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Save $7 on Bath and Spa Products at Castle Baths

Sunday, January 24th, 2010

A special offer on spa and bath products at Castle Baths helps your save $ 7 on your order! Use discount coupon ‘0104107off‘ at checkout and save $7 on your spa products shopping! The offer is for a limited period and expires on February 14th 2010, so hurry to get organic, fresh and all natural bath products at a discount.

Valentine’s is also approaching, getting some natural essences for that special someone would be perfect. Choose from a wide range of decorative handmade soaps, or the ever-indulging pure essential oils, body moisturizers and pure and handmade skin care products.

Offering the best in skin care since ancient times, Dead Sea skin products such as mud masks and shea butter spa products are also available at Castle Baths.

Get Spa-cial Valentine’s Gifts and Save $7!

Spa products are great gift options and a unique way to communicate that you care. Go for deeply nourishing pure essential oils, effective skin care and gently caressing Tre Yours spa face products and much more.

Whatever you choose will make him or her happy because nothing can beat the purity of nature and that’s what we promise! None of the spa products on our store have been tested on animals! They are natural, pure and completely handmade.

Find a way to her or his heart through skin and let that special someone experience the ultimate joy of relaxation with spa products from Castle Baths! The $7 discount can be redeemed by using ‘0104107off‘ discount coupon at checkout. The discount can be availed on any and every order. Discount coupon can be used only once per purchase.

The offer expires on Valentine’s Day, make sure you get the special gift before that!

Halloween Eyes Handmade Soap – Ultimate Pampering for Endless Beauty

Saturday, January 23rd, 2010

Spa care has gotten all the more beauty enriching and fun with Halloween eyes handmade soaps coming along really well. Perfectly made to nurture your dainty skin, Halloween eyes handmade soaps are primarily scented almond biscotti cookies with cherry drop eyes.

Ensuring you a moisturized skin and rendering you that oh-so-desirable glow, these spa handmade soaps will reinvigorate your senses whilst offering you an experience equal to a luxurious massage. These hand made soaps are too cute to look at and totally adorable to use as well. Beautifying your skin furthermore, Halloween eyes handmade soaps are 100% organic to provide your skin nature’s best care and nourishment.

Halloween eyes handmade soaps – Witness your skin glow with every shower

Every individual cookie includes deeply nourishing ingredients like dead sea salt, cornstarch, milk powder, certified organic Jojoba oil, baking soda, citrus acid, coconut oil, palm oil, castor oil, safflower oil, shea butter, dead sea mud, purified water, sodium hydroxide, Sorbitol, watercolor soap color to give you a skin that is soft, supple, and looks healthy and nourished.

Get your hands on these brilliantly crafted handmade spa soaps and rest assured of owning an ever glowing gorgeous skin. Castle Baths displays an array of such natural handmade Halloween soaps which are organic and cruelty free. These spa soaps make brilliant gifts and are perfect for gifting yourself as well. Make your pick today!

So what if October’s gone and the New Year has begun, having fun should remain top priority throughout the year! So enjoy Halloween soaps and the skin care they promise.

Buy 2 Castle Baths Natural Massage Oils Get 1 Absolutely Free!

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

Castle Baths spa products store presents an offer not to be missed, especially if you want a relaxed mind, replenished body and above all a rejuvenated soul! Buy 2 natural massage oils at the spa and bath products store and get 1 absolutely free! Now where do we get 3 organic massage oils for the price of two? At Castle Baths!

Aromatherapy massage oils offered by Castle Baths are rich in natural ingredients such as Lavender, Grapefruit, Bergamot, Rosewood oil, etc. All these ingredients invigorate the senses and result in an effective massage, wholesome bath experience and purity of meditation or prayers.

These natural oils contain pure blends that ensure healthy and calming relaxation. Essential massage oils available at Castle Baths include Sweet Communion, Sweet Dreams Restoration, Bathsheba, Prayer, Passion and Jubilee massage oils. Each is imbued with a unique pristine essence of Nature.

Castle Baths Massage Oils – Your communion with nature

With this offer you can now assure your communion with nature not through two but three natural essential oils. Your bath, prayer or meditation routine will no longer be the same with natural essential oils enhancing the relaxation, calm and serenity manifold!

So buy your favorite natural essential oil and open up the door to a refreshing feel and a divinity of prayer and meditation that you have been waiting for!

Spa and bath products at Castle Baths offer the complete goodness of nature and the natural essential oils will not just initiate your connection with nature but also secure it!

After all, nature’s bounty is a precious gift, make sure that you have your share!

Lose Weight the Spa Way!

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

Spa products and treatments are an organic way of rejuvenating your body, mind and soul. But, ever thought how would it be, if you could even lose your undesirable flab with spa products? Dieting and exercises are considered key practices in order to lose weight. In starting a diet it’s essential to focus on self care rather than holding your taste glands and regard the practice as a punishment.

Here is where massage spa products come into play. During the course of your dieting, treating your body to a relaxing massage can do wonders for your skin and senses. A vitalizing facial or special herbal pedicure sends positive pleasures to your brain. This session can also help you in retaining the focus and motivation while on a dieting pursuit.

Shape up with spa products

There are some spa bath products and treatments like seaweed, plant based body wraps and mud baths which help detoxify by flushing out the harmful toxins. Some organic spa body wraps can rid your body of excessive fluid and cellulite and cause temporary weight loss. This can tone and firm the skin which further results in overall well being and attaining a toned body.

Spa hydrotherapy treatments such as sauna and hot tubs have been long known to reduce gout, depression, neuritis and metabolic brawls. These therapies can induce feelings of relaxation and help guests in meeting their weight loss goals as well.

Hence, complement your diet charts with some amazing spa products and therapies and tone up your body in the healthiest and the most natural way! Castle Baths offers an array of pure, natural and handmade spa and bath products, moisturizers and essential oils. Get your hands on any of these and feel the difference.

Lose weight the spa way and you will love dating your mirror!

Sweet Communion Herbal Salt Bath Tea

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

For many of us, the day begins with the tea’s aroma while for a lot others, it acts as an essential kick. Those aromatic leaves which hold the key to rejuvenation, now, not only relieves your senses but also the entire body. Castle Baths classic Sweet Communion Herbal Salt Bath Tea is an assortment of herbs, milk and herbal salts, infused with organic essential oil of Lavender along with its buds for complete body rejuvenation.

Just as a whiff of the bath tea rises your spirits, soaking your body in the pool of aromatic assortment will relax you thoroughly making you feel fresh and energized. Completely herbal, such bath teas were used by the pharaohs as a cure for skin ailments like eczema, acne, dermatitis, psoriasis , flaking and dandruff etc.

A way of herbal aromatherapy, Castle Baths Sweet Communion Herbal Salt Bath Tea gives you a complete rejuvenation relieving you from aching muscles and sore body parts.

Sweet Communion Herbal Salt Bath Tea: Simply Indulge!

Love thy body and indulge in the herbal extravagance. Castle Baths Sweet Communion Herbal Salt Bath Tea promises to refresh your senses and body with its herbal aromatic ingredients. Just soak yourself and re-energize your spirit. Bathe the Cleopatra way!

Castle Baths has an entire range of spa products. Pick & choose from the best of the bath products, body moisturizers, spa soaps, bath and massage oils for heavenly baths and complete rejuvenation.

Spa Face Treatments – Let Beauty Be Thy Face!

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

Spa Face treatments are rich in natural ingredients and contain enriching elements that lend your face its true glory and beauty. Our face is a window to our mind and soul. It expresses, emotes and gives us our identity. Then, how can we neglect it and let its skin be scarred by wear and tear?

Artificial face and skin care products do more harm than helping you retain your natural glow. Natural skin care products and spa face treatments, on the other hand are one of the best gifts that you can give yourselves and let your face breathe the rejuvenating sigh of relief!

With spa face products treatments, you can be sure that your face sustains its natural shine and smoothness despite of aging and exposure to harsh environments.

Spa Face Treatments – For a beautiful face everyday!

Facial spa treatments such as Dead sea mud masks, cleansers, natural face creams, natural facial soaps, when used in everyday routine, leave your face looking youthful, wrinkle free and glowing. Other face treatment products such as eye creams remove the puffiness and dark circles around  the eye, renewing the sensitive skin under them. Anti-aging Tre Yours face moisturizers restore the tenderness of the skin and make it soft it with every use.

Castle Baths spa face treatments are made from seven unique organic blends that work fantastic with varied skin types. In order to get a flawless facial skin opting for natural spa products such as masks, mud packs is also helpful. CastleBaths spa face treatments include a wide range of facial products that not only refresh your skin but enable you to regain your natural freshness!

Face creams are ideal for reducing unwanted lines and wrinkles from the face. Facial soaps made from shea butter and creams are offered that are not at all hard on the skin and do not dry it. Instead, natural facial soaps can add wonders to your face treatment regime and make it fully invigorating!

The caressing aromas of natural spa face treatments will not just make you appear wonderful but also will let you experience the soothing sensation of a spa session.

Remember that if you are healthy inside, it will definitely show. Get spa face treatments and unveil the real charm of your face to the world!

Shea Butter Spa Products – Natural Choice for Skin Care

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

Shea Butter is a natural butter, free from any artificial or synthetic ingredients. Although many skin care products include artificial ingredients, the assumption that something manufactured for skin is the best option for your body is often not the case. Natural, organic spa products are often more gentle, soothing and pure than synthetic alternatives.

Shea Butter provides your skin with a naturally soothing balm, and is known to help heal dry skin and sunburn. Shea Butter products have a reputation for being one of the softest and most soothing elements, and these simple qualities make it brilliant for sensitive skin and for the face.

Shea Butter Spa Products – Smooth and tender

Shea Butter spa products are abundant in nutrients, and the vitamins and minerals that are found here tighten the skin of the face, helping to wash away lines and wrinkles. The best way to get these minerals for the glow of your skin is through natural spa and bath products. Natural spa and skin care products will always be best for your skin to restore its lost sheen and youth.

Natural Shea butter products are perfect particularly for fading age spots, stretch marks and scars, where many people swear by its properties and effectiveness in helping them look good again. You can’t beat a good natural spa product, and Certified Organic Shea Butter is certainly that!

With the Shea butter, you can be sure of getting the perfect glow on your skin and complete rejuvenation of your body. It can be used both as a spa and a bath product. At Castle Baths we offer natural and pure spa products with Shea butter in most of them.

Natural Eye Creams – Let your Eyes renew their Spark!

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

It’s often puzzling to decide which is the best eye cream to get rid of those nasty and plaguing under eye wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness and sagging skin. Eyes speak a lot about your age, personality and overall health. They should be attended well and nurtured for time and again.

There are many eye creams on the market these days but don’t just get swayed by their covers or price. They might contain harmful chemical constituents which can irritate your eyes and pose irreparable side effects. Here is where natural eye creams take over! Natural eye creams are made out of natural oils and botanicals which make your eyes look youthful by restoring damaged skin underneath, improving skin firmness and circulation.

Natural eye creams – For your eyes only

Natural eye creams soothe your skin under the eyes and are believed to be gentler than the regular manufactured products. Regular application of organic eye care products provide moisture to the skin and repairs, smoothens, soothes, and softens it as well. The ingredients help firming the lines around your eyes. Natural eye creams would never burn, irritate or sting the skin.

Make your pick for natural eye creams at The online spa products store only displays 100% organic products which are handmade and cruelty free. Get rid of baggy eyes today and make your eyes beautiful forever!

Passion Natural Body Wash – Lavender Rose and Sandalwood Body Wash

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

Passion natural body wash softens your skin like never before. Enriched with vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids, Passion body wash from Castle Baths gently tones and hydrates your skin leaving a healthy glow. Soothe  your senses naturally and enjoy luxury skin care with the organic essential oils of lavender rose and sandalwood.

Passion blend has the certified organic shea butter, the natural moisturizer. Extracted from shea or karite tree, it is a natural fat that retains skin moisture and elasticity.

Passion Natural Body Wash – For Sensual and Ecstatic Bathing Experience

Passion Natural body wash rejuvenates your body warding off all the tension and the stress. Just as a happy body is to happy mind; a refreshing bath is to a spirited soul. With Castle baths Passion Natural Body Wash, you will feel the difference.

Castle Baths has an entire range for indulgence and the skin pampering. From dead sea products to natural soaps and from bath salts to bath oils, Castle baths has it all that is needed for an enriching bathing experience.

Relax, rejuvenate and refresh yourself with our natural spa products that are rich in vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids.

Anna Designer Pet Products Line – Natural Soaps; Soaks for Pets

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

Pet products are needed for essential baths and grooming of pets to keep skin ailments at bay. Anna Designer Pet Line brings you an interesting range of grooming products, available at Castle Baths. Naturally organic and pH-balanced, these natural bath products are safe and mild for your cute friends and are used to treat your li’l ones’ skin ailments while they enjoy in a pool of lather.

Available in variety of options like StudTail bar, HotSpot bar, Chin Acne bar, Dander bar and Itch relief bar, it ensures that your pet is happy and free from skin ailments or itch. Made from natural substances like goatsmilk, certified organic shea butter, aloe, honey, oatmeal etc. and supplemented with vitamins for revitalizing the skin and coat, it is sure to make your pets enjoy every bath.

CaslteBaths Pet Products – Natural pet care!

Castle Baths also offers Castle Baths Tea Tree Bar Soap for human hands so that you don’t imbibe or pass  germs to yourself or your surroundings. The antimicrobial, antiseptic bar is perhaps every breeders’ dream bar, for it ensures that your pet gets the attention it needs while you’re absolved of the worries of contracting diseases or infections.

Another innovative and one-of-its-kind product from Anna Designer Pet Line is the Dark Coffee Soap. Scented with fresh brewed vanilla beans, coffee butters and coffee essential oils, it removes the pet urine from fabrics leaving them afresh with the fragrance of beans.

The Anna Designer Pet Line is available at Castle Baths, an online store for bath and spa products. It offers a wide range of products for a complete rejuvenating bath and spa experience!