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European Union’s Cosmetics Regulation Now in Full Effect: What this means for Castle Baths

Thursday, July 18th, 2013

Manufacturers of cosmetics containing synthetic ingredients who sell internationally beware! The European Union’s Cosmetics Regulation, which was passed in 2009 to replace the Cosmetics Directive of 1976, took full effect on July 11. The EU’s new rules and regulations are designed to better enforce existing protections for the health and safety of consumers, and mandates the following for manufacturers:

Manufacturers of cosmetics formulated with synthetic ingredients and/or “cosmeceuticals” with active and inactive ingredients must now include specific reasons why a particular ingredient is or is not safe for all users in its material safety data sheet (MSDS.) Prior to the passing of the 2009 regulation, manufacturers were simply required to have an MSDS, but broad discretion was allowed in the format and content of such a sheet.

With regards to labeling, prior to the passage of the 2009 regulation, labels needed only to include contact info for a product’s manufacturer, and include some type of statement detailing the product’s shelf life. Now, the new laws require manufacturers not only to disclose their corporate contact info, but also contact info for whomever is responsible for compliance with health and safety laws. Additionally, products containing nano ingredients must must be labeled as such.

The new law has also streamlined the process for reporting any potentially harmful ingredients to the various EU member countries by routing the process through the Cosmetic Products Notification Portal, which allows poison control centers within the European Union to retrieve the information within seconds. Manufacturers are also now required to inform authorities of any potentially harmful ingredients their products contain.

How does Castle Baths measure up?

Even if the U.S. were to adopt the EU’s new cosmetics regulations, Castle Baths would have nothing to worry about. With regards to our labeling, our company contact information is on every label, and the contact information for our headquarters and the person responsible for ensuring health and safety compliance are one in the same. Consumers can also find our website address on every label, and can contact Castle Baths’ founder and chief product formulator, Laura Thomas, from there.

Bottom line, products are safe, natural, and in good shape to meet the EU’s new rules and regulations. It’s the manufacturers of synthetic, chemical-based products who should be worried.

Why does Castle Baths care about European Union laws?

The European Union typically maintains stricter regulation on cosmetics than the United States, which is why we use EU rules as our guidelines even though we are based in the U.S. If our products can withstand the health and safety laws imposed throughout the European Union, they should be more than ready to hold up to U.S. regulatory bodies such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA.)

Even more importantly, we as a company have always been about using ingredients that are good for people, not just good for business. We genuinely care about you and the planet, so we always strive to bring our customers the best in natural skin care.

Superfoods for Skin Combined: Avocado and Hemp Seed Oil Face Creams!

Thursday, May 30th, 2013

Last week, we discussed six “superfoods for skin,” a list of six natural skin care ingredients exceptionally beneficial to the health and beauty of your skin that included Avocado Oil and Hemp Seed Oil. Now that you’re somewhat familiar with the beneficial properties of each “superfood” skin care ingredient, imagine all of them working together to make your skin look and feel softer, younger, and more beautiful than any one ingredient could have achieved alone.

avocado hemp regenerative face creamYou don’t have to imagine it because it’s already happening, right here at Castle Baths! A few days ago, Castle Baths created and launched a new Tre’Yours face cream that combines four of the six “superfoods for skin” in one luxuriously soft and creamy moisturizer. Our Avocado Hemp Regenerative Cream is made with organic Avocado Oil, Hemp Seed Oil,  Shea Butter, and Green Tea Extract to deliver high concentrations of vitamins, essential fatty acids, and moisture to help regenerate and beautify your skin.

avocado face creamThis cream is especially useful for post-op skin care following cosmetic surgery, for people with sensitive skin, and/or as a nighttime face cream. It’s high vitamin and nutrient content will work wonders on your skin while you sleep, helping to lighten scars, increase collagen, and act as an antiseptic ointment to help damaged skin resist infections.

We’re also offering an Avocado Face Cream, in a long-lasting, convenient air pump. If you love the moisturizing abilities of our Avocado Eye Cream, but always find yourself running out of it, this is a great way to get a longer-lasting supply of avocado oil for your skin. Plus, the aerosol pump will infuse our Avocado Face Cream with air bubbles for an even softer, smoother feel. It also works great for spot treatment, and is easy to take with you on the go.

Can’t decide which one to try first? Get them both delivered to you on a silver platter, literally! When you purchase our Avocado Face Cream and Hemp Regenerative Cream Combo, you’ll receive the decorative silver tray pictured absolutely FREE!

avocado hemp cream comboOur Avocado Face Cream and Avocado Hemp Regenerative Cream give you some of the highest concentrations of these “superfoods for skin” you’re likely to find outside of a doctor’s office. In fact, we intend to market these two new products to dermatologists and plastic surgeons to recommend to their patients following facial procedures. We expect these to become extremely popular very quickly!

Also keep in mind that Avocado Oil intensifies the effectiveness of other skin care ingredients too, so when you use either of these creams, you’re not just getting a blend of some of the best natural skin care ingredients in the world, you’re getting visible results far superior to what any individual skin care ingredient could accomplish alone!

If you want to learn more about our Avocado Oil face creams, we will be offering a FREE report you can download from our website soon.

New Gift Guide to Help You Select Spa Gift Baskets for Any Occasion!

Thursday, May 16th, 2013

If you’ve ever wished that Castle Baths had a gift guide to help you decide which of our spa gift baskets work best for which occasions, your wish has been granted. We are currently working to bring greater organization to our many natural spa and bath gift baskets to help people like you find and select the perfect gift for every occasion.

chocolate cake ice cream slice soapWant to know which of our spa gift baskets make the best birthday gifts? Find the answer by going to our homepage and clicking the “gift guide” link near the top, and then select the “birthday” icon on our gift guide page. It will take you directly to where you can learn more about our birthday spa gift baskets, at which point you will see that we offer several spa gift baskets featuring our popular chocolate cake slice soap (which really does look and smell just like a slice of real chocolate cake – don’t try eating it, though, as it is really soap.) Some of our recommended birthday spa gift baskets even include a small candle to provide you with the experience of blowing out a candle with your cake, or to set a quiet, secluded mood to your bathroom or kitchen.

how to have purrfect faithIn addition to our new birthday category, another new category you will find in our gift guide is our inspirational spa gift baskets.  Our inspirational spa gift baskets category features nearly all of our gift baskets that include one or more Prayer scented spa products, our Easter spa baskets, and baskets that include Castle Baths Founder Laura Thomas’ autobiographical spiritual book How to Have Purr-fect Faith.

fat cat soap gift setAdditionally, though you will find no shortage of natural pet grooming products throughout our site, you may wish to know if we offer any pet-related products for people. To answer this question, simply visit our gift guide and go to the “pet lovers” category. You’ll find our Anna Designer Pet Gift Baskets, plus our specialty Fat Cat and Fat Dog soaps, which can be used as functioning  natural soap bars, or as decorations (or both!)

If you find yourself scrolling through our gift guide and still not finding the holiday or occasion for which you are hoping to purchase and send a spa gift basket, you may wish to check out our “other occasions” category, where you will find information on our friendship gift baskets, “miss you” gift baskets, and all other spa gift baskets that don’t fit neatly into any of our other categories. For example, say you were looking for a spa gift basket to send to your niece who just graduated from college. After visiting our “other” category, you’ll see we offer a special gift basket targeted specifically to 20-somethings called our Slice of Life Gift Basket (which also happens to be one of our baskets to feature a collection of chocolate spa products.)

As always, if you still have any questions or concerns about our gift guide, products, or spa gift baskets, you can always call or e-mail us. We are more than happy to help you anyway we can!

New Skin Care Articles on Detox Skin Care Solutions and Homemade Body Scrubs

Thursday, March 14th, 2013

How do I get glowing skin for a beach body? Are there any detox skin care solutions? What is a scrub, and why should I use one? If you’ve been asking yourself these questions, or are just interested in reading about natural skin care topics in general, you may wish to check out Castle Baths’ four new skin care solution articles.

Detox Skin Care Solutions from Castle Baths

In our last blog, we introduced our readers to the concept of detox skin care solutions as an alternative or addition to detox dieting. For those interested in learning more about detox skin care, we now have two pages on our website devoted exclusively to this topic, which go into much more detail on how toxins end up in your skin and how to remove them naturally.

For instance, did you know that your body’s biological detox systems such as the liver and kidneys detox your body by pushing toxins out of your organs and into your skin? Similar to the means by which tear stains can build up in your pet’s hair over time, toxins can lie dormant in the deep layers of your skin for weeks, months, or even years – accumulating to the point where they can cause acne, premature wrinkles, or in extreme cases, even skin cancer! Find out which natural skin care products work best for removing toxins from the body and skin before they have their chance to take their toll on your health, and where to purchase detox skin care products from Castle Baths.

How to make skin glow in preparation for your perfectly toned beach body

glowing faceIs your skin in shape for sunbathing in that new bikini? If not, learn how you can get your skin perfectly toned for a day of sunbathing at the beach simply by using Dead Sea Salt Products. Dead Sea Salt is an all-natural solution for how to get glowing skin FAST, so you can have a glowing face and sexy smooth skin this summer. For example, exfoliating with one of our Dead Sea Salt Bath Scrubs can help keep your skin from peeling while you bask in warm sunlight. Learn more about how bath scrubs polish your skin.

How to make a homemade bath scrub

Want to make your own salt or sugar homemade bath scrub/body scrub using our Certified Organic and wild-crafted ingredients? View some simple and easy body scrubs recipes you can make at home. If you need help deciding whether to use a salt scrub or sugar scrub, check out our comparison of the benefits of each scrub type.

Have a skin care or body image topic you would like us to discuss in terms of natural skin care products? We’ll be creating a lot more of these topic-oriented skin care solution pages, so if you have ideas or suggestions, let us know! You may just see your article idea turn up on our website or blog!

Castle Baths Launches New Valentine’s Day Gift Item and Giveaway

Thursday, January 17th, 2013

Fill out the form below to enter! There’s no cost, and you could win a FREE box of our new Valentine’s Day Rose Bouquet Soaps!

valentines rose bouquet soap giftWhat do you get when you combine a dozen roses, chocolate, and luxurious natural soaps and spa products? The answer is: Castle Baths’ new Valentine’s Day Rose Bouquet Soap. This Castle Baths specialty gift item gives you 12 rose-shaped natural soaps scented in your choice of dark chocolate or a musky vanilla with a hint of white chocolate. The product went live on Castle Baths’ website on Monday, January 14, 2013.

As its title suggests, the product was developed as a Valentine’s Day gift idea for women – one that could serve as an alternative to the cliche box of chocolates or dozen real roses.

“The idea was to give men who were uncertain what to get their sweethearts for Valentine’s Day or who wanted to give a gift that was different from what everybody gives a unique alternative,” said Castle Baths owner and product developer Laura Thomas. “A bouquet of real roses might be a romantic gift, but it’s something almost everybody does around Valentine’s Day. But you won’t find these chocolate soap roses anywhere else. Plus,  12 bars of soap are a lot more useful than 12 cut roses when you consider your gift choices from a practical standpoint.”

Unlike some of Castle Baths other gift items targeted towards Valentine’s Day, such as their Love Spa Gift Basket, which is available for purchase year-round, this particular gift item will only be available until February 14. Afterwards, it will be taken off Castle Baths’ website, not to be seen again until one month before Valentine’s Day 2014.

To promote the new, intentionally short-lived gift item, Castle Baths is hosting a social media giveaway. Those interested in receiving their Valentine’s Day Rose Soap Bouquet for free are encouraged to take the social media actions listed on Castle Baths’ giveaway page in order to increase their chances of being a winner. After signing up using the form below, the only required action is that all participants comment on this blog post. NO SPAM! – Comments deemed to be spam will be deleted and result in ineligibility to win the current contest.

Not sure what  to comment about? Here’s a start: Do you think your significant other would prefer our Valentine’s Roses in their dark chocolate or vanilla musk scents? Be sure to check back with us next week for more Castle Baths news and tips and especially so once Valentine’s Day is over – as we will be announcing the winner within two weeks after February 14!

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Castle Baths Attends HAPPI Magazine’s 1st. Ever Anti-Aging Conference

Thursday, September 20th, 2012

New Brunswick, NJ – Castle Baths Founder Laura Thomas and Chief Financial Officer Susan Bounds attended HAPPI Magazine’s first ever Anti-Aging Conference and Tabletop Exhibition September 18 – 19, 2012. The event was hosted at the Hyatt Regency hotel and included presentations on potential new anti-aging technologies, new growth opportunities in the anti-aging market, rules for cosmetic advertising claims, and anti-aging techniques for ethnic skin, among other topics.

“There was a lot of insightful information presented on the science behind some new and upcoming anti-aging ingredients,” Thomas said. “We also learned of several natural ingredients with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties comparable in efficacy to synthetic products currently on the market. We can use this information to improve and expand our product lines.”

Dermatologists who presented at the conference include Dr. Andrew F. Alexis, Director of the Skin of Color Center at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital and an Assistant Clinical Professor of Dermatology at Columbia University; Dr. Jeanine B. Downie of Mountainside Hospitals and Overlook Hospitals; Dr. Jennifer Linder, a Moh’s skin cancer surgeon and an expert in Sculptra facelifts currently serving as Chief Scientific Officer for PCA Skin; and Dr. Nicholas V. Perricone, a world-renown anti-aging expert, award-winning inventor, and adjunct professor of medicine at Michigan State University’s College of Medicine.

Keynote speakers who are not dermatologists included Gail Vance Seville of Sensory Spectrum, Inc., James H. Hartten of Arent Fox, Jim Larkey of Carefield Imaging Systems, Carrie Mellage of Kline & Company, Elizabeth Nach of the Federal Trade Commission, May Shana’a of Ashland Specialty Ingredients, Karen Young of The Young Group, and David A. Zetoony of Brian Cave, LLP. Complete bios of all presenters can be found at

If HAPPI Magazine’s conference becomes an annual event, Thomas will return and continue to learn the latest scientific discoveries in natural anti-aging ingredients.

“I whole-heartedly believe consumers are looking for a natural alternative to synthetics and surgery for their anti-aging skincare regimens,” Thomas said. “Currently, the industry tends to focus more strongly on the science of synthetic anti-aging products. We can still use the scientific data presented at the conference to improve our natural equivalents.”

Castle Baths’ Anti-aging line, Tre’Yours is devoted specifically to the science of anti-aging using natural ingredients. Products listed under this line contain organic, wild-crafted, and kosher ingredients, and are specially formulated to improve the look and appearance of aging skin. Castle Baths’ products are also completely vegan and gluten-free. Castle Baths’ entire product line can be viewed at

“Anti-aging isn’t just a matter of what is in a product,” Thomas said. “The formulation, methodology, and delivery method are equally as important. We work to discover the most ideal percentages, preparation time, and method of application to the skin to give people the most anti-aging benefits possible.”

For more information, call 757-788-8157 or e-mail

CastleBaths Receives Champion Status!

Thursday, December 1st, 2011

We are so proud to announce our Champion status in the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics!

We care deeply about this topic and strive to provide our customers (human and animal) the best quality ingredients and products that nature can provide, free from the chemicals that many other companies use in the bath and beauty industry.

Campaign for Safe Cosmetics works tirelessly to help keep all of us safe and free from these Chemicals of Concern, and CastleBaths is very proud to be a Champion in this campaign!

See the News Release, “Market Shift: Hundreds of Cosmetics Companies Fulfill Safe Products Pledge.”

$25.00 Give-away from Castle Baths Spa Products and Bath and Body Collection

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

Enjoy this review and enter to win your very own shopping spree! Castle Baths is offering a $25.00 Shopping Spree to one lucky winner and it’s easy to win- lots of chances to get on board. Visit Aprils cool blog and see for yourself! Who knows- maybe you will be the winner:-)

The Earthquake in Virginia

Thursday, August 25th, 2011

At Castle Baths, we take pride in serving our customers. Our number one concern is the satisfaction of those seeking out the best bath products and when we are faced with unforeseeable instances, we continue to do what we do best. We look forward to putting out best foot forward so that when people receive their packages, they are beyond satisfied. I know that’s a big claim, but ask anyone who has received a box with a return address of Castle Baths.

As many of you know, Castle Baths is based out of Virginia. Recently, an earthquake broke through unfamiliar territory. It was the first in Virginia since the 1800’s and most Virginians had never experienced an earthquake before. “The room just started to shake,” Laura Dilley Thomas recalls, “I was in the middle of a business call and thought aloud that I thought I just felt an earthquake. The guy on the other end must have thought I was a little nutty!”

In the other room, Hand and Body Lotion was brewing. At first, she didn’t think of it. All she could feel was the chair rocking. All she could see was the decorative plane flying in circles. “I had never experienced that before in my life, I was taken away be the shakiness of the ordeal,” She stated, “Once it smoothed over, I went to check on the lotion I was making. Thankfully, none of it had spilled.” If it did spill, she would have had to start over from square one, not that she would have minded anyway.

There wasn’t any damage at Castle Baths. The only thing that the earthquake did was give the Castle Baths employees a little shake down. Later that night, she went to her stack of Books For Bath and relaxed in a warm bath filled with Dead Sea Salts.

New Eucalyptus Scent Bath Salt from Castle Baths – A New Year Treat

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

Castle Baths spa products store has introduced an all new scent for the new year! The Sexy Eucalyptus Bath Salt is a beauty treatment that you would love to use again and again. Not just this, Castle Baths is also offering a free gift and free shipping on purchases of $100 or more! It’s a limited period offer.

Made from organic dead sea salts and the enchanting eucalyptus oil, the bath salt is fragrant and inviting! Don’t let tiredness be your turn off! Get revived with a soak in hot water with the Sexy Eucalyptus Bath Salt offered at the spa products store.

The bath and body works at the spa products store are completely natural and reinventing. The eucalyptus bath salts can be enjoyed by both men and women, and that is why it’s great to revitalize some love between the two. Plan a spa date with scented candles and the Eucalyptus bath soak to refresh the romance.

Another Castle Baths Treat – Free Gift and Free Shipping
The new Eucalyptus spa bath salt from Castle Baths does not come without a promise of smile. The spa products store is also offering a free gift along with the purchase of $100! All you have to do is place an order valued $100 or above, and the Castle Baths spa products store will ship you the free gift – a full size 16oz Sexy Eucalyptus Bath Salt absolutely free. This really amazing offer also has free shipping to US, included.

Also, if you wish to purchase more of the reinvigorating bath salts, place your order and you will still get the free gift at the spa products store when your order touches $100 mark. That is a wow offer and you just can’t let go of it!

Get your canister of the bath salt or get them free with a purchase of $100. Make your choice from the natural and nourishing spa products at Castle Baths.