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New pet care beauty tools and accessories available at Castle Baths

June 10th, 2014

New products, services makes tear stain cleanup easier than ever!

karla - before using anna designer pet tear stain remover trioWe typically focus our blog on our human products, but this week we’ll be discussing one of our most popular pet care products: our tear stain remover trio.

tear stain remover trioOur Anna Designer Pet Tear Stain Remover Trio is one of our most popular pet care products for a very simple reason: it works. It safely and effectively removes tear stains from puppies, kittens, and adult cats and dogs without the use of chemicals or drugs.

The Tear Stain Trio has three components: a face shampoo, a face wash, and a grooming powder. You can learn all about how and when to use each component in this free, informational white paper titled: Tear Stains, Their Causes, & How to Use Castle Baths’ Anna Tear Stain Remover Trio. You can download the white paper for free from its product page or from the Tear Stain Trio product page in the CB Product Perks section.

Since our free white paper is so detailed on the causes of tear stains and exactly when and how to use each Tear Stain Trio component, we won’t repeat ourselves by going into all that here. We would, however, like to draw your attention to a few new pet grooming beauty tools and accessories we’ve recently started offering as standalone products to help make using our Tear Stain Remover Trio even easier than it already is.

cleansing applicator padThe first new pet grooming beauty tool we’d like to introduce you to is this pack of cleansing applicator pads. These applicator pads are designed to work with our face wash to help you be more accurate when working near sensitive areas like around your cat’s or dog’s eyes. In addition to increasing your accuracy when applying our face wash, these applicator pads offer the following benefits:

  • Each pad measures 2.25 inches (57.2 mm) making each large enough to hold comfortably yet small enough to work in and around  sensitive, detailed areas.
  • Each pad is made from polypropylene and rayon so it shouldn’t shed the way cotton applicator pads sometimes do.
  • These pads can work the face wash deeper into your pet’s fur without causing irritation.
  • Each pad is disposable and offers a more sanitary means of washing your pet’s face. There are 100 pads in each pack.

pet grooming brushesThe next pet grooming beauty tool we’d like to show you is this pet grooming brush kit, which is a set of three grooming brushes designed to help you apply the grooming powder component of our Tear Stain Remover Trio so that there will be less fly-away powder and more thorough coverage. These brushes also offer the following additional benefits:

  • Each brush helps work the grooming powder deep within the fur so there is less dust when applying it.
  • Each brush is designed to pick up and hold powder so you can apply it exactly where you want it, and nowhere that you don’t want it.
  • Each brush is individually wrapped to ensure it is free of germs and contaminants, and is more sanitary to use than trying to apply powder with your fingers.

The last new tool we’d like to show you isn’t really a new product, as we’ve offered individual refills of our face shampoo, face wash, and grooming powder for as long as we’ve been offering our Tear Stain Remover Trio. Rather, it’s a new way of ordering refills. Castle Baths is now offering auto-ship services.

Our auto-ship program, in a nutshell, sends you refills of each component of your Tear Stain Remover Trio automatically whenever you’re running low so you never have to worry about ordering refills or running out. We know how many uses you should get out of each product if you follow its instructions, and when you sign up for our auto-ship program, we use that knowledge to keep track of how long it’s been since your last order so we can have a new supply already in transit by the time you realize you’re current supply is running low. You can learn more about the specifics of our auto-ship program, and additional products that qualify for auto-shipping on our auto-ship page.

You can also find out more about our new pet grooming beauty tools and accessories, as well as our auto-ship program in our tear stain white paper, so we highly recommend that you download a copy for yourself. It’s completely free and there’s no pressure to purchase anything. It’s purely informational.

We hope you enjoy our Tear Stain Remover Trio, pet care beauty tools and accessories, and our new auto-ship program!

Organic father’s day spa gifts: top 5 father’s day gift ideas

June 4th, 2014

Looking for father’s day gift ideas? Have you ever considered getting dad an organic father’s day spa gift?  If your idea of spa gifts is facials, manicures, and scrubs, you probably haven’t considered getting any of these for dad, as these types of pampering treatments are often thought of as extremely feminine. While this traditional view of spa products is subject to debate, as there are plenty of manly men out there who do occasionally enjoy these types of treatments, these are not at all the types of organic father’s day spa gifts we’re talking about.

Anti-acne treatments, shaving supplies, soaps, and foot care products – these are spa products too, and ones that dad probably uses every day. But if he uses the cheap, synthetic types that are sold in big box stores, he’s probably getting more than his fair share of harsh chemicals, headache-inducing artificial fragrances, and other toxins that are often used in their manufacture.

If dad’s aftershave burns his face, there’s a good chance it’s made with alcohol, which can really dry out and irritate the skin. If dad’s bar soap is made with artificial detergents it will probably leave his skin feeling dry and itchy. But there’s really no reason he has to live with the irritating after-effects of synthetic spa and bath products when there are so many organic father’s day spa gifts you can get him instead.

Dead Sea spa products in particular make great organic father’s day spa gifts, as they can be used for a variety of purposes. Here are a few men’s Dead Sea favorites you may want to consider:dead sea salt soap

Dead Sea Salt Soap – this natural spa soap is made with pure, authentic Dead Sea Salt, which contains 21 natural minerals skin needs to maintain itself and is great for deep-cleansing facial pores so they don’t become clogged with excess oil or pollutants from the surrounding air. It is also formulated with the essential oil of lavender, seaweed extract, and hazelnut oil to help tighten and firm skin while cleansing. It makes a great alcohol-free alternative to aftershave and feels more like lotion on the skin than soap.

dead sea mineral foot creamJubilee Mineral Foot Cream – having dry, itchy feet is no fun, especially during the summer months when dad will want to be outside grilling, on the beach, or walking through the woods. Castle Baths mineral foot cream is made with Dead Sea Brine (the water of the Dead Sea), a full 20% of Organic Shea Butter, and the essential oil of peppermint to soften, soothe, and energize tired, dried out feet. Plus, it is scented in Castle Baths most popular aromatherapy scent among men – our revitalizing citrus Jubilee blend!cracked heels

Cracked Heels Spa Solution Kit – this spa solution kit contains everything dad will need to help soften and soothe his cracked heels, including Dead Sea Foot Salts, moisturizing body butter, and a Mediterranean Breeze scented Dead Sea Salt Scrub, plus one foot brush.dead sea mud soap

Dead Sea Mud Soap – Dead Sea Mud is great for acne, as it will draw toxins and excess oil out of your skin’s pores before they build up to the point where dad will be in danger of breaking out. Dead Sea Mud is also extremely moisturizing and contains numerous minerals and antioxidants to help dad preserve and protect his youthful looks.

eucalyptus dead sea saltsSexy Eucalyptus Dead Sea Bath Salts – men may balk at the idea of bathing with aromatherapy bath salts… until they try Sexy Eucalyptus Dead Sea Salts from Castle Baths. The invigorating aroma of Eucalyptus is said to act as an aphrodisiac in many cases, and bathing in pure, authentic Dead Sea Salts has numerous health and skin care benefits that are hard to ignore.

So you see, organic father’s day spa gifts are actually quite popular, and not un-masculine at all as father’s day gift ideas. Order yours today!

Dead Sea Mud vs. Clay Masks

May 14th, 2014

clay mask vs dead sea mud

Why Dead Sea Mud is still the best choice for your skin

After seeing the wide variety of natural clay masks available to you, you may be left wondering, “Why should I spend extra money on a Dead Sea Mud Mask?”

dead sea mud maskIf your chief concern is cost, then by all means, go with clay masks, but if your chief concern is doing what’s best for your skin, there are several reasons why authentic Dead Sea Mud outperforms clay that you should consider. Dead Sea Mud Masks can accomplish everything that any clay mask can offer, including:

1. Detoxifying and deep cleansing. When it comes to detoxifying and deep cleansing your facial pores there is no better solution than a Dead Sea Mud Mask. Dead Sea Mud can penetrate deeper into your pores than clay masks and, like clay, will swell to draw toxins and excess oil out of your skin. Dead Sea Mud can also selectively absorb dirt and excess oil without stripping your skin of its natural moisture, making it the ideal choice for people with combination dry/oily skin or for use during the winter months when your skin needs more natural moisture to combat the drying effects of the cold. Dead Sea Mud Masks are perfect for summertime too. Your skin tends to produce more oil during the summer months than during the winter months, and you’re probably more likely to sweat during hot summer days too. Regular applications of Dead Sea Mud Masks can help keep your pores from becoming clogged with sweat or excess oil and possibly stave off an acne breakout.

2. Anti-Aging benefits. The key anti-aging benefit to look for in any face mask is its mineral content. Minerals, like vitamins, are essential for your skin’s metabolism. Without proper metabolism, your skin’s cell turnover rate will go down, resulting in a dull appearance. Mature skin often must rely on an external source to provide it with sufficient minerals to restore a normal cell turnover rate. Dead Sea Mud contains 21 natural minerals, 12 of which are found exclusively in the Dead Sea.

clay mask3. Good for most skin types. Dead Sea Mud makes an ideal mask people with normal, oily, or combination skin, and can even benefit people with dry/dehydrated skin as Dead Sea Mud actually puts moisture back into the skin instead of sucking it out. With clay masks, if you have sensitive skin, your mask choices are often limited to a few types of clay that are safe to use on sensitive skin, but won’t provide the same level of skin care you would get from a more powerful clay mask or a Dead Sea Mud Mask. The more effective clay masks are often made with clays such as green bentonite or sea clay, which can be irritating to sensitive skin and are intended more for people with oily skin.

face mask - sandalwoodNote: This is not to suggest that clay masks are a complete waste of time and money; there are some people who may benefit more from clay masks than Dead Sea Mud Masks. These people include those with sensitive skin and those with younger skin (under 40.)

If you have sensitive skin and/or you’re under 40, your skin may not be able to handle the power and intensity of Dead Sea Mud, and you may experience a burning sensation on your face if you try to use a full Dead Sea Mud Mask. If you fall into either of these categories and you’d still like to experience some of the benefits of the Dead Sea, we recommend you combine one of the more powerful clay masks (such as this sandalwood mask) with Dead Sea Brine instead of or in addition to Rose Hydrosol to form your mask solution.

4. No mixing. Clay masks typically are sold in powdered form, requiring you to mix them with water or Rose Hydrosol (sold separately) to make your face mask solution. You may also need or want to use an applicator brush when applying a clay mask. Dead Sea Mud, on the other hand, is wet, creamy, and ready to use the minute you open the jar, and can be applied by hand.

Another benefit to using Dead Sea Mud Masks over clay masks is you only need to use one mask to get all the benefits listed above.

rose hydrosolWith clay masks, if you want the best detox mask, you need to use one type of clay. If you want the most mineral benefits, you need a different type of clay. If you want a mask that’s safe to use on sensitive skin, you need to use a third type of clay which offers extremely limited detox and mineral benefits. Using one clay mask after another can really irritate your skin, even if you don’t have sensitive skin. With Dead Sea Mud you get the benefits of every type of clay combined into just one mask that’s both effective and safe to use on sensitive skin.

Though clay masks may seem like the better, more economical solution at first, when you factor in the cost of the Rose Hydrosol to mix your mask solutions and the cost of an applicator brush (since some clay masks can be too drippy to apply by hand) you may find yourself spending more than you would on a Dead Sea Mud Mask, and not getting as many skin care benefits for your money.

So, when it comes to choosing the right facial mask, there’s almost no question which is better. Dead Sea Mud wins over clay in almost every way, even cost.

Why do dead sea products have advanced skin care benefits?

May 7th, 2014

advanced skin care - dead sea products

The advanced skin care benefits of Dead Sea products have been known for centuries, yet only now are we beginning to understand exactly why the waters, salt, and mud of this natural wonder have such a rejuvenating effect on the skin.

The “why” can be summarized in one word: minerals. The Dead Sea contains 21 minerals, including magnesium, calcium, bromide and potassium. Twelve of these minerals are found nowhere other than in the super-salty waters of the Dead Sea.

Minerals and advanced skin care

Minerals are essential for your skin’s metabolism. Your skin cells metabolize and divide just like most other cells in your body. But, as skin ages, its ability to produce its own minerals can decrease, leading to a reduced metabolism rate and a dull, aged appearance. Mature skin often needs an external source of minerals to restore its normal rate of metabolism.

In addition to aiding in your skin’s metabolism and cell turnover rates, minerals also protect and strengthen your skin against dehydration and environmental pollutants. The mineral magnesium in particular plays a key role in both skin cell metabolism and the strengthening of skin tissues. Medical studies have shown a severe magnesium deficiency in the skin cells of psoriasis patients, and Dead Sea Salt has approximately 15 times as more magnesium than ordinary sea salt.

The minerals found in Dead Sea products also play a role in maintaining the chemical balance of your skin, making Dead Sea products excellent facial toners. The minerals found in Dead Sea Salt and Dead Sea Mud are also great natural detoxifying and deep-cleansing agents. Try Castle Baths’ Dead Sea Mud Mask or Dead Sea Facial Cream Cleanser to experience the advanced skin care benefits of Dead Sea minerals for yourself.

Dead Sea Spa Solutions: Pore Minimizer

In addition to providing general anti-aging skin care, the high mineral content of Dead Sea products can also help you achieve specific skin care goals such as pore minimizing. While nothing short of surgery can actually shrink the diameter of your facial pores, there is much you can do to make them a lot less noticeable when you use the right combination of Dead Sea products.

To reduce the appearance of enlarged facial pores we recommend a skin care regimen comprised of daily cleansing with Dead Sea Mud Soap, weekly detox with a Dead Sea Mud Mask, and monthly exfoliation with a Dead Sea Salt Bath Scrub.

black mineral mud bar soapmud masksalt scrub


Daily cleansing with a Dead Sea Mud Soap will help deep-cleanse your pores of the pollutants and dead skin cells that are clogging them and making them so visible. Weekly application of a Dead Sea Mud Mask will help take care of any toxins the Dead Sea Mud Soap doesn’t catch, to include helping to rid the deep layers of your skin of microscopic free radicals that can lead to premature aging if left to build up indefinitely.

pore minimizer kitFinally, exfoliating once per month with a Dead Sea Salt Bath Scrub, especially one that has been mixed with real coffee grounds like the one included in this Pore Minimizer Spa Kit, will help keep dead skin cells from lingering on your face and working their way into your newly-cleansed pores just to clog them up again. The caffeine from the added coffee grounds also help stimulate circulation within your skin just as drinking coffee would do for the rest of your body, resulting in a tighter, firmer appearance to your pores. The coffee grounds also help make the otherwise abrasive salt feel gentle on your face.

There are many more benefits to Dead Sea products than what we’ve outlined here. If you are interested in learning more about Dead Sea skin care, you can visit Castle Baths skin care article directory, or just order some Dead Sea products and experience the advanced skin care benefits for yourself!

Choosing an organic mother’s day spa gift

April 29th, 2014

Last week we talked about choosing the right anti-aging spa gift for Mother’s day. Today we’ll be covering another staple – organic mother’s day spa gifts and Mother’s day natural gifts, as part of our continuing “products with purpose” article series.

In this how-to guide you will learn:

  • How to tell if a product marketed as a Mother’s day natural gift is actually made with organic ingredients
  • How to select the right natural face mask as a gift for mom

For many, Mother’s day isn’t just a day where you say, “Thank you” to Mom for all she has done for you; it’s a celebration of life. It’s the first day of planting season for many of the northern states in the continental U.S., and is generally regarded as a day to treat Mom to a day of fun and relaxation and warm, Spring weather.

If you or Mom have caught Spring fever and are looking to do something to celebrate the warm weather we’re finally having, you may want to consider a natural gift this Mother’s day. Mother’s day natural gifts are quite popular this year and are almost certain to be appreciated, particularly so if they are organic mother’s day spa gifts.

Is my mother’s day spa gift organic?

Use the infographic below to find out how to tell whether a product is or is not organic. Note: natural and organic are not synonymous – there is no regulation on the term “natural.” The term “organic” however is heavily regulated.

organic spa products

Organic mother’s day spa gifts give Mom the best of two worlds; they help her relax and appreciate the beauty of the Earth, and they deliver the luxurious pampering experience she would get at an upscale day spa right to her home!

While ALL of Castle Baths’ spa and bath products are made with organic and wild-crafted ingredients and no chemicals or artificial fragrances, this year we’d like to draw your attention to some new products we’re now offering just in time for Mother’s day – natural clay masks from Castle Baths’ Exotic Earth spa line.

So many luxurious clay masks… which would make the best organic mother’s day gift?

When it comes to selecting a Mother’s day natural gift, you can’t do much better than a natural clay facial mask, as they are 99% pure clay from nature! The clays used in Exotic Earth clay masks come from a variety of clay types from all over the world, and some masks include additional organic ingredients such as fruit fiber or sandalwood powder to make for an even more luxurious and pampering home spa experience. Best part of all, they all have incredible introductory prices that make it very hard to limit yourself to buying just one.

applying a clay facial maskCurrently, Castle Baths is offering 12 natural masks as part of its Exotic Earth spa line:

That said, Mom certainly won’t need all 12 in the Exotic Earth collection, so here’s a convenient chart to help you decide which one she would be likely to appreciate most, based on her skin type and the intended purpose of each mask.

face masks chart

As you may have noticed, the chart above has all of the Exotic Earth clay masks sorted by the skin type for which they are most suitable. Castle Baths has a separate guide to determining your skin type, but for now it is sufficient to know the following when selecting one of these masks for a mother’s day gift:

  • People who are prone to acne breakouts and whose faces always seem to have a shiny, greasy look  most likely have oily skin.
  • People who have acne and shiny, greasy skin in some areas of the face, but dry skin flakes in others most likely have combination oily/dry skin.
  • People who have neither grease nor dry skin flakes on their faces most likely have normal skin.
  • People who tend to have bad reactions to skin care products and need to be extra vigilant about checking ingredients to avoid buying anything that might cause a burning sensation most likely have sensitive skin.

clay mask applicator brush

  • People with chronically or genetically dry/dehydrated skin should avoid using clay masks, as one of their primary purposes is extract excess oil. People with dry/dehydrated are already oil-deficient.

If you do decide to get one or two clay masks for mom this Mother’s day, you may also be interested in getting her this clay mask applicator brush, which will help her mix and apply just enough of each mask solution to accomplish its purpose with very little clay going to waste, and will help her achieve a smooth, consistent application of the mask on her face. We hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial on how to select clay masks  and how to shop for organic mother’s day spa gifts. Next week we’ll be back with more Mother’s day gifts you can find at Castle Baths.

3 luxurious Mother’s day gifts with a purpose

April 22nd, 2014

Many retail stores will try to sell you Mother’s day gifts that are simply that – Mother’s day gifts; small tokens of appreciation that don’t really accomplish anything other than wishing someone a happy Mother’s day. Sure, you can get her a box of assorted chocolates, and she may even appreciate it and thank you for your thoughtfulness. But as the weeks go by and the contents of that box of chocolates dwindles in size, all you will have really accomplished is to thwart her efforts at dieting.

Going purely practical isn’t always the best solution to gift giving either. After all, giving the perfect gift is just as much about presentation as it is about the gift itself. Surprise, suspense, and showmanship are just as important as what you give, and sometimes even more so. Let’s face facts; there really isn’t a whole lot of showmanship and surprise in getting your mom, who happens to be an avid gardener, a collection of new gardening tools for Mother’s day.mother's day gifts - sweet escapespa gift basket - enchanted eveningdozen roses chocolate soap

Recap: A great gift should deliver:

  • Surprise
  • Suspense
  • Showmanship
  • Purpose

Is it too much to ask that a gift serve a purpose beyond simply saying, “Happy Mother’s day!” and still be presented in a sophisticated and elegant manner? The folks at Castle Baths Spa Products didn’t think this was too demanding of a request, which is why they like to refer to all their customizable spa gift baskets as “products with a purpose.”

Products with Purpose: Anti-Aging Spa Gifts

Castle Baths offers a wide selection of spa gift baskets to serve a variety of purposes, but for the sake of time, we’ll just be talking about anti-aging gifts this week.

Now, getting your mom an anti-aging spa gift basket for Mother’s day can be tricky. It needs to include some key products and ingredients to achieve this purpose, but not to the point where it’s obviously an anti-aging gift, as these can spoil the gift giving moment with the unfortunate subliminal message of, “you’re getting older so you’ll probably need these things soon.”

For this reason, it’s probably best to avoid baskets containing products with obvious ant-aging titles like “anti-wrinkle cream” unless the said products are something she’s specifically asked for (but then, where’s the surprise?) Instead, try to find baskets containing products that could be useful to anyone who wants to look their best this spring and summer, such as:

  • Dead Sea Products – Dead Sea Salt and Dead Sea Mud are both great skin care ingredients for any age, and can help with adult acne, pore minimizing, and a variety of other skin care concerns.
  • Chocolate Spa Products – Real cocoa and chocolate both contain naturally high levels of antioxidants, which help fight off the free radicals caused by sun overexposure and can help Mom avoid free-radical-induced signs of aging such as sun spots and overly wrinkled, leathery skin.
  • Coffee Spa Products – Coffee is another natural skin care ingredient to look for in spa products. Spa products made with coffee tend to have a scratchy feel that works great for exfoliation. Plus, coffee has been shown to be helpful in stimulating skin to provide temporary smoothing of cellulite deposits.

Recommended Anti-Aging Spa Gifts for Mother’s Daygift basket - dead sea spa anti-aging

Here are some of Castle Baths’ top anti-aging staff picks for Mother’s Day 2014:

The Dead Sea Spa Gift Basket – Treat Mom to the rejuvenating powers of the Dead Sea with this unique, luxurious spa gift basket. The Dead Sea Spa Gift Basket includes:

pore minimizer giftThe Pore Minimizer Spa Kit – Give Mom what she needs to deep-cleanse her pores so she’ll have clear skin in time for the first family beach outing. The Pore Minimizer Spa Kit includes:

  • One 4 oz container of Pure, Authentic, Wet Dead Sea Mud (great for mud masks)
  • One 2 oz Coffee Cocoa Face and Body Scrub (for face and/or body exfoliation)
  • One Dead Sea Mud Bar Soap (for acne and deep facial cleansing)

The Slice of Life Spa Gift Basket – Give Mom the sweet scent of chocolate and vanilla in this aromatic moisturizer gift basket. The Slice of Life Spa Gift Basket includes:

When Mom sees the delivery man walking up to her front door with one of these gift baskets, the suspense will rise. Once she sees the luxury and artistry that went into the basket, she’ll be in for a huge (and welcome) surprise, and once she discovers that each product included serves more purpose than just a pleasing scent, that’s when she’ll finally realize that this may truly be the best Mother’s Day gift ever!

Choosing the Right Clay Mask

April 17th, 2014

If you’re one of the women (or men) who enjoys relaxing in a soothing and detoxifying clay mask, and/or you consider yourself a connoisseur of luxury natural spa products, you’re in luck. Castle Baths, the go-to online luxury spa boutique for many people just like you, is now offering a wide selection of natural clay masks just in time for you to get your skin in shape for the spring and summer months!

Castle Baths is offering 12 unique, luxurious clay masks to include a sandalwood mask, an oxygenating mask, and an anti-acne mask at some incredible introductory prices.

While you may be tempted to load up on all 12 while our introductory prices last, please note that your skin probably doesn’t need all 12 to achieve your skin care goals. So here’s a quick guide to what we’re offering and how each mask can help you.

This week, we’ll be discussing the first six masks. Look for information on our remaining masks in future articles.

  1. oxygenating maskOxygenating Mask – this mask is exactly what it sounds like – a mask that helps open up your skin’s pores so your skin can breathe easier. Your skin needs oxygen just like the rest of your body, but if your pores are clogged or you’re wearing tight or layered clothing, your skin might not be getting all the air it needs to look its best.
  2. Anti-Acne Mask – another self-explanatory mask – this mask is great for dealing with acne. It doesn’t just de-grease your pores. It also addresses other causes of acne such as your skin’s pH level. Try mixing this mask with our Rose Hydrosol to really tone and primp your skin and keep breakouts at bay!
  3. Sandalwood Mask – this mask is not a clay mask, but rather pure sandalwood powder, and is great for diminishing the appearance of wrinkles, and for general tightening and toning of your skin. It also functions as a mild exfoliator when you wash it off, leaving you with silky smooth, youthful-looking skin.
  4. gray raspberry maskGray Raspberry Mask – our gray raspberry mask not only helps detoxify your pores, it also helps feed your skin with the numerous minerals found in gray illite clay and the many vitamins contained within raspberry seeds.
  5. Soothing Sensitive Mask – if you have sensitive skin and/or your face constantly feels dry and itchy, this is the mask for you. It is made with a mixture of white and pink kaolin clay to provide soothing relief for your sensitive skin.
  6. Absorbent Mask – if you have oily skin but aren’t breaking out in acne (yet) this is the mask for you. This mask is made with red kaolin clay to absorb the excess oil on your face before it has a chance to clog your pores and cause a breakout.

Each of these masks can also be used as a body wrap. You can find detailed instructions on how to apply each of these masks as a facial mask or body wrap in the additional info tab on each product’s page.anti-acne mask

Also, don’t forget that Earth Day is coming up almost immediately after Easter so why not celebrate our planet in a unique way this year by putting a little earth on your face and see what amazing results you can achieve with natural clay masks!

New Online Shopping Experience Awaits Castle Baths Customers

April 9th, 2014

The next time you visit our website, you’ll be in for a huge surprise! We’ve completely redone our website to provide you with state-of-the-art e-Commerce features and a streamlined interface that integrates flawlessly with both desktop and mobile browsers. Next month, we’ll be updating our blog’s look and feel.

We always like to stay on top of the latest developments in e-Commerce so we can continue to provide our customers with the easiest and most enjoyable online shopping experience. Our new site allows customers to search by scent, find the best natural skin care products based on common conditions such as acne or anti-aging needs, and find the perfect gift basket for a variety of occasions.

We’ve also given our new site a more upscale, modern look and feel that’s more in keeping with the luxuriousness of our skin care and pet care lines.

castle baths website

After several months of development our new site is finally live and functioning! We invite you and all your friends and family to try it out and let us know what you think of the new look and feel, as well as any questions or concerns you may have.  We’ve tested our new site thoroughly and are fairly certain that our development team has removed any of the bugs that often plague newly launched websites. But, in the unlikely event that you find something not working or displaying as it should, please let us know so we can correct the issue as soon as possible.

As a thank you for taking the time to explore and evaluate our new site, we’re offering a 10% discount on ALL our merchandise (including Anna Designer Pet grooming products) starting today and continuing until Mother’s Day (Sunday, May 11, 2014.) Mother’s Day is coming up sooner than usual this year so we invite you to take advantage of this special offer while you can, and while you’re at it, why not check out our skin care and gifts for men pages to pick up something for Dad too (Father’s Day is only one month after Mother’s Day this year.)

Please visit and like our Facebook page to find the coupon code you will need to claim your discount. You may use the coupon code an unlimited number of times! So if you place five separate orders with us between now and Mother’s Day, you’ll receive 10% off every order! Feel free to share this news and discount with your friends and family as well so they too can take advantage of this incredible offer.

If you’re a returning customer, don’t worry, your Castle Baths account has been migrated to our new site so you can still use the same login and password, and you still have all your spa loyalty points!

We hope you enjoy our new website, and that you’ll take advantage of our discount while browsing.

Have fun exploring,

-          Laura Thomas
Owner, Castle Baths



Choosing a wholesale partner (for skin care professionals)

February 20th, 2014

How to partner with spa and bath companies to offer at-home skin care solutions to your clients

If you’re a dermatologist, aesthetician, or other skin care and beauty professional, you likely know that your business depends not only on the quality of your services but also the quality of the products you recommend to your clients, patients, and customers. In many cases, your personal brand and reputation within the beauty industry can become linked to the brand and reputation of the company responsible for producing the products you use during your services and to your customers for at-home care. As such, it’s vital that you make the right choice when selecting a company to partner with.

Selecting the wrong beauty supply company to partner with can have dire consequences for your business. If the products you offer to your customers for at-home care don’t live up to their claims, your customers may conclude that you don’t know what you’re talking about, and your brand will lose credibility. Worse yet, if the company you partner with is discovered to be using less than ethical business and advertising practices (such as using carcinogenic ingredients in their products,) your customers may start viewing you as guilty by association.

So what do you do? Some beauty and skin care professionals choose to make and sell their own spa and beauty products, thereby eliminating the “middle man.” But if product formulation isn’t your specialty, you’re stuck with the original question: who’s products do you choose to offer to your customers, clients, patients, etc.?

Some tips for minimizing your risk when evaluating potential partner companies include:

Go organic. Products made with natural, organic, and wild-crafted ingredients are generally much less likely to contain potentially harmful substances than products made with synthetic ingredients and chemicals. Even if a product claims to be “natural” or “all-natural” it may still contain synthetic ingredients, chemicals, or artificial preservatives, as there is currently no industry standard on what constitutes a “natural” or “all-natural” product. Try looking for products and companies that use Certified Organic or wild-crafted ingredients instead. The term “organic” is heavily regulated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and thus, you can achieve a far greater level of certainty that the products you are using and offering do not contain potentially harmful substances if their ingredient lists use the term “organic.”

If you’re curious about the potential hazards of a particular ingredient or product, the Environmental Working Group’s SkinDeep Database can be a useful tool to use when conducting your research.

skin deep database bathsheba lotion

Look for reviews and testimonials. There’s no better way to gauge how well a product lives up to its claims than to see what people who have actually used it have to say about it. Look for reviews by customers and for testimonials from doctors, aestheticians, and other skin care professionals like yourself. Also look and see if the company in its entirety has achieved any certifications or verifications such as getting its product claims “doctor trusted.”

facial toner treyoursConsider price range. Don’t automatically go with the cheapest option available to you. Remember, the reason cheap products tend to be cheap is because they use synthetic and chemical-based ingredients that are inexpensive to manufacture. Chances are, if your clients, patients, and customers are wealthy enough to be able to afford your services then they’re wealthy enough to afford something better than your run-of-the-mill lotion for at-home use. If you cater primarily to the affluent then the price and the quality of the products you offer should also convey affluence. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean that finding such high quality products has to cost you an arm and a leg. Just look for a company with a generous wholesale policy (and high quality products, of course.)

If your search for a wholesale partner happens to lead you to Castle Baths, please keep in mind that we offer a wide variety of anti-aging face creams, massage oils, essential oils, and body scrubs made with organic ingredients, as well as a variety of ways to partner with us.

Good luck on your search for the perfect spa and beauty supply partner for your business!

January 30th, 2014

Castle Baths’ One Dozen Chocolate Soap Roses are back by popular demand for Valentine’s Day 2014 and are now available for purchase all year round too!

one dozen chocolate rose soapsIf you want to give your significant other these unique decorative soaps as a Valentine’s Day gift, be sure to place your order with Castle Baths no later than February 10, 2014 to ensure delivery by February 14.

If you do end up ordering after February 10, don’t worry! Chances are we’ll still be able to get your roses out in time. But just to be on the safe side, please try to have your order in as soon as possible. These were very popular last year and we’re expecting them to be even more popular this year!

Remember, our One Dozen Chocolate Soap Roses are available in two scents: dark chocolate or vanilla musk with a hint of chocolate, so be sure to specify which scent you think she’ll like best when placing your order. You may also request a custom handwritten message be included in the complimentary Valentine’s Day greeting card that comes with these soaps.

dozen chocolate rose soaps vaseTo learn more about these soaps and how truly unique they are, please watch our YouTube video. Be sure to watch it all the way through to catch our bloopers at the end (included for your entertainment.) If the video does not play correctly below, please click here to watch it on YouTube.