathsheba

Bathsheba Rose Soap Rosewood Rose


dead sea salt conditioning soak

Romantic Dead Sea Salts CONDITIONING Soak - Bathsheba Rosewood Rose

bath salts dead sea bathsheba

Romantic Dead Sea Salts for the Soul - Bathsheba Rosewood Rose

foot salts - rosewood rose

Dead Sea Mineral Foot Bath Salts - Bathsheba Rosewood Peppermint


bath tea rosewood rose bath tea rosewood rose

Pampering Herbal Bath Tea - Bathsheba Rosewood Rose


body lotion mist - rosewood rose

Moisturizing Body Lotion Mist Spray - Bathsheba Rosewood Rose


body mist spray - rosewood rose

Hydrating Natural Body Mist - Rosewood Rose- Bathsheba


massage oil lavender bergamot rose pink grapefruit

Premium Aromatic Romantic Massage Oil - Bathsheba Rosewood Rose


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