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$25.00 Give-away from Castle Baths Spa Products and Bath and Body Collection

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

Enjoy this review and enter to win your very own shopping spree! Castle Baths is offering a $25.00 Shopping Spree to one lucky winner and it’s easy to win- lots of chances to get on board. Visit Aprils cool blog and see for yourself! Who knows- maybe you will be the winner:-)

The Earthquake in Virginia

Thursday, August 25th, 2011

At Castle Baths, we take pride in serving our customers. Our number one concern is the satisfaction of those seeking out the best bath products and when we are faced with unforeseeable instances, we continue to do what we do best. We look forward to putting out best foot forward so that when people receive their packages, they are beyond satisfied. I know that’s a big claim, but ask anyone who has received a box with a return address of Castle Baths.

As many of you know, Castle Baths is based out of Virginia. Recently, an earthquake broke through unfamiliar territory. It was the first in Virginia since the 1800’s and most Virginians had never experienced an earthquake before. “The room just started to shake,” Laura Dilley Thomas recalls, “I was in the middle of a business call and thought aloud that I thought I just felt an earthquake. The guy on the other end must have thought I was a little nutty!”

In the other room, Hand and Body Lotion was brewing. At first, she didn’t think of it. All she could feel was the chair rocking. All she could see was the decorative plane flying in circles. “I had never experienced that before in my life, I was taken away be the shakiness of the ordeal,” She stated, “Once it smoothed over, I went to check on the lotion I was making. Thankfully, none of it had spilled.” If it did spill, she would have had to start over from square one, not that she would have minded anyway.

There wasn’t any damage at Castle Baths. The only thing that the earthquake did was give the Castle Baths employees a little shake down. Later that night, she went to her stack of Books For Bath and relaxed in a warm bath filled with Dead Sea Salts.

New Eucalyptus Scent Bath Salt from Castle Baths – A New Year Treat

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

Castle Baths spa products store has introduced an all new scent for the new year! The Sexy Eucalyptus Bath Salt is a beauty treatment that you would love to use again and again. Not just this, Castle Baths is also offering a free gift and free shipping on purchases of $100 or more! It’s a limited period offer.

Made from organic dead sea salts and the enchanting eucalyptus oil, the bath salt is fragrant and inviting! Don’t let tiredness be your turn off! Get revived with a soak in hot water with the Sexy Eucalyptus Bath Salt offered at the spa products store.

The bath and body works at the spa products store are completely natural and reinventing. The eucalyptus bath salts can be enjoyed by both men and women, and that is why it’s great to revitalize some love between the two. Plan a spa date with scented candles and the Eucalyptus bath soak to refresh the romance.

Another Castle Baths Treat – Free Gift and Free Shipping
The new Eucalyptus spa bath salt from Castle Baths does not come without a promise of smile. The spa products store is also offering a free gift along with the purchase of $100! All you have to do is place an order valued $100 or above, and the Castle Baths spa products store will ship you the free gift – a full size 16oz Sexy Eucalyptus Bath Salt absolutely free. This really amazing offer also has free shipping to US, included.

Also, if you wish to purchase more of the reinvigorating bath salts, place your order and you will still get the free gift at the spa products store when your order touches $100 mark. That is a wow offer and you just can’t let go of it!

Get your canister of the bath salt or get them free with a purchase of $100. Make your choice from the natural and nourishing spa products at Castle Baths.

Holiday Deal on Castle Baths – Get Free Gift with Every $100 Purchase!

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

Holiday deals are out at Castle Baths. Get a free pack of Castle Baths Dead sea mud on any and every purchase of $100 or more. Now stop worrying about Christmas gifts, Castle Baths brings to you a great line of natural and healthy holiday spa products for your loved ones and a free pack of Dead Sea mud for you to enjoy. All this and free shipping in US. Value up to $40 free :) . The free gift offer will be running for a limited period of time.

And there’s no discount coupon required to redeem the free gift offer at! Just shop your favorite spa products for $100 and the free pack of Dead Sea mud will be added to your order!

It’s Christmas time and it’s getting colder to go out and shop for your favorite spa products. Why not shop online sitting cozily from your home and get the best spa products. Castle Baths offers you free gifts and free shipping so now you can afford to shop a lot these holidays feeling amazing! The all natural, chemical free and aromatic products available at the Castle Bath spa products store are a great to gift to everyone you know. You can also treat yourself to a warm spa and restore your holiday spirit.

Castle Bath Spa and Bath Gift Baskets- Happy Holidays!!

The spa and bath gift baskets available at Castle Baths are one of a kind. These are sets of complete bath body products from shower gels to moisturizing lotions. The gift baskets are available in beautiful natural flavors. The Castle Bath Holiday gift baskets are so tempting that you might just want to keep one for yourself.

So take out your list of names and start your Christmas shopping at   Merry Christmas!! :)

Castle Baths Spa Products Books for Baths – For an Enlightening Bath

Friday, August 27th, 2010

Castle Baths Spa Products has the perfect collection of books for you to pick up and read while enjoying a comfortable bath or soak. Not only spa products, Castle Baths also provides some nice solutions for your spiritual and inspirational needs.

Castle Baths Spa Products and natural bath essentials have already found a privileged place in almost all bath cabinets and even in people’s hearts. After taking care of your body and mind with great spa and bath products, it’s now time to give you some peace of mind and help your spirit soar with some nice bath time books.

And these are more fun and special when read in a bath full of bubbles and some really nice bath treatments. Or read to kids while in their nourishing baths!

Castle Baths Spa Products Books – Refresh your soul too!

Books offered at Castle Baths spa products are primarily inspirational and will prove an amazing addition to your already enriching and natural experience with spa and bath products. Following are the books included in the Castle Baths collection:

  • How to Have Purr-fect Faith – authored by Laura Thomas
  • The Sampler: 10 Life-enhancing Concepts Right at Your Fingertips – by Shelley Maurice-Maier
  • The Gift of Loss: How to Raise Emotionally Resilient Children – Grace E. Davis
  • How the Lilies Grow: Considering the Needs of a Developmentally Disabled Child – Barbara Munster
  • Shaped by the Master’s Hands: The Many Ways God Mends Broken People – Lolita Robinson

So next time you come to Castle Baths don’t just stick to the spa and bath products, pick your favorite life lessons too at:

Castle Baths Spa Products – Made with You-ni-queness in Mind

Sunday, July 18th, 2010

The natural and completely handmade quality of Castle Baths Spa Products has been emphasized time and again. Their specialties are not just limited to providing the best natural and totally green skin care but also because these are made especially for you.

Each bath and spa product carries that personal touch and is delivered at your doorstep freshly made. And what all is unique about the Castle Baths Spa Products You-ni-queness? Primarily the organic ingredients making every spa product a luxury-laden product for the skin but there’s more as..

…this luxurious experience is not just limited to the skin but penetrates deeper to ensure physical, emotional and spiritual health and well-being.

  • Spa products that only make the sparkle and glow last for not more than 30 minutes is not what Castle Baths offers. The collection of spa products from Castle Baths do not work at the surface level but go deeper within. So that when the inside is so beautifully radiant it cannot but be reflected out.
  • From aromatherapy spa products, skin care products, bath and spa products to natural pet products – Castle Baths Spa Products have something for everyone to feel happy about.
  • Don’t bother to book an appointment at the spa because Castle Baths bath and spa products have got you all covered for that ultimate rejuvenating and restorative binge that you have been craving for!

A place where nature and you are the most important – Castle Baths Spa Products store is your gateway to a better you!

Get 10% Cashback with every Referral Order at Castle Baths Spa Products

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

For all our wonderful customers who love our spa products and also referring them to family and friends, Castle Bath Spa Products has a great offer for you. The spa products store, offers you a 10% off on all the orders referred by you.

You can call the Castle Bath’s spa referral manager (757-788-8157) and set up a spa referral account with us for free. Or fill up an online form available at : The customers can call it a bath and spa products referral partnership.

A  customer coming from with your reference can add your name in the memo section at during  check out. And will send you a check of 10% that can be used on your future purchases. The sole aim of bath and spa products store is to ensure benefits for you not just your skin but pockets too. This one is for those Castle Baths loyalists who have been generously spreading the word around!

Bath and Spa Products – Natural and Handmade

Bath  and spa products at Castle Baths are handmade and absolutely natural – so if you’re not telling your friends then its a miss for them. Our Spa products are freshly made and delivered to your doorstep. These are filled with fragrant and soothing natural ingredients that will serene your senses. And all spa products are enriched with aroma which calms and rejuvenates the senses!

Castle Baths natural spa products collection includes body moisturizers, essential oil, facial care products, bath tea, bath salts, bath wash, bath oils, natural soaps, spa soaps and others. Go and get one to naturally purify your skin.

Until then stay spa fresh and keep referring :)

Collect Castle Baths Spa Products Points; Secure Discounts for Future

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

Seasonal discounts and offers are too sporadic for a shopper’s patience. Also, discount deals rarely coincide with birthdays of family and friends so how to buy the best natural spa products and save as well? Simple, collect spa points at Castle Baths Spa Products and convert your dollars  to discounts on future purchases. Know more about it at:

They say to better your future focus on the present and that’s what we believe in at the natural spa and bath products store. So for each dollar you spend today at Castle Baths, you earn 10 points for tomorrow. If  you make a buy of $100, you earn 1000 points. And once you have collected 2500 points you get a $5 credit coupon that can be used on gifts, spa products for yourself or free product-shipping. Whatever you think is best for you.

Castle Baths Spa Points – Forget brownie, spa points are more fun!

After shopping at Castle Baths you will be checking out with more than just great handmade spa products. Once you are signed up with your first order, we will keep track of your purchases and of course your spa points.

For all your spa needs, Castle Baths Spa Products offers great choices. Shop body washes, Dead Sea products, handmade bath soaps, pure essential oils, spa gift baskets, bath gift baskets and even gift certificates. Whether it’s for you or your loved ones, get spa products for heavenly smooth skin, relaxation and rejuvenating your spirit.

Earn your due credit with spa points. Start shopping now!

Mother’s Day Discount on Select Gifts at Castle Baths Spa Products

Saturday, May 8th, 2010

Mother’s day gifts and gift baskets from Castle Baths Spa Products are available at 15 to 30% discount! Pampering and blissful gifts from Castle Baths Spa Products include everything that can  make a mother feel very wonderful and great! All a mother wants is peace, relaxation and care and bath spa products from Castle Baths Spa Products provide all that and more.

Body and bath products from Castle Baths Spa Products are natural, handmade daily to provide the best nourishment there is! So get a slice of freshness and softness for you mom. With the discount, you’ll not have many excuses to not buy these symbols of love.

Wondering what’s the best Mother’s Day gift for her from Castle Baths Spa Products? Check out the list below:

  • Dead Sea Products Spa Gift Basket – Available at 30% discount, the Dead Sea spa products gift basket is one to gift, if she is looking for some refreshing moments. Transform her world with just this wonder.
  • Lavender Foot Care Basket – Tired feet making your mom weary? Then this is really it! The lavender love is available at:
  • Vanilla Milk Bath Gift Basket – The most popular at Castle Baths Spa Products. This is the ultimate  collection of skin caring bath products.
  • Pink Grapefruit Spa Bath Gift Basket – This gift basket will truly make her enjoy every bath.

If spa gift baskets are not what you have in mind, then choose from Castle Baths’ wide selection of spa and bath products.  Buy individual bath products and assort a cute personalized gift basket full of her favorites!

This mother’s day make sure her spirit is as well relaxed as her body with Castle Baths Spa Products.

Castle Baths Spa Products Give Away at Mommy PR

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

Mommy PR is giving away Castle Baths Spa Products’ special Spring Fever Foot Care Bag! And to grab it you got to enter at:

This wholesome foot care bag contains goodies for feet! Bath products included in the foot care bag include Spring fever bath tea, citrus body butter, soap cookies and much more! For the feet to have a spring in the step, Castle Baths Spa Products gives Mommy PR subscribers an easy way to win a bag full of care for feet.

Whether it’s dry heels, rough and tired soles or simply a whim to pamper your feet – Castle Baths Spring Fever Bath Basket will do it all! A spa session for your feet, foot care products included in this have to be tried! So if you’re a Mommy PR fan/ pal then try your luck and you may be the winner of this wonderful give away!

Castle Baths Spa Products – Pleasure for Body

Castle Baths Spa Products are pleasures for your body. From head to toe, get bath and spa products from Castle Baths Spa Products that will have you relaxed, refreshed and feeling great with just one use. Find Dead Sea products, fragrant bath body oils, pure essential oils, body washes, shower gels, body butters and more!

To enter the Castle Baths give away at Mommy PR, visit the blog:

And with mother’s day just round the corner, win it for your mom and she will be thanking you a lot!

To browse through Castle Baths Spa Products, go to: