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Holiday Handmade Soaps and Soap Spa Gift Baskets now on Offer at Spa Products Store, Castle Baths

Handmade soaps and special soap spa gift baskets for the holiday season are now on available at the spa products store, ( The leading online spa and bath products shop has introduced a wide line of handmade dessert soaps such as cake soaps, pie soaps and soap cookies. The holiday handmade soaps can be viewed at:

Castle Baths also offers an extensive range of spa gift baskets including spa and bath products gift sets and spa gift baskets for cats and dogs.

Castle Baths is an online spa products store that is a member of the Green America Association and offers natural and handmade spa products, bath products, natural spa soaps, skin care products, Dead Sea products, etc. The current handmade soaps for the holidays is a special feature to celebrate the festive spirit of holidays and also provide perfect gift choices for the season. Handmade cake soaps, pie soaps and soap bombs in the shape of cookies can be used for display or actual usage.

Different natural handmade soaps available at the online bath products store are Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Cream Icing and a scoop of Ice Cream handmade soaps,  Natural Handmade Soap Key Lime Pie, Lavender Bon Bons Handmade Soap Bath Bombs, 4 Pack Sampler Handmade Soap Cookies, Lavender Rose Bon Bons Handmade Soaps, etc.

Friendship Roses Spa Soap Gift Basket, Natural Handmade Soap Specialty Mix Soap Cookies, etc. are some of the spa bath gift baskets on sale at

“The holidays, its charms and the time for cakes, pies and cookies, gifts, etc. is already upon us. So we thought why not be part of the celebrations and offer our customers the perfect dessert – natural skin care through beautiful natural handmade dessert soaps. These natural handmade soaps not only look mouthwatering but are also infused with the goodness of nature’s bounty to provide perfectly moisturized skin and tender smoothness on usage. Plus they are great to gift someone and convey your sumptuous feelings with!”, said Laura Thomas, owner of Castle Baths.

Castle Baths has also added cat gift baskets and dog gift sets to their collection of spa bath gift baskets. Gift baskets for cats and dogs include Anna Designer natural pet products such as dog shampoos, cat shampoos, tear stain removers, etc.

Laura also quipped, “These delicious delights are not edible. You can use them for display or include them in your daily baths to get the perfect glow on your skin. Either ways you will be admired by everyone. Our handmade soaps are organic and provide effective skin care, leaving your body and skin soft, supple and cared for. Also handmade cake soaps, pie soaps and soap cookies will prove to be amazing gifts for your near and dear ones. After all, these handmade bath soap gifts would not just look good but will have the sweet essence of nature and the warmth of being handmade”.

The online spa and bath products store will soon be offering a new line of scented handmade soaps. Holiday handmade soaps are made from natural extracts such as Lavender, Lavender rose, Cherry Drop, etc. which function as exfoliating agents, leaving the skin glowing and full of sheen.

About Castle Baths:
Castle Baths ( is an online store for natural bath and spa products. Headed by Laura Thomas, the online spa products store offers natural and organic products made from essential ingredients. Castle Baths offers beauty, bath and spa products including soaps, body moisturizers, essential oils, foot care merchandise and much more. Anna Designer Pet Line for pet care is also available at the spa and bath products store. Spa products offered at Castle Baths are natural and handmade.

Buyers can also choose to purchase spa gift baskets, sample products and gift cards. Shipping to all US orders is $5.50. Free samples with spa products purchase is also offered at

For more information, contact:
Laura Thomas
Hampton, Va. 23663

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