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Natural Dead Sea Salts Remedies for Leg Cramps

We all know what it’s like. Maybe it was a stretch gone wrong, or maybe inactivity catching up with us. A sudden surge of pain and a quick spasm to accommodate a suddenly straight leg and you have a leg cramp crawling up your system and finally getting to your brain! Maybe some of the more desperate arm flailing, that looks so funny when it’s someone else.

There are worse times for it to strike (public transport, job interviews, and marriage proposals for example) but leg cramps tend to come as we lay down for bed, just as we are trying to relax. What can be done to combat this most unappealing and surprising of momentary conditions? Castle Baths has just the thing – Lavender with Ylang Ylang Dead Sea Bath Salts for Leg Relief

Thought spa products could only relieve skin ailments? Well you were wrong because the healing qualities of the Dead Sea is much more than skin care. The Dead Sea bath salt with ylang ylang and lavender reduces stress and cramping to a great extent!

Dead Sea Spa Products – For Skin and Body Care

There is a ton of spa products that can alleviate the infamous leg cramp, but there’s nothing better than a nice bath before bed, and Dead Sea Salts have been a celebrated mineral for centuries. Soaking yourself in the caressing natural Dead Sea bath salts, especially with ylang ylang and lavender, works wonders for helping you deal with the pain in the leg.

Further, these bath salts do not leave the skin dry and flaky. Imparting the legs both a healing touch, the Dead Sea salt also lends a smooth touch to the skin.

Not only will they leave the skin soft and smooth, but will calm the muscles in your legs. Genuine Dead Sea salts are available from

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  1. L. Cramp says:

    The topic for today came to me from a very painful lesson I learned. I actually learned this lesson many years ago, but my recent carelessness of not drinking enough water took a toll on my body this past Wednesday. I have been training my clients inside gyms, teaching classes, and recently, with the great weather in So Cal we have been experiencing, I have been training some clients outside, which caused me to get dehydrated. I wasn’t drinking enough water (the sad part is, I know better!) Come 7am Wednesday morning, I’m teaching a class and mid way through I get a huge cramp on my left calf muscle. The most painful charlie-horse I have experienced in years! My calf stayed cramped until I finished teaching my class. For over a half hour I was in severe pain and I couldn’t stop the class. I have to be honest, I was scared and crying inside from the intense pain I was experiencing…

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