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Rice Bran Oil Saves the (Hair) Day

Rice Bran Oil

Rice Bran Oil to the rescue!

hairI love pointing out new ways you can use the products in your beauty regimen! For example:

It’s one of those mornings.

You are running late, and you are in a hurry. You are trying to get ready for work and the kids are running wild. There’s breakfast to be made and your half dressed 6 year old runs past you with her pants on her head. You have a hectic, wonderful life, you smile to yourself. Until you see your hair in the mirror! Oh!

You reach for your mousse, but it isn’t in its usual place. You know exactly where to look – your 14 year old daughter is always ‘borrowing’ it. Yep – there she is, running it through her hair. “Honey, can I have my mousse, please?” you say with an eyebrow raised. She gives you that – ‘You are SO uncool’ look and hands you the empty bottle – “Looks like you’re out, Mom.”

Now what? You go back to your bathroom, aware that it is now 15 minutes later than when you should be leaving. You frantically search your beauty products – is there anything you can use instead? Necessity IS the Mother of Invention!

Have you ever found yourself in this position? I think we all have! You would be amazed at some of the things you can do with rice bran oil – specifically, you can use it in place of hair gel or mousse. Just take a teaspoon or less – rub into your hands and work through your hair. This will feed the hair – keep spilt ends at bay and leave you with a shine – without the oil!

There when you need it, rice bran oil can save the day (or at least your hair day)!

Tell Me More!

Curious about what else rice bran oil can be used for? Well, I was too!! I researched some more, so if you are into this kind of amazing natural product information, then read on!

Perhaps you have used rice bran oil while cooking in your kitchen, or as an alternative to olive oil on your salad? (If not, you should try it!)

Rice bran oil is an amazing product that has benefits most other edible oils can’t match. It has become a preferred method of cooking in Japan due to it’s ability to withstand high cooking temperatures without smoke and since rice bran oil has less flavor than peanut and sesame oils, it is the perfect application for unadulterated food preparation (source).

Rice bran oil has incredible health benefits, when ingested. The cold press method of producing rice bran oil only serves to compound it’s benefits, including the concentrations of Vitamins (especially Vitamin B), but it is also a natural source of anti-oxidants (source). Studies have proven that it can be used to reduce cholesterol, increase cardiovascular health, and even fight tumor growth (source). We don’t pay lip service, so check out our sources! We know it sounds too good to be true, but this is no snake oil.

Rice bran oil’s uses just keep coming! Cosmetic uses include: natural moisturizing ability, rapid absorption into skin, anti-aging properties, reduction of inflammation, and UV protection that is superior to other natural and chemical sunscreens (source).

Rice bran oil is truly a diamond in the rough – its varied uses make it a treasure trove of health and beauty benefits – and you can get some here! We use this incredible ingredient in sea salt scrubs, several of our natural soaps, and in a special pure oil form for skin. Don’t miss out on this incredible product!

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  1. healthnut says:

    Rice Bran Oil is high in Vitamin E which is good for your skin and good for lowering cholesterol. It is the perfect everyday cooking oil because of the health benefits. Save your olive oil for salads and for finishing dishes-just don’t get olive oil too hot.

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