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Are Spa Products on your Christmas Wish List?

Have you thought over spa products for Christmas? Well, now is the time to, because Santa sure likes fresh and fragrant people! So why not let your Christmas be charmingly sweet and rejuvenating with Castle Baths range of spa and bath products?

That time of the year again when Christmas spirit is pouring forth from every nook and corner! Wish lists, Christmas gifts and cakes (both handmade soaps and the baked ones ;)), cookies and everything remotely Christmassy is on the market, on the tables or in somebody’s heart. To celebrate the same, we got just the perfect range of spa products, bath products and aromatherapy products! These spa products are ideal for last minute Christmas shopping and promise refreshing holidays ahead!

Some Christmas Spa Suggestions

Spending holidays at home is always relaxing, however if you want this Christmas/ holidays to be more spa-like relaxing then spa products are great for you! Add another favorite in your Christmas wish list and may be Santa grants this one, or else, Castle Baths is always there! Read through some of our Christmas gifts/ Christmas spa suggestions and find your essence for holidays:

Spa Gift BasketsGift baskets and Christmas are like Christmas and the holly, you just can’t avoid them. We have a dedicated line of spa and bath gift baskets just for the occasion.

Aromatherapy Pure Essential Oils – If the year was unnaturally busy and may be taxing (the recession didn’t spare many), our stress relieving pure essential oils are your perfect pick. Also good for skin care, essential oils can be used for bath, meditation and prayers.

Christmas soaps and bath bombs – Don’t just eat cakes this year but bathe with them for a sparkling glow! Our Christmas pie and cake soaps add dollops of natural care without the calories.

Dead Sea Bath Salts – Muscles and bones are always at the receiving end during winters, Dead Sea bath salts come in very handy to relieve you off the pain.

Adding spa and bath products to your wish list is a win-win situation, as they don’t cost much and offer natural care for the skin, feet and hand. Get the spa freshness now!

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