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Exclusive Bath Products – Let your inner beauty surface with every bath

What is special about a spa bath? Caring bath products! A bath is an essential part of one’s routine. You are expunged of filth, perspiration and other unwanted dirt that settles on your body. It renews your body. But, what if a bath provided more than cleansing and cleaning? With special bath products, you can be sure of a bath experience like never before.

A bath composed of exclusive bath products is much more than ritualistic cleaning, it is a gateway to a rejuvenating experience. Bath products such as bath oils, exotic bath salts, etc, refresh your skin tissues from the core and leave you feeling absolutely wonderful!

Bath Products – Not just a Bath but a Spa-tacular Experience!
Bath salts, Body Moisturizers, Bath tea and other such tender spa products guarantee an unforgettable spa like experience, right in your bathroom! You no longer have to book an appointment to get relaxation, just bathe with essential bath oils and enjoy the soothing relief that will follow.

All bath products offered at Castle Baths include natural salts such Dead Sea salts  which have an adequate mineral content to fully replenish your skin with radiance and energy. Herbal salt bath tea is another bath product that ensures an incredible bathing experience.

Bathing would no more be a desultory routine but may become one of the best times of your day! Your aching muscles will thank you later for this delicately soothing experience. Use bath products and enjoy their massage like effects!

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