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22 Top naturally disinfecting essential oils

Friday, September 26th, 2014

essential oilsWhen it comes to staying clean and killing germs, there are two main types of cleansing products you can use: those formulated with synthetic detergents, and those that are formulated with naturally disinfecting essential oils. Though detergent-based soaps and cleansers tend to dominate the market today, choosing cleansers that achieve their disinfectant properties with pure essential oils may be the better choice for you in the long run.

essential oil lemonIn the days prior to the invention of synthetic detergents, essential oils were considered a staple ingredient in the soap making process because so many oils possessed naturally occurring disinfectant properties. The essential oils of lemon, lavender, and eucalyptus, in particular, all have strong antibacterial, antiseptic, antiviral, and antifungal properties.

While synthetic detergents do effectively kill germs, they also spread their chemical-derived ingredients all over the area you’re trying to clean. This becomes a particularly problematic side effect when the area you’re trying to clean is your body, as almost all synthetic detergents are quite drying to skin, and can also induce allergic reactions in some people with sensitivities to their chemical ingredients.

Naturally disinfectant essential oils, on the other hand, can be just as effective at removing harmful bacteria and other grime from your skin without drying it out or causing you to experience allergies. In fact, many disinfecting essential oils also help replenish your skin’s natural moisture and oil as an added bonus.

natural soap - lavenderIf you’re interested in making the switch to essential-oil-based soaps and cleansers, here is a list of some of the top disinfecting essential oils to look for when comparing ingredients.

disinfecting essential oilsYou can take advantage of these naturally disinfecting essential oils by purchasing any of our natural soaps or purchasing these oils in pure form to create your own natural air freshener spray.

Essential Oils for Greater Healing and Beauty

Thursday, April 25th, 2013

If you’re interested in aromatherapy, you likely already know that long before the days of mass-marketed pharmaceuticals, essential oils played a vital role not only in the fragrance industry, but also in healing – as they were used as natural, herbal remedies for many common ailments.  A fact of which you may not yet be aware, however, is that almost all of the folk traditions surrounding the use of essential oils for healing purposes have scientific evidence to support their herbal claims.

essential oil peppermintIn fact, many essential oils serve as the active ingredient (under a different name) in many over-the-counter and prescription medications. For example, the essential oil of peppermint is used in the prescription digestive aid Colperin, and many other drugs intended to treat indigestion (ever wonder why Peptol Bismol tastes minty?)

Though industry regulation prohibits anyone from claiming that essential oils can cure, prevent, or treat any injury or illness completely, there are many oils in addition to peppermint oil that have been shown to have beneficial effects on the human mind and body when applied topically or through steam inhalation. If you are interested in experimenting with essential oils for folk remedies, this chart of common essential oils for folk medicine should help you decide which ones you may wish to try.

One of the many reasons so many essential oils have been shown to be beneficial to health is that nearly all of them have disinfectant properties. So the next time you want to eliminate a foul-smelling odor from your home, instead of reaching for that aerosol can of chemical-based air freshener, you may wish to try making your own natural spray with one or more of these disinfecting essential oils.

Essential oils also make great natural skin care solutions. When used topically, they can help normalize troubled skin, help reduce the appearance of cellulite or wrinkles, and give your skin a golden glow unmatched by any synthetic body moisturizer. Additionally, essential oils will not linger in your skin’s deep layers and/or clog your pores as synthetic cosmetics so often do  (and if they do remain in your system to some degree after accomplishing their aromatherapy purpose, there’s no harm to you, as they are infusing your body with natural vitamins and moisture – not chemicals.)

If you are interested in learning more about the healing powers of essential oils, consider scheduling an aromatherapy massage with a local aromatherapist. Not only will it feel great, but it will give you the opportunity to discuss your aromatherapy goals with a professional and discover which oils you should try using at home. Who knows? He or she may even recommend you purchase your essential oils from Castle Baths!

Bath Essential Oils – Castle Baths’ Holiday Gift of Pureness

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

Spa and bath products store Castle Baths offers a great range of pure and exquisite essential oils. These essential oils  are made of natural plant extracts and include no additives and harmful chemicals. We say perfect to give away as holiday gifts! For a relaxing aromatherapy session at home itself, pure essential oils work wonders.

Essential oils are known for their therapeutic effects and add a lot to the bath. These work wonders against many skin problems and also helps cure headache. Apply the spa product externally, add to your bath or just take a sniff. The pleasant smell, direct from the nature, exposes your senses and uplifts them to a newer level. Essential oils are also a great remedy to fight body odors So are you ready to spread the fragrance around this holiday?

Remember not to use the essential oils at spa products store internally.

Pure Lavender Essential Oil- From France!

Pure Lavender Essential Oil available at Castle Baths spa products store has a very pleasant floral, natural scent. Best for the treatment of dry and itchy skin, the spa product reduces acne too. Made with the finest and the highest grade therapeutic oils of nature, direct from the high mountain tops of France.

So get your bottle of magical essential oils from Castle Baths and let the nature take over your senses.

Common Essential Oils used in Aromatherapy

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

Essential oils find a profound use in the relaxing and tranquilizing Aromatherapy sessions. It would not be wrong to say that are the backbone of aromatherapy in the true sense of the words! These are basically therapeutic oils found in various plant parts such as flowers, seeds, bushes and roots. The natural essential oils play a cardinal role in dealing with our physical, physiological and spirtiual troubles.

There are a number of natural essential oils that find wide utilization in the realm of aromatherapy. However, there are certain essential oils that are used more often than the others. A few of the most common essential oils and their uses have been listed below:

Lavender – No doubt, it is one of the most commonly used essential oils and finds wide application in treating rheumatism, neuralgia, stomach disorders, migraine and muscular pains.
Eucalyptus – It is considered as the ultimate healing oil, courtesy its excellent therapeutic properties. It is used to treat respiratory infections, sinuses, fever and abnormal skin conditions.
Lemon – It finds tremendous application as a cure-all for common ailments. It is used to treat depression, appetite decline, hangovers, sore throat, cough and congestion.
Tea Tree – It is used to treat chicken pox, colds, cold sores, migrane, insect bites, spots, warts and urethritis.
Peppermint – Peppermint is renowned world over for its cooling and refreshing properties. It finds a wide application in the treatment of ailments that include indigestion, nausea, toothache, headache and sore throat.
Rosewood – It has an all-enticing floral smell and is used to treat acne, dry skin, stretch marks, stress, headache, flu and fever.
Citronella – It finds tremendous application in treating oily skin and excessive perspiration. Besides, it is also used to treat fatigue and headache.

These were the most popular and prominent essential oils that standout among their other counterparts in the realm of aromatherapy. For buying finest organic essential oils, visit Castle Baths , an online spa and bath products store. Browse through a wide range of spa products that include body moisturizers, massage oils, bath salts, Dead sea products, face treatment products and many more.

Pure Essential Oils for Valentine’s – Gifts That Nurture

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

Thinking of a unique Valentine gift this year? Our pure essential oils are a great option if you want some nourishment for your love on Valentine’s. Essential oils are good for all kinds of things. Not only are they therapeutic, relaxing and refreshing, but great for meditation, healthy and beneficial. Spa products particularly use the soothing quality of essential oils to great effect. Essential oils are extracted from plant leaves, fruits, flowers, roots or bark. The process of extracting essential plant oils needs no synthetic additions – it’s all natural!

Castle Baths has a range of essential oils that you can choose from and get that perfect Valentine’s present for someone special. They have been extracted from different varieties of plants. The essential oils of black pepper, chamomile, and coriander, Eucalyptus, frankincense, ginger, juniper, lavender lemon and peppermint are essential oils available from Castle Baths. With pure essential oils, you can gift a spa-at-home experience to your loved ones.

Essential Oils – A hint of nature!

Essential oils offer soft skincare and renew the shine of the skin. The essential oil of geranium rose available at Castle Baths, helps smooth fine lines and wrinkles, while the essential oil of bergamot is relaxing, refreshing and uplifting, typically used for troubled or oily skin types to cleanse the skin. So why not have let her or him renew and rejuvenate this Valentine’s?

Choosing essential oils can be a tricky business, as there are many types of oils, even from the same plant! Choosing oils is rather like choosing a good wine.

For the day of love (Valentine’s), essential oils are definitely a unique gift option. The charm of relaxing with your love will be greater with nature’s blessing. Get her or him the natural essence today!