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Tre’Yours Natural Soap Trio Can be Yours!

Thursday, June 14th, 2012

Tre’Yours 3 pack Natural Spa Soap

You’ve been to the beauty products section of the store, you know that there are dozens of choices for your skin care.  Most of these have harsh chemicals that can actually reduce your skin’s beauty and elasticity, making you look older, rather than younger.  We use only natural ingredients to detoxify your skin, lock in moisture, and rejuvenate your face and body in the process.

Why pay almost $15.00 for each of these soaps, when you can save on all 3 with the Tre’Yours Natural Soap Trio?

Natural Spa Soap- Beauty in a Box!

3 pack spa soapsEnjoy three of our Spa favorites in one box! Tre’Yours Natural Spa Soaps for beautiful skin!

Box contains:

Daily Renewal Face & Body Bar

Daily Renewal Face & Body Bar is for dry, damaged, and mature skin; it is low lather and has extra moisturizing properties.

  • Mango Butter for repair and reconditioning of the face
  • Certified Organic Shea Butter reduces blemishes and scars while moisturizing
  • Certified Organic Hemp Seed Oil and Hemp Seed Butter are natural emollients and rich in Vitamin E
  • Essential oil of Rose nourishes and hydrates the skin while balancing pH

This Face Soap Bar can be used to cleanse your face, and moisturize it all in one step! Our Face Soap is 80% Moisturizing Oils from Cream. Dry, damaged, and aging skin that has been the result of exposure to extreme temperatures and UV radiation can be repaired with daily use.

Dead Sea Black Mineral Mud Facial Bar – with EO of Ginger

Dead Sea Black Mineral Mud Facial Bar- with EO of Ginger is great for daily use for oily and sensitive skin- It’s also wonderful for once a week dry, damaged, aged skin that could benefit from the minerals of the Dead Sea. Please only wash face weekly with this bar if you have aged, damaged, and or dry skin.

The Perfect Face Bar! Our NATURAL Dead Sea Mud Soap Contains:

  • Lasts the average buyer a full year
  • Formulated to detox, de-grease and feed skin for youthful glowing results.
  • Largest percentage of actual Dead Sea Mud you’ll probably ever find in a mud bar!
  • Removes even the toughest oil based cream make-ups (even clown make-up) in one application.
  • Pink Grapefruit: Astringent for oily skin and hair.
  • Ginger: Reduces inflammation and increases circulation
  • Bergamot: Relaxing and refreshing, uplifting, and reduces tension.
  • Clove: Antibacterial and anti fungal to give your face a true clean
  • Detoxifies pores for deep cleansing and helps acne prone skin!
  • Helps even out the complexion for oily skin, acne sensitive and/or redness

Even though this bar is made to detox pores from oil and is wonderful for acne, it’s made with just the right percent of Certified Organic Macadamia Nut Oil to soften and mositurize even the driest skin to include cracked skin!

Cellu Body Bar – with Coffee for circulation

Cellu Body Bar – with Coffee for circulation is an all time favorite natural soap bar of both men and woman- made with cocoa butter and coffee butter- to really help skin and senses.

  • Enhance the appearance of your legs
  • Helps with the appearance of cellulite, reduces swelling and increases circulation, especially in the legs.
  • Delicately scrubs away dirt and environmental pollutants
  • Rich in Coffee Butter, Certified Organic and Certified Fair Trade Cocoa Butter, Mango Butter, and Hemp Butter
  • Contains fresh ground Java Coffee Bean for a natural exfoliation
  • Aids with sun damaged skin
  • Leaves skin soft, moisturized, and refreshed

3 All Natural Soaps for Less

Don’t forget, you can get all 3 of these bar soaps on sale, now!

Pamper Your Toes – You Need Your Feet

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

Do You Lead a Busy Life?

Most of us do lead busy lives. We juggle full time (or more) careers, kids, friends, and family duties on a daily basis.  Even our vacations are often packed full of events, sightseeing, or going somewhere.  We have given rise to the idea that we now need a vacation from our vacations!

Do Your Feet Hurt at the End of the Day?

Our feet feel the brunt of our daily grind, as we rely on them to always be ready. We race around on high heels (which our feet probably consider torture devices), dashing to meetings, driving the carpool, being the soccer mom.  Our poor feet are left to pay the price.  So why not give them some time off? A nice relaxing foot soak in a bucket (if you don’t have time for a nice long bath), can go a long way to repairing the strain and stress of carrying you faithfully through each of your daily activities.

Your Feet Will Thank You!

We offer several products that can help; including, our Dead Sea Mineral Foot Bath Salts and Mineral Foot Creams with Peppermint. Each of these products come in varying aromas; Jubilee, Bathsheba, and Sweet Communion.  Relax mind and feet with these aromatic bath salts while the mineral benefits of the dead sea soak into your ‘soles’ and wash away the stress and strain of the day; your feet will thank you!


Blessings come in all shapes and sizes!

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

Feeling Stressed? Need to release inner tension and just relax? Well count your blessings!… because we have something perfect for you! A Castle Baths Classic, our Sweet Dreams Blessing Gift Basket. This beautiful arrangement and assortment of products is perfect for yourself, your friends, and your loved ones.

Have you ever had a hard time falling asleep? Maybe your brain is busy going over all the little things you wanted to do today, but didn’t have time to complete? Or maybe you are focused on an event that keeps replaying in your mind? Worrying about the events of the next day or a project you are working on can keep you awake when you would rather be peacefully sleeping. Give yourself the gift of a calm mind with our Sweet Dreams Blessing Gift Basket.

Submerse yourself in the calming influence of vanilla and Bulgarian French Lavender…the ultimate relaxation. Let all of your worries and stresses just dissolve away, while giving your skin a smooth, soft feel, and delicious aroma.

This Gift Basket includes:

Get your Sweet Dreams Blessing Gift Basket today, and sleep peacefully tonight.

Here’s Mud In Your Eye – We Hope Not!

Thursday, January 5th, 2012

Our Dead Sea Products are one of our best sellers, here at Castle Baths, and it’s no wonder!  With incredible benefits to the look, feel, and health of your skin, these products are literally flying off the shelf.

Our best Dead Sea product is our Dead Sea Mud.  This works wonderfully as a face mask to give a mini face lift by cleaning and tightening the pores and skin of your face.

You may not even realize the damage you cause your skin on a daily basis.  Did you know that each day when you wash your face, you disturb the natural mantel of the skin- causing redness and uneven tone.

Dead Sea Mud can help!

  • Deep Sea Mud helps restore ph levels, removing the red face look
  • Minerals from the Dead Sea feed the skin nutrients that keep it hydrated, which means less wrinkle retention
  • Dead Sea Mud mask leaves your skin with a glow of youthfulness and cleanliness.
  • Dead Sea Mud moisturizes your skin and helps with natural skin hydration

With high concentrations of minerals such as magnesium, calcium, bromide and potassium, this mud pampers the skin.

We have a couple of great videos and a step-by-step guide to help you apply your Dead Sea Mud as a facial mask!

Pamper Yourself – Dead Sea Spa Gift Basket On Sale Now

Thursday, November 10th, 2011

The holidays can be as stressful as they are enjoyable.

The hustle, the bustle, the crowds, the lights, the friends, the family, the food (oh the food!), the most hectic time of year is almost upon us.

Life is a busy place – we work more than any other country – did you know that? We also take less time off than any other country, but you probably knew that instinctively.

You work hard, or maybe life has been working you hard lately – we all know people horribly affected by our economic times.

So, when was the last time you pampered yourself? Took an hour alone and just relaxed, truly, peacefully?

Turn on some holiday music, jazzy for a soulful holiday experience, or classic for a sophisticated one. Take a moment to yourself and let the legendary restoring powers of the dead sea work on your troubles.

Apply the authentic wet dead sea mud (used at spas around the world) and feel the cool, smoothness as it gently covers your face, erasing the stress of your long work days.

Draw yourself a bubbly bathtub full of warm, soothing water; drop in the passionate melting tart for a pleasing aroma – sink below the surface and feel the languid release of your worries.

Use the Lavender seaweed dead sea body scrub to refresh your skin, leaving you glowing and moisturized for that upcoming holiday party.

All of these products come in ONE gift basket – and it’s on SALE!  Get it Now!

Celebrate the spirit and soak up the holidays – Enjoy!

Dead Sea Salts at Castle Baths – Enjoy Natural Spa at Home

Monday, December 13th, 2010

Dead Sea salts at Castle Baths, spa products store help you experience a spa like natural body care at home. The gently exfoliating bath salts cleanse up your skin and renew it from within. And now would be the perfect time to shop Dead Sea bath salts as you can get a free Dead Sea mud pack absolutely free with every $100 purchase of Dead Sea bath salts.

Dead sea salts from the bath products store are very mild and do not dry up your skin. These are non-greasy and clean up your skin without making it too dry. Natural bath salts nourish your skin softly and wipe off the layers of dirt, excess moisture and unwanted oil present on the surface of the skin.

A massage with the Dead Sea bath salts exfoliates and pampers your skin to the level that your muscles feel relaxed after a bath. A tired day’s fatigue will ward off with a gentle massage of the dead sea bath salts. End your day with a calming and renewing bath with the bath salts’ reinvigorating massage on your tired muscles and skin.

Dead Sea Bath Salts – Mild, Gentle & Scented
Dead sea bath salts have many benefits and you can use them daily. The days that go really tired and stressed are the most perfect ones to soak up in a hot water tub and indulge in a gentle massage with these very de-stressing bath salts offered at the spa products store. The scented bath salts are soft and mild for sensitive skin as well and deep cleanses your skin without making it dry.

Get your canister of Dead sea bath salts now! Shop natural spa and bath products at:

Have you Checked Spa Products in your Bridal Diary?

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

Summers do not only inspire spa visits but nuptials too. Come summers and it’s the wedding scent swooning everyone, everywhere. And no summer wedding, pre-bridal or bridal preparation can be without spa products. So have you checked them in your bridal diary?

Also before the grooms frown, since brides seem to dominate everything (even this post too) when it comes to wedding & all things related to it; let us give them a piece of info that will cheer them– Natural and handmade spa products can be used by either sexes.

Getting back to the bridal diary and the spa products; Castle Baths Spa Products has some great use-and-bloom spa bath suggestions! Read on.

The foremost are the Dead Sea bath products – Well the Dead Sea isn’t that dead! It’s minerals have rejuvenating and skin replenishing qualities and the bath and spa products derived from Dead Sea mineral salts cannot be missed if looking perfect is your aim. From Dead Sea salt scrubs to mud packs, bath salts and even Dead Sea bath salts – Castle Baths Spa Products’ Dead Sea products collection  has everything to make you sparkle  down and even past the aisle. 🙂

Bath Teas – Milk, Herbal & of course green! Bath Teas make great bath soaks. Which you would be needing during your hard-pressed typical bridal schedule! Bath teas collected at Castle Baths are enriched with sweet and purifying scents, essential oils which when touch skin create mush love!

Spa Face Treatments – Now we all know whose face would everyone be looking at – yours! So don’t take a chance, use natural spa face treatments from Castle Baths Spa Products. These include facial foaming exfoliator, mud masks, cleanser creams, natural facial soaps and so much more!

Body Mists Sprays – Body mists and sprays will be perfect to ward off that one particular blot on summers called ‘sweat’ and keep you smelling as fresh as the spring! And these body mists are not only refreshing and aromatic but restore the glow and freshness of the skin. Body mists sprays are enriched with vegetable based glycerin. So spray on to keep on smelling and looking sweet.

Another very important thing! These spa products are not just for that special time but should be used even after the wedding. You don’t want to let the sparkle or glow whisk away, right? So for all your pre, post and during bath body care, get spa products!

Spa Treatments at Affordable Prices from Castle Baths Spa Products

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

Spa treatments do not have to be drill-a-hole-in-pockets luxuries. Natural and handmade daily, spa products from Castle Baths Spa products are not just an affordable option but bath-changing too! Yes, this means these will transform your bath in a jiffy and without you having to pay for the interiors 🙂

Enriched with fantastic and beautifully fragrant flavors and essences – bath and spa products from Castle Baths Spa Products provide the true spa experience at home, we mean your bath! Get the five star spa experience with every bath but not the budget worries that this experience usually accompanies with Castle Baths.

And what a variety to choose from! Handmade soaps, handmade decorative pie and bon bon soaps, silk-like smooth body moisturizers and the mineralized Dead Sea spa bath products – all are your gateway to the lap of care, indulgence and pure pleasures!!

Spa Products – Castle Baths’ Favorites
Now selecting a favorite would be choosing between the right and the left eye. However, there are certain spa and bath products which you simply cannot afford to skip for a wholesome spa experience at home.

Here they are:

  • Dead Sea Products – This unbelievably spa-tacular line of Dead Sea products offers you Israel’s spa secrets in the form of Dead Sea mud packs, Dead Sea foot care products, Dead Sea salt scrubs, soap bars, Dead Sea bath salts in unforgettable essences such as Lavender, Seaweed, Mediterranean sea breeze and other swooning flavors. From a simple bath to like bathing in the recuperative Dead Sea, these Dead Sea bath products are just too good!
  • Body Washes – Serenade your body with a pleasant surprise from nature. These body washes and shower gels are perfect to shoo away daily stresses and upsetting details along with the dirt and muck. Use these body washes and be light as a bubble floating through air. Your skin will thank you and your mind will reason out to stay longer in the baths.
  • Body Moisturizers – How would you feel if body moisturizers, body butters, body lotions and hand creams made from 7 exclusive blends caressed your skin? Heavenly right? We thought so and bring to you a collection of skin-smoothening body moisturizers.
  • Pure Essential Oils – Talking about spa and keeping out essential oils and massage oils? Not possible. There are about 30 refreshing pure essential oils offered at Castle Baths Spa Products. Use them for prayers, meditation or for therapeutic relaxation. These natural essential oils can also be used as bath oils.

Not that other Castle Baths spa products are not spa-cial enough but these are spa-ssentials. A must have if you want your next bath to be bubbling with spa-ness!

Dead Sea Spa Products – For Skin That Glows from Within

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

Dead Sea spa products have been used for relaxing and rejuvenating for many years now. Thanks to their amazing therapeutic effects, Dead Sea products stimulate, tighten, cleanse and invigorate, leaving the skin with a refreshing glow. Dead Sea spa products are highly beneficial for relieving muscle tension or for simply relaxing and enjoying a rejuvenating experience.

To benefit from Dead Sea products, people generally head to spas for a session of pampering. But it is no doubt a time consuming and an expensive affair. If you are worried about the well being of your skin, but cannot afford to put in much of time and money, you can always opt for at home spa products. You can choose from a range of items including Dead Sea facial creams, mud packs, clay packs, scrubs, body butter and a whole variety of Dead Sea bath products.

Dead Sea spa products – The Many Advantages

Dead Sea spa products are an effective way to relax and absorb the minerals of the Dead Sea. In addition to relaxing the skin, and returning its youthful vigor, these natural spa products also help in relieving skin ailments.

Skin disorders are not the only thing that Dead Sea products can cure, these can also help to relieve muscles and the tension in them. Other than that they are great for rejuvenation of the body. The minerals in the dead sea salts are great from pore tightening as well, this adds to the vitality and youth of the skin. And of course, a soak in dead sea bath salts is great to alleviate pain and aches in the body.

If a trip to Israel does not seen feasible, do not let your heart sink., your online store for natural bath and spa products, is here with all the Dead Sea spa products you want. From Dead Sea packs and scrubs to soaps and bath salts, all are available at reasonable rates. When you shop from us, you can rest assured that the products are 100% natural and genuine.

Get ready to soak all your stress in some relaxing Dead Sea spa products and come out fresh and relaxed!

Save 30% on Dead Sea Winter Spa Basket – Renew the Freshness this New Year!

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

How about celebrating the new year with some Dead Sea freshness and glow on the skin? Castle Baths is wishing its dear customers a year full of happiness and sparkling health for body, mind and soul. And glowing you would be, with the spa products store offering a whopping 30% off on its favorite Dead Sea Winter Spa Basket.

Dead Sea spa products are known the world over for the effective skin care and soothing health they impart to body and mind. Assorting the natural care of Dead Sea products, the Dead Sea Winter spa basket is a bath kit that will transform your bathing and skin-renewing routine into a spa-like experience.

Dead Sea Spa Basket – For you to blossom in the New Year!
The Dead Sea spa basket includes Lavender Seaweed Dead Sea body scrub, wet Dead Sea mud (authentic), Dead Sea mud soap bar and a beautiful Passionate melting tart! All this and bountiful of Dead Sea Care is offered at 30% discount! Does it get any better than this? Well yeah, Castle Baths is also offering $7 off on all purchases. Use discount coupon code, ‘0104107off‘ upon checkout and save $7!

However, only one discount can be availed in a single purchase. So be ready to glow with Castle Baths in the new year! Get your favorite spa and bath products now and let your skin troubles be history just like 2009 :).

Give your 2010 a refreshing start with Castle Baths spa and bath products. We will make sure that you get the best in skin care and natural spa products at the best prices!

Have a healthy, happy and scintillating year ahead! Stay close to nature, stay blessed 🙂