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Time to Give Thanks to Those We Call Friends

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

God is Love (1 John 4:8)

Often, we find ourselves pulled into thinking about the negative things that may be happening in our lives or those of the people around us.  We all hear the stories on the news about earthly disasters, human suffering, and the generally murky outlook of the economy; these things can permeate our minds, bodies, and souls, if we let them.  God’s light shines in each of us and we may not always understand why the events in our lives happen, but we certainly know He does.  Let’s consciously refocus our energy and our thoughts on the good things happening around us – the things we see God in, or the people who give us, and others, hope.

Love thy neighbor as thyself (Roman 13:9)

This week, order something special for that person in your life who always knows what to say to make you feel better. The one you can call in the middle of the night, crying, who will answer and talk you through the anger, frustration, or sadness that recent events may have put you through. Take the time, today, to really reach out to them and give them back some of the peace that you have found through your friendship.

We have the perfect gift – it’s our Thank you Spa Bath Gift Basket Set, and it’s in stock!

This basket was created specifically for these special angels in our lives who help us remember that God has a plan for us and we must have faith in Him.  We have included everything your friend will need to pamper themselves.

Thank you Spa Bath Gift Basket Set includes:

  • Pampering Bath Tea
  • Pampering bath Tea refill
  • Bath Tea Pouch filled with lavender buds
  • Bath Tea Soaker tool
  • A Pink Rose- soap
  • A thank you bar of soap
  • Bath Scrunchie
  • Rose Top Flower

We can all use a reminder of God’s love for us when things are down.  So go ahead, send your friendly angel a special pampering gift to show your thanks – and do what you can to be that same light in another’s life.

Make Your Pet Look Like a Natural Star!

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

Save $$ Now on Anna Natural Pet Products

This is a special package deal brought to you through Purrinlot. You will receive everything needed to get started and make your pet look like a star!

The #1 Natural Grooming Line is ON SALE!

This entire line of pet products is Breeder developed and Veterinarian approved. You just can’t get a better product for your pet! Plus, it’s on sale for over 40% off AND you can get FREE Shipping!

You will receive:

  • 1- 12 oz Healthy Coat pH Shampoo
  • 1- 4 oz Healthy Coat Face and Body pH Shampoo
  • 1- 12 oz Healthy Coat pH Conditioner
  • 1 Hollywood for Persian Grooming BATH DVD
  • 1 It’s Show Time – Ringside edition Grooming DVD
  • 1 original Bath DVD for Persians and other longhairs
  • an an eBook- How to Groom your Longhair Persian (delivered via down loadable link)

You simply can’t beat this DEAL! Order your fully equipped Anna Designer Special today – and make your pet look like a star – naturally!

Sale ends soon – don’t miss out on this special 40% discounted offer!

Natural Organic Spa and Bath Products with a Christian Foundation

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

Castle Baths is a different kind of retailer than other spa and bath product shops.  We not only apply our Christian tenets to the products themselves, but also in our customer service approach. We feel that God is in all we do, and so we do what we can to be as gentle to the earth, our bodies, our customers, and our community, in a spirit of service.

All Natural Products

Our products are created with all natural, organic ingredients in order to eliminate one source of man-made chemicals that pollute the earth and our bodies on a daily basis. Our entire spa bath line are:

  • Natural, pure
  • Made to order, as fresh as possible
  • Vegan (except 3 goats milk soap bars)
  • Handmade (no machines or factories)
  • Shipped daily for shelf life
  • Never tested on animals
  • Created with Certified Organic and Wild Crafted Ingredients
  • Made with you in mind

Castle Baths offers a full line of Beauty Products, top spa products and therapeutic bath products, along with one of a kind spa gift baskets and designer natural pet products. We offer Pampering Beauty and lots of Hope to our customers!

Helping People through Service

Effective January 1, 2011: We wish to give  back some of our profits to our charitable causes.

We feel that the bank doesn’t need to hold money that people in need could use! This has brought us to the decision of donating to those in need.

Castle Baths Charities:

We receive lots (I mean LOTS) of request for charitable donations and giveaways….we really have to have them budgeted before we can help- if you have a charity of importance let us know and we can add it to our list to be reviewed.

Castle Baths gives back a bare minimum of 10% of our time, talents and tithe. Our staff is also given a full day each quarter Paid to offer their support within the community. For example: Racheal walks and donates her time to speak with neighbors and groups to collect donations for the troops each month, while Castle Baths pays for the postage and supplies needed to ship the items to the Soldiers. Here’s a note from one of our Support Our Troops groups:-)

Cat House on the Kings – Please visit and tour this site- it is incredible!

Animal Rescue – Animals need love, shelter and food- not a death sentence!

Save the Bay -Chesapeake Bay Foundation – this is where we live. We hope you’ll care enough to help a cause where you live. We help clean the bay up annually with this one.

Support Our Troops -Donated Items welcomed to send to our troops overseas- We ship monthly to our solider’s. Email Racheal Brennan for how you can help or call us 757-813-7891

MS Society – Owner, Laura Thomas was diagnosed with MS in January of 2009, what was once a walk to help has now become a part of Laura’s Life- literally:-) Go here to support! MS WALK RACHEAL for mom and others.

You have a choice in Bath and Spa Products

We know that you have a choice in where you buy your bath and spa products – we want to provide you with a guilt free, charitable option that you can be proud of and tell your friends about.  Help us to make a difference by donating to  a charity while you get your all natural, bath, spa, and beauty products from us!

Get Your Mother’s Day Gift Basket Now – Time is Running Out

Thursday, May 10th, 2012

Mother’s day is this Sunday!

Are you having a difficult time finding that ‘just right’ gift – we have the perfect choice!

For the woman who has everything – give the gift of beauty and pampering – a Castle Baths Spa Gift Basket.  There are several options for which scent and mood your Mom may like best.  We have our classic Jubilee scent for an energizing and revitalizing spa experience, our Sweet Dreams with lavender and vanilla will have her worries washing away down the drain.

Husbands, we have the perfect gift from you to your wife and the mother of your children – the Love and Passion gift basket may start you on making her a mother once more.  After a Happy Mother’s Day dinner, this basket can become an entire night of romance; a warm, relaxing bath soak in Passion Bath Tea, then after the kids are in bed, by silver candle light, you can use the Passion Massage Oil to get her in the mood.











Make this Mother’s Day Memorable with a Gift Basket from Castle Baths.

Pamper Her for Mother’s Day with a Spa Gift Basket

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

Pamper Your Mother this Mother’s Day!

Your mother is a special woman – after all, she gave you life!  Celebrate her wisdom and sacrifice to bring you into the world this Mother’s Day with a special Spa Gift Basket, just for her.

Give her something special this year that reminds her how much you care and how thankful you are to be a part of her life, and she a part of yours. What could be better than a gift of relaxation and pampering? This year, send the Spa without the appointment, with a Spa Gift Basket in her favorite Castle Bath Aroma.

Special Deal on ALL Spa Gift Baskets between NOW and Mother’s Day 2012 – Get 20% Off!!

The Love Basket is a favorite for this holiday – make the Mother of your children feel like a woman again with the aromatic scent of Lavender, Sandalwood and Rose.

The Love Spa Gift Basket contains:

Get your Mom something special this year – from Castle Baths!

Tired of Trying to Remove Tear Stains from Your Pets Face?

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

Easy, Tearless, 3-Step Process to Beautiful Faces

No More embarrassing stained faces.

Professional Breeders choose Anna tear stain remover trio because:

1. Saves them money (it actually works)
2. 100% safe (no antibiotics- no chemicals)
3. Gives them the advantage in the ring!

Before and After Photos!






Before Treatment






After Tear Stain Remover

Even Vets Refer us as the BEST Choice Solution in tear stain removing.

This tear stain remover is the worlds leading Breeder preferred and Breeder referred natural tear stain remover system for both cats and dogs on the market today! Why- BECAUSE IT REALLY WORKS!!

Chemical and Antibiotic FREE! No Need to worry about chemicals near your Pets eyes! or antibiotics harming your Pets liver!

Large Tear Stain Remover trio contains:

– 12 oz face/body shampoo
– 12 oz face wash
– 8 oz large grooming powder

See our video demonstration for how to use the Tear Stain Remover for proven results.  Click here for even more information about other Anna Natural Pet Products!

Give the Gift of Prayer and Peace

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

The struggle of our daily lives often leaves us feeling disconnected from the world around us and from our Higher Power.  God brings so many blessings into our lives, including the feeling of being connected to Him. This feeling is easily overpowered by the stress and rush of our busy work and personal lives.  Use this gift to bring that feeling back to your life or that of your family and friends.

Get reconnected with God in a peaceful, relaxing way. All our products are hand made using the natural ingredients that God has provided for us.  This prayer basket brings the benefits and aromas of Jasmine, Lavender & Grapefruit, three very powerful ingredients that relax, replenish, and reconnect you with His love.

Gift Basket includes:

6oz Prayer Massage Oil
6oz Prayer Hand & Body Lotion
Small Tub
Gift Basket

The Prayer Hand & Body Lotion as well as the Prayer Massage Oil are both great for dry, normal, and combination skin; the peaceful aroma will put your mind at ease while making your skin smooth and soft.

Bring mind and body closer to the heart of God with a Prayer Gift Basket today!

Treat Yourself to Complete Relaxation

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

Are you tense? Over worked? Stressed out? Don’t worry! We have just the thing for you! Our Castle Baths Classic Sweet Communion Gift Bag. This wonderful array of products is scented with a perfect blend of therapeutic grade Lavender and Ylang Ylang Essential Oils,which is sure to help you melt all of your stresses away and balance your mind, body, and spirit.

This Gift Bag includes:

  • Sweet Communion Body Wash
  • Sweet Communion Hand & Body Lotion
  • Sweet Communion Massage Oil
  • Gift Bag

This Sweet Communion Gift contains natural ingredients and natural nutrients that will feed your body, besides the aromatherapy benefits that will soothe, relax, and calm.

Our Sweet Communion Moisturizing Natural Body Wash is the perfect solution after a long hard working day, after the gym, or even when you are at play. It will cleanse your skin without harsh chemicals, it is detergent free, and is great for all skin types: oily, dry, or sensitive.

All natural, handmade Sweet Communion Hand and Body Lotion with Certified Organic Shea Butter contains Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Organic Rose Hydrosol, Sweet Certified Organic Almond Oil, Certified Organic Jojoba Oil, and Organic and Wild Crafted Essential Oils. This amazing lotion has been created to help conquer dry skin, unsightly age spots, stretch marks, and body wrinkles, while creating a protective balm for your skin.

Our Sweet Communion Massage Oil and its aromatherapy element, encourages relaxation and relief from daily stresses, and relief from charlie horses. You can use it for massage, or just to rub on elbows, feet, sore muscles or dry patches of skin.

Relaxing has never felt this good! Do yourself a favor, and don’t wait any longer to experience complete and total relaxation! Order yours today! You will be glad you did!

Are Your Feet Getting The Love They Deserve?

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

Pamper your feet today with our Castle Baths Natural Foot Bath Salts Gift Set. This array of products will definitely please your feet, while awakening your mind, body, and soul.

This amazing Gift Set includes:

Our Bathsheba all natural Foot Bath Salts have a foot-drenching infusion that will cool and relieve your swollen, weary feet, while helping to reduce pain and inflammation, and melt away tension.

Sweet Communion Mineral Foot Bath Salts are ideal for soaking tired, sore feet. Restful feet are happy feet! This wonderful product has similar properties to the Bathsheba, but also moisturizes and detoxifies your feet.

Jubilee Mineral Foot Bath Salts will help to energize your feet and put the bounce back in your step! This product is ideal for itchy, dry feet, and even Athletes Foot. They will reduce redness and irritation of the bridge, heel, and toe joint areas, reduce soreness, and feed your skin with nutrients and minerals.

Sweet as candy, leaving your feet even sweeter…yet adding no calories to your diet! Our Castle Baths Spearmint Foot Scrub Candy is perfect for scrubbing, exfoliating, and moisturizing all in one. These little candies are very helpful for softening your heels, and are deliciously scented with Spearmint Essential Oil for a little aromatherapy while you soak.

Our feet do so much for us…so do something nice for them. Treat your feet like royalty, and order your Natural Foot Bath Salts Gift Set today!! Your feet will thank you.

Missing the Passion this Valentine’s Day?

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

Whether you need to spice up your romance, or you are just starting one…we can help!

Don’t worry! We have the perfect solution for you! Pamper yourself or your loved one with our Castle Baths Passion Gift Set. This gift set is ideal for bringing the romance back into your life, and will help you remember those romantic sensations. Scented with a perfect blend of sandalwood, lavender, and rose, this product will incite your ‘loving feeling’ and make you yearn for more.

This Gift Set includes:

  • Passion Hand & Body Lotion
  • Passion Massage Oil
  • Gift Basket
  • Loofah

Our natural Passion Hand and Body Lotion’s scent combination is specifically for robust passionate sensations. It will leave your skin protected, soft, silky and attractive, while preserving your skins hydration.

Our Passion Massage Oil will nourish your skin, and has the natural antioxidants that your skin craves.


Order your Passion Gift Set today! Her body will thank you!