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Total Foot Spa Bath Gift Set Basket – Feet Friendly

Total foot care spa bath gift baskets are at-home spa luxury for your feet (more-often-than-not ignored and occasionally taken care off).

In your daily regime, you tend to forget that your feet do all the walking, running, standing and sometimes even mopping. So where does the nourishment for your feet come? The answer to this is available at the bath and spa products. The foot spa products at are household cure for those tired heels, toes & soles.

Whether it is exfoliation, massaging or gentle care – the foot spa care gift baskets do all! The spa foot products gently exfoliate your foot skin making it soft and clearing away the ripped skin. They also prevent further cracking of heels. The spa foot care set allows pores to open helping them breathe..

Total Foot Spa Products – Some simple ways to take care

How would you like cracked and chapped heels if its a day out at beach with friends? You cannot wear shoes to a beach, Can you? Why to wait then? Care for your feet as you do for your face. If not much then at least :

  • Moisturize them everyday.
  • Keep them clean.
  • Take care of those first cracks and ripped skin.
  • Use the foot spa bath and spa products minimum once a week.
  • Dip them in hot water to relax them and yourself too.

These little efforts can avoid you greater embarrassments in front of family, friends or colleagues. Pick your favorite foot spa gift basket now! Or for someone you care for.

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