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Castle Baths Spa Products – Made with You-ni-queness in Mind

Sunday, July 18th, 2010

The natural and completely handmade quality of Castle Baths Spa Products has been emphasized time and again. Their specialties are not just limited to providing the best natural and totally green skin care but also because these are made especially for you.

Each bath and spa product carries that personal touch and is delivered at your doorstep freshly made. And what all is unique about the Castle Baths Spa Products You-ni-queness? Primarily the organic ingredients making every spa product a luxury-laden product for the skin but there’s more as..

…this luxurious experience is not just limited to the skin but penetrates deeper to ensure physical, emotional and spiritual health and well-being.

  • Spa products that only make the sparkle and glow last for not more than 30 minutes is not what Castle Baths offers. The collection of spa products from Castle Baths do not work at the surface level but go deeper within. So that when the inside is so beautifully radiant it cannot but be reflected out.
  • From aromatherapy spa products, skin care products, bath and spa products to natural pet products – Castle Baths Spa Products have something for everyone to feel happy about.
  • Don’t bother to book an appointment at the spa because Castle Baths bath and spa products have got you all covered for that ultimate rejuvenating and restorative binge that you have been craving for!

A place where nature and you are the most important – Castle Baths Spa Products store is your gateway to a better you!

Dog Lovers Bath Gift Basket of Dog Bar Soaps – Deliciously Caring!

Friday, July 16th, 2010

This super cute Anna Natural Pet Products Gift Basket for dogs will surely have your doggy running towards the bathing area! Well when you have a bone dangling in the bath room can a dog resist it?

The dog lover shampoo baths are bar soaps molded in shape of dog bones and are their size and texture too! So you may have a hard time keeping your doggie from getting a bite of it. The Dog Lovers shampoo basket consists of 4 bones (read bar soaps) enriched with wonderful natural ingredients that are great for the fur and skin of the dog.

These make perfect gifts for dog lovers! And it’s not just the care but the oh-so wonderful scents. You may just turn yours or others’ dogs into a clean freak with the Dog bar soaps. But please stick to the vet’s instructions about bathing dogs. No matter how tempted the dog or you are!

Dog Bath Gift Basket – For the Love of Dogs

This pet bath gift is all natural and comes from Anna Natural Products for dogs so can be easily trusted. Anna natural products have been offering doggie and catty delights for a long time. From dog shampoos, to cat soaks, tear stain removers – Anna pet products are the best choice for cat and dogs products.

If you have a dog who needs a pampering once in a while then get the dog bone bar soaps now! The gift basket is priced at $19.95 and can be viewed at:

For more natural pet products from the leading brand, shop at:

The 4 bones bar soaps are great spa products for pets and those that they deserve unconditionally.

Have you Checked Spa Products in your Bridal Diary?

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

Summers do not only inspire spa visits but nuptials too. Come summers and it’s the wedding scent swooning everyone, everywhere. And no summer wedding, pre-bridal or bridal preparation can be without spa products. So have you checked them in your bridal diary?

Also before the grooms frown, since brides seem to dominate everything (even this post too) when it comes to wedding & all things related to it; let us give them a piece of info that will cheer them– Natural and handmade spa products can be used by either sexes.

Getting back to the bridal diary and the spa products; Castle Baths Spa Products has some great use-and-bloom spa bath suggestions! Read on.

The foremost are the Dead Sea bath products – Well the Dead Sea isn’t that dead! It’s minerals have rejuvenating and skin replenishing qualities and the bath and spa products derived from Dead Sea mineral salts cannot be missed if looking perfect is your aim. From Dead Sea salt scrubs to mud packs, bath salts and even Dead Sea bath salts – Castle Baths Spa Products’ Dead Sea products collection  has everything to make you sparkle  down and even past the aisle. 🙂

Bath Teas – Milk, Herbal & of course green! Bath Teas make great bath soaks. Which you would be needing during your hard-pressed typical bridal schedule! Bath teas collected at Castle Baths are enriched with sweet and purifying scents, essential oils which when touch skin create mush love!

Spa Face Treatments – Now we all know whose face would everyone be looking at – yours! So don’t take a chance, use natural spa face treatments from Castle Baths Spa Products. These include facial foaming exfoliator, mud masks, cleanser creams, natural facial soaps and so much more!

Body Mists Sprays – Body mists and sprays will be perfect to ward off that one particular blot on summers called ‘sweat’ and keep you smelling as fresh as the spring! And these body mists are not only refreshing and aromatic but restore the glow and freshness of the skin. Body mists sprays are enriched with vegetable based glycerin. So spray on to keep on smelling and looking sweet.

Another very important thing! These spa products are not just for that special time but should be used even after the wedding. You don’t want to let the sparkle or glow whisk away, right? So for all your pre, post and during bath body care, get spa products!

Total Foot Spa Bath Gift Set Basket – Feet Friendly

Sunday, July 11th, 2010

Total foot care spa bath gift baskets are at-home spa luxury for your feet (more-often-than-not ignored and occasionally taken care off).

In your daily regime, you tend to forget that your feet do all the walking, running, standing and sometimes even mopping. So where does the nourishment for your feet come? The answer to this is available at the bath and spa products. The foot spa products at are household cure for those tired heels, toes & soles.

Whether it is exfoliation, massaging or gentle care – the foot spa care gift baskets do all! The spa foot products gently exfoliate your foot skin making it soft and clearing away the ripped skin. They also prevent further cracking of heels. The spa foot care set allows pores to open helping them breathe..

Total Foot Spa Products – Some simple ways to take care

How would you like cracked and chapped heels if its a day out at beach with friends? You cannot wear shoes to a beach, Can you? Why to wait then? Care for your feet as you do for your face. If not much then at least :

  • Moisturize them everyday.
  • Keep them clean.
  • Take care of those first cracks and ripped skin.
  • Use the foot spa bath and spa products minimum once a week.
  • Dip them in hot water to relax them and yourself too.

These little efforts can avoid you greater embarrassments in front of family, friends or colleagues. Pick your favorite foot spa gift basket now! Or for someone you care for.

Renewal Facial Soap Bar – Discover Natural Beauty with Every Wash

Friday, July 9th, 2010

Renewal Facial Soap Bar is an all-in-one solution for skin related problems. From cleansing to moisturizing, it will only take a natural soap now. Spa soaps at the spa products store help your aging skin to acquire a youthful complexion.

The Renewal facial soap bar is enriched with Mango butter, Certified organic shea butter, Hemp  seed butter, Hemp seed oil and Vitamin A, E & F. This soap gets you relief from the dryness caused by extreme temperatures, UV radiations and air conditioning. The organic soap helps moisturize the skin and lightens blemishes and scars. It also helps slower the effect of aging on your skin.

The shea butter concentrate in the natural and handmade soap rejuvenates sun damaged skin and also fights wrinkles away. Well Castle Baths spa products have always been people’s favorite because nobody likes to have synthetic elements touching their skin.

Spa bath natural soap – Mild care for the Skin

The spa facial soap bar is excellent for acne-prone skin. It acts mildly on the acne and the marks left. The soap consists of rose essential oils which act on acne to wash them away. Skin’s hydration is a very important sustain its health and nourishment. The organic spa soap consists of natural minerals and essential oils that hydrate the skin thoroughly.

The Renewal facial spa soap is great to keep your skin healthy and glowing. Get your pack of the spa bath soap now and experience the sparkling effect. Also checkout other great natural spa soaps made from nature’s best offerings.

Get 10% Cashback with every Referral Order at Castle Baths Spa Products

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

For all our wonderful customers who love our spa products and also referring them to family and friends, Castle Bath Spa Products has a great offer for you. The spa products store, offers you a 10% off on all the orders referred by you.

You can call the Castle Bath’s spa referral manager (757-788-8157) and set up a spa referral account with us for free. Or fill up an online form available at : The customers can call it a bath and spa products referral partnership.

A  customer coming from with your reference can add your name in the memo section at during  check out. And will send you a check of 10% that can be used on your future purchases. The sole aim of bath and spa products store is to ensure benefits for you not just your skin but pockets too. This one is for those Castle Baths loyalists who have been generously spreading the word around!

Bath and Spa Products – Natural and Handmade

Bath  and spa products at Castle Baths are handmade and absolutely natural – so if you’re not telling your friends then its a miss for them. Our Spa products are freshly made and delivered to your doorstep. These are filled with fragrant and soothing natural ingredients that will serene your senses. And all spa products are enriched with aroma which calms and rejuvenates the senses!

Castle Baths natural spa products collection includes body moisturizers, essential oil, facial care products, bath tea, bath salts, bath wash, bath oils, natural soaps, spa soaps and others. Go and get one to naturally purify your skin.

Until then stay spa fresh and keep referring 🙂