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Pure Essential Oils for Valentine’s – Gifts That Nurture

Thinking of a unique Valentine gift this year? Our pure essential oils are a great option if you want some nourishment for your love on Valentine’s. Essential oils are good for all kinds of things. Not only are they therapeutic, relaxing and refreshing, but great for meditation, healthy and beneficial. Spa products particularly use the soothing quality of essential oils to great effect. Essential oils are extracted from plant leaves, fruits, flowers, roots or bark. The process of extracting essential plant oils needs no synthetic additions – it’s all natural!

Castle Baths has a range of essential oils that you can choose from and get that perfect Valentine’s present for someone special. They have been extracted from different varieties of plants. The essential oils of black pepper, chamomile, and coriander, Eucalyptus, frankincense, ginger, juniper, lavender lemon and peppermint are essential oils available from Castle Baths. With pure essential oils, you can gift a spa-at-home experience to your loved ones.

Essential Oils – A hint of nature!

Essential oils offer soft skincare and renew the shine of the skin. The essential oil of geranium rose available at Castle Baths, helps smooth fine lines and wrinkles, while the essential oil of bergamot is relaxing, refreshing and uplifting, typically used for troubled or oily skin types to cleanse the skin. So why not have let her or him renew and rejuvenate this Valentine’s?

Choosing essential oils can be a tricky business, as there are many types of oils, even from the same plant! Choosing oils is rather like choosing a good wine.

For the day of love (Valentine’s), essential oils are definitely a unique gift option. The charm of relaxing with your love will be greater with nature’s blessing. Get her or him the natural essence today!

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