Send the Perfect Spa Gift

Surprise Your Mom with a Spa Gift Basket

One gift that mom is sure to appreciate is a wonderful Gift Basket.

Spa gifts are very nice because they can be personalized and stocked with a variety of items customized for the needs and preferences of your mom. Often, it is helpful to choose a theme for the gift basket you are creating. One such theme is to go with a basket full of luxurious Bath Products. This is particularly nice because the items you choose are useful and they also create a special feeling for your mom. Sometimes moms are faced with the stresses of lots of schedules, errands, work, and other demands. A basket of bath products creates the perfect excuse for mom to take a few moments out of her day and spend a little time focusing on relaxing. This is a thoughtful gift for mom and one she will be sure to appreciate.

The Sweet Communion Line at Castle Baths is designed to help Mom relax! It is scented with French Lavender and Ylang Ylang. Most everyone knows what Lavender smells like- but what about Ylang Ylang:-) Lavender can sometimes have a medical scent- so by adding the Ylang Ylang- we freshen the lavender, soften the scent, and boost it to smell more like an actual Lavender flower in the garden. The Ylang Ylang sweeten and refreshes the Lavender with it’s sexy relaxing scent of soft delicate Jasmine like flowers. So if you are a Lavender and Jasmine lover- or simply a Lavender lover- Sweet Communion is the choice indeed!

Another great way to help Mom relax is to consider using spa products in your gift basket. These items can include aromatic essential oils in a wide variety of fragrances. The oils are added to the bath water and create a silky feel to the bath. Another item you can include is bath salt. Bath salts dissolve and add a light perfumed scent to the water. Always remember- Dead sea bath salts are non drying , unlike regular bath salts! Castle Baths  only carries Dead Sea Bath Salts!

If you are looking for something a little different than salts, think about including bath tea. Tea for the bath works just like it does in a cup. Bags of leaves are left to steep in the hot water, creating a soothing and warm soak for tired muscles. The aromas of these items create a getaway experience, reminding mom that you know how hard she works and how special she is.

To round out a Spa Gift, include items that mom can use after she leaves the bathtub. Scented body lotions and body sprays can be used to layer scent. You can choose from bright and lively scents that are fruity, such as grapefruit, or you can go with elegant scents like lavender or rosewood. Think about your mom’s personality and choose the scents that you think would compliment her the most.

A Spa Gift made up of bath products is the perfect way to thank mom for all she does and to give her a way to take the time out of her day to relax, body and soul.

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