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Pamper Your Toes – You Need Your Feet

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

Do You Lead a Busy Life?

Most of us do lead busy lives. We juggle full time (or more) careers, kids, friends, and family duties on a daily basis.  Even our vacations are often packed full of events, sightseeing, or going somewhere.  We have given rise to the idea that we now need a vacation from our vacations!

Do Your Feet Hurt at the End of the Day?

Our feet feel the brunt of our daily grind, as we rely on them to always be ready. We race around on high heels (which our feet probably consider torture devices), dashing to meetings, driving the carpool, being the soccer mom.  Our poor feet are left to pay the price.  So why not give them some time off? A nice relaxing foot soak in a bucket (if you don’t have time for a nice long bath), can go a long way to repairing the strain and stress of carrying you faithfully through each of your daily activities.

Your Feet Will Thank You!

We offer several products that can help; including, our Dead Sea Mineral Foot Bath Salts and Mineral Foot Creams with Peppermint. Each of these products come in varying aromas; Jubilee, Bathsheba, and Sweet Communion.  Relax mind and feet with these aromatic bath salts while the mineral benefits of the dead sea soak into your ‘soles’ and wash away the stress and strain of the day; your feet will thank you!


Are Your Feet Getting The Love They Deserve?

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

Pamper your feet today with our Castle Baths Natural Foot Bath Salts Gift Set. This array of products will definitely please your feet, while awakening your mind, body, and soul.

This amazing Gift Set includes:

Our Bathsheba all natural Foot Bath Salts have a foot-drenching infusion that will cool and relieve your swollen, weary feet, while helping to reduce pain and inflammation, and melt away tension.

Sweet Communion Mineral Foot Bath Salts are ideal for soaking tired, sore feet. Restful feet are happy feet! This wonderful product has similar properties to the Bathsheba, but also moisturizes and detoxifies your feet.

Jubilee Mineral Foot Bath Salts will help to energize your feet and put the bounce back in your step! This product is ideal for itchy, dry feet, and even Athletes Foot. They will reduce redness and irritation of the bridge, heel, and toe joint areas, reduce soreness, and feed your skin with nutrients and minerals.

Sweet as candy, leaving your feet even sweeter…yet adding no calories to your diet! Our Castle Baths Spearmint Foot Scrub Candy is perfect for scrubbing, exfoliating, and moisturizing all in one. These little candies are very helpful for softening your heels, and are deliciously scented with Spearmint Essential Oil for a little aromatherapy while you soak.

Our feet do so much for us…so do something nice for them. Treat your feet like royalty, and order your Natural Foot Bath Salts Gift Set today!! Your feet will thank you.

Bath Salts In The News

Friday, January 28th, 2011

Bath salts are a hot subject in the news today.  I am reading all over twitter that bath salts are being pulled form the shelves. Another BIG reason why you should be using pure and authentic products such as what carries.

Baths salts are not equally the same! Many companies add fillers, fake color, artificial scent filled with Parabens! And now, we discover harsh chemicals that are actually getting people high!

We highly suggest using Dead Sea Bath Salts only. They are natural, pure and actually will not dry your skin!

Bath salts derived from the Dead Sea are much better at keeping your skin looking beautiful. This is because the minerals help feed your skin instead of drying it out. Other salts such as Epson salt generally do just that, dry your skin. Avoiding salts that dry your skin out is the best route to take when looking for bath salts to use.

Bath Salts from the Dead Sea also help you remove unwanted toxins from your skin. Each day that we live, we bring in unwanted chemicals from the air. Salts from the Dead Sea helps to remove those toxins. Other types of salts in many bath salts such as Epsom salts simply cause your body to sweat and dries out the skin.

Dead Sea Salt comes from the shores of Israel and has been around for most likely forever. Many companies and people attempt to sell dead seas bath salts at a lower price- they market the salt and how good it is- but then use sea salt in the ingredient list. Sea Salt and Dead Sea salt are not the same thing. Only Pure Dead Sea salt feeds the skin without drying the skin.

Be mindful if you see dead sea salts inexpensive– for they are most likely a fake- you know the old saying- you get what you pay for. And if you actually want salts that will dry out your skin – simply use your table salt- now that is cheap and yes, very drying!

Castle Baths Spa Products, has a full list of Natural Ingredients and what each ingredient can do to help you in your skincare needs. Castle Baths is your healthiest choice for Skincare and Beauty Products on the market today! Be beautiful, naturally- use products with purpose.- Any comments? oh…and don’t take drugs, or bathe in them!

New Eucalyptus Scent Bath Salt from Castle Baths – A New Year Treat

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

Castle Baths spa products store has introduced an all new scent for the new year! The Sexy Eucalyptus Bath Salt is a beauty treatment that you would love to use again and again. Not just this, Castle Baths is also offering a free gift and free shipping on purchases of $100 or more! It’s a limited period offer.

Made from organic dead sea salts and the enchanting eucalyptus oil, the bath salt is fragrant and inviting! Don’t let tiredness be your turn off! Get revived with a soak in hot water with the Sexy Eucalyptus Bath Salt offered at the spa products store.

The bath and body works at the spa products store are completely natural and reinventing. The eucalyptus bath salts can be enjoyed by both men and women, and that is why it’s great to revitalize some love between the two. Plan a spa date with scented candles and the Eucalyptus bath soak to refresh the romance.

Another Castle Baths Treat – Free Gift and Free Shipping
The new Eucalyptus spa bath salt from Castle Baths does not come without a promise of smile. The spa products store is also offering a free gift along with the purchase of $100! All you have to do is place an order valued $100 or above, and the Castle Baths spa products store will ship you the free gift – a full size 16oz Sexy Eucalyptus Bath Salt absolutely free. This really amazing offer also has free shipping to US, included.

Also, if you wish to purchase more of the reinvigorating bath salts, place your order and you will still get the free gift at the spa products store when your order touches $100 mark. That is a wow offer and you just can’t let go of it!

Get your canister of the bath salt or get them free with a purchase of $100. Make your choice from the natural and nourishing spa products at Castle Baths.

Bath Salts – For Healthy Body, Mind and Soul!

Friday, January 15th, 2010

Bath salts are an excellent media of enhancing your bathing regime and making it all the more pleasurable, relaxing and indulgent. The concept of introducing bath salts in one’s bathing regime is centuries old and dates back to ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. They offer a swarm of benefits to body and mind that are simply incredible and way too irresistible!

Castle Baths offers you a wide line of Dead Sea Bath Salts Collection and Aromatherapy bath salts. A regular use of these works wonders in softening skin, refreshing body and energizing the spirit. The exquisite properties of aromatherapy bath salts are a pleasure for the skin.

Bath salts – Specialty for your senses

Bath salt Collection offered at Castle Baths includes 100% pure, genuine Dead Sea salts. The range of inspirational bath salts offered at our online store includes Sweet Communion Dead Sea Bath Salts, Sweet Dreams Dead Sea Bath Salts, Restoration Dead Sea Bath Salts, Bathsheba Dead Sea Bath Salts, Prayer Dead Sea Bath Salts, Passion Dead Sea Bath Salts and Jubilee Dead Sea Bath Salts.

These salts have a higher mineral content than ordinary salts and are enriched in valuable trace minerals that soften bath water and gently cleanse the skin without drying it. These exfoliate, detoxify and soften the skin making it look all the more young and attractive!

Get your hands on our bath salt collection and experience the aromatic pleasure that comes your way. You may also browse through our collection of body moisturizers, massage oils, creams, natural soaps, spa and bath products.