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CB’s gift services program makes spa gift basket selection easier than ever!

Monday, October 20th, 2014

Last week, we talked about a few of the reasons why you might not want to wait until Black Friday to do your holiday shopping, and gave you a few incentives for sending someone a spa gift basket if you find yourself idea-less on what to get them this year for the holidays. This week, we’ll be continuing our theme of pre-Black Friday holiday gift giving, and will be introducing you to our gift services program, which makes finding the perfect gift for everyone on your holiday list easier than ever!

What is Castle Baths’ Gift Services Prorgram?

gift services

Our gift services program is a new service we’re offering for anyone looking to send our spa products and spa gift baskets to a large and diverse group of people. Examples of this include businesses who want to send each of their employees or clients something special, or if you’re planning a wedding or other special event and want to send everybody a thank you for attending.

How our gift services program is different from buying in bulk

If you know exactly what you want to get for everybody on your gift giving list, and you’re ok with sending everybody the exact same thing, then, yes, you could just order one of our products or baskets in bulk. But what if you don’t know what to get, or you want to send something unique to each person on your list that’s tailored to his or her personal likes and dislikes?

That could take some time, and chances are you don’t have it. That’s where our gift services program comes in. We’ve conducted extensive research on which of our products and scents appeal most to various demographics, and, when you order through our gift services program, we’ll share that expertise with you to help you find the perfect gift for everyone on your list quickly, and even create custom spa gift baskets for you!

When you order spa gift baskets through our gift services program, the sky is the limit. You can mix and match scents, products, and accessories, or just leave everything to us and relax knowing that everyone on your list will love what we send them.

How to sign up for our gift services program

Click here to learn more about how to create and send custom spa gift baskets using our gift services program.


Spa Gift Baskets and Other Unconventional Father’s Day Gifts from Castle Baths

Thursday, June 6th, 2013

It’s hard to believe it’s going to be Father’s Day in only a week and a half. It feels like it was Mother’s Day just last weekend, so we at Castle Baths certainly can understand if you’re behind on your efforts to find a father’s day gift. “What should I get, and where?” you may be wondering as you shop around frantically. “Power tools?” “Clothes?” Aren’t those what everybody gets their dad for Father’s Day?

If you’ve been looking for a unique and unconventional Father’s Day gift, have you considered a spa gift basket from Castle Baths? You probably haven’t, and, like a lot of people, consider spa gift baskets to be firmly in the realm of feminine gifts, but you may be surprised to learn that Castle Baths attracts a fair number of male customers too!

dead sea anti-aging spa gift basketSpa products and spa gift baskets for men are a growing trend in the natural bath and body industry, as more and more men come to realize the value of a good moisturizing and skin care routine. To meet this growing demand, Castle Baths has singled out numerous products likely to appeal to men, and particularly so, to dads. You can view them all on our gifts for dad page. (Be sure to check out our Bay Rum Soap, which has been very popular among men who remember it as the scent of classic downtown barber shops.)

dead sea salt soapWe’re also offering two special deals available until Father’s Day (June 16.) Our Dead Sea Anti-Aging Spa Gift Basket is on sale at 30% off our regular price, and we’re offering FREE guest-size bars of our Dead Sea Salt Soap with all purchases over $25.

We at Castle Baths wish you a very happy Father’s Day, and encourage you to treat dad to something special this year.

New Exclusive Mother’s Day Gift Baskets Available from Castle Baths

Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

If you haven’t visited Castle Baths recently, you may wish to do so, as we are offering two new, exclusive Mother’s Day Gift Baskets, both of which are on sale for 20% off! In fact, we’re offering ALL our spa gift baskets at a 20% discount until the last Friday before Mother’s Day (May 10.)

Our two new Mother’s Day gift baskets aren’t just random collections of natural spa products either. The spa products and aromatherapy scents we have chosen for each of our Mother’s Day gift baskets are the result of our extensive research into which products and scents different demographics of mothers actually prefer and use. For example, our new Sweet Escape Gift Basket contains a collection of our Sweet Dreams spa products, which have been proven to appeal to young (Gen. Y) mothers. Our Enchanted Evening Gift Basket, on the other hand, contains a collection of our Bathsheba products, which have proven extremely popular with mothers of adult children.Mother's Day gift basket sweet escape

The idea behind our Sweet Escape Mother’s Day gift basket is that its recipient, as a young mother, is likely to have children aged 2 through school age. As such, the only peace and quiet she may find throughout the day may be in the confines of her bathroom. So, we thought we’d help turn that bathroom into a luxurious spa retreat where she can relax and remember, “I exist!” Sweet Dreams, as our relaxing and soothing aromatherapy blend, in addition to being our most preferred scent among young mothers, accomplishes this goal quite nicely.

Mother's Day gift basket enchanted eveningOur Enchanted Evening Mother’s Day gift basket is intended for moms who are trying to avoid the dreaded “empty nest” feeling. After caring for children for 18 years with little to no time to consider her own needs, she probably needs help remembering how to pamper herself, and how to feel sexy and beautiful. Bathsheba, our mature romantic aromatherapy scent, seemed the most appropriate choice to accomplish this task, especially given that it is also the most preferred scent among mature mothers.

Don’t worry, we haven’t neglected expecting mothers! Our New Mom Gift Basket is filled with natural spa products from our Passion aromatherapy line to help expecting mothers and mothers of newborns feel sexy again.

Mother's Day gift basket new momWe’re even offering you the opportunity to win one of our Mother’s Day Gift Baskets for FREE! Our Sweet Escape Gift Basket is our featured gift basket for our Mother’s Day Giveaway! Just follow the instruction on our giveaways page for how to enter (it’s free to sign up) and learn how you can increase your chances of winning by engaging with Castle Baths via social media.

Castle Baths is pleased to be able to offer you these exclusive Mother’s Day Gift Baskets for all stages of motherhood. Order yours today and have it well in time for Mother’s Day!

Time to Give Thanks to Those We Call Friends

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

God is Love (1 John 4:8)

Often, we find ourselves pulled into thinking about the negative things that may be happening in our lives or those of the people around us.  We all hear the stories on the news about earthly disasters, human suffering, and the generally murky outlook of the economy; these things can permeate our minds, bodies, and souls, if we let them.  God’s light shines in each of us and we may not always understand why the events in our lives happen, but we certainly know He does.  Let’s consciously refocus our energy and our thoughts on the good things happening around us – the things we see God in, or the people who give us, and others, hope.

Love thy neighbor as thyself (Roman 13:9)

This week, order something special for that person in your life who always knows what to say to make you feel better. The one you can call in the middle of the night, crying, who will answer and talk you through the anger, frustration, or sadness that recent events may have put you through. Take the time, today, to really reach out to them and give them back some of the peace that you have found through your friendship.

We have the perfect gift – it’s our Thank you Spa Bath Gift Basket Set, and it’s in stock!

This basket was created specifically for these special angels in our lives who help us remember that God has a plan for us and we must have faith in Him.  We have included everything your friend will need to pamper themselves.

Thank you Spa Bath Gift Basket Set includes:

  • Pampering Bath Tea
  • Pampering bath Tea refill
  • Bath Tea Pouch filled with lavender buds
  • Bath Tea Soaker tool
  • A Pink Rose- soap
  • A thank you bar of soap
  • Bath Scrunchie
  • Rose Top Flower

We can all use a reminder of God’s love for us when things are down.  So go ahead, send your friendly angel a special pampering gift to show your thanks – and do what you can to be that same light in another’s life.

Get Your Mother’s Day Gift Basket Now – Time is Running Out

Thursday, May 10th, 2012

Mother’s day is this Sunday!

Are you having a difficult time finding that ‘just right’ gift – we have the perfect choice!

For the woman who has everything – give the gift of beauty and pampering – a Castle Baths Spa Gift Basket.  There are several options for which scent and mood your Mom may like best.  We have our classic Jubilee scent for an energizing and revitalizing spa experience, our Sweet Dreams with lavender and vanilla will have her worries washing away down the drain.

Husbands, we have the perfect gift from you to your wife and the mother of your children – the Love and Passion gift basket may start you on making her a mother once more.  After a Happy Mother’s Day dinner, this basket can become an entire night of romance; a warm, relaxing bath soak in Passion Bath Tea, then after the kids are in bed, by silver candle light, you can use the Passion Massage Oil to get her in the mood.











Make this Mother’s Day Memorable with a Gift Basket from Castle Baths.

Pamper Her for Mother’s Day with a Spa Gift Basket

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

Pamper Your Mother this Mother’s Day!

Your mother is a special woman – after all, she gave you life!  Celebrate her wisdom and sacrifice to bring you into the world this Mother’s Day with a special Spa Gift Basket, just for her.

Give her something special this year that reminds her how much you care and how thankful you are to be a part of her life, and she a part of yours. What could be better than a gift of relaxation and pampering? This year, send the Spa without the appointment, with a Spa Gift Basket in her favorite Castle Bath Aroma.

Special Deal on ALL Spa Gift Baskets between NOW and Mother’s Day 2012 – Get 20% Off!!

The Love Basket is a favorite for this holiday – make the Mother of your children feel like a woman again with the aromatic scent of Lavender, Sandalwood and Rose.

The Love Spa Gift Basket contains:

Get your Mom something special this year – from Castle Baths!

Give the Gift of Prayer and Peace

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

The struggle of our daily lives often leaves us feeling disconnected from the world around us and from our Higher Power.  God brings so many blessings into our lives, including the feeling of being connected to Him. This feeling is easily overpowered by the stress and rush of our busy work and personal lives.  Use this gift to bring that feeling back to your life or that of your family and friends.

Get reconnected with God in a peaceful, relaxing way. All our products are hand made using the natural ingredients that God has provided for us.  This prayer basket brings the benefits and aromas of Jasmine, Lavender & Grapefruit, three very powerful ingredients that relax, replenish, and reconnect you with His love.

Gift Basket includes:

6oz Prayer Massage Oil
6oz Prayer Hand & Body Lotion
Small Tub
Gift Basket

The Prayer Hand & Body Lotion as well as the Prayer Massage Oil are both great for dry, normal, and combination skin; the peaceful aroma will put your mind at ease while making your skin smooth and soft.

Bring mind and body closer to the heart of God with a Prayer Gift Basket today!

Are Your Feet Getting The Love They Deserve?

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

Pamper your feet today with our Castle Baths Natural Foot Bath Salts Gift Set. This array of products will definitely please your feet, while awakening your mind, body, and soul.

This amazing Gift Set includes:

Our Bathsheba all natural Foot Bath Salts have a foot-drenching infusion that will cool and relieve your swollen, weary feet, while helping to reduce pain and inflammation, and melt away tension.

Sweet Communion Mineral Foot Bath Salts are ideal for soaking tired, sore feet. Restful feet are happy feet! This wonderful product has similar properties to the Bathsheba, but also moisturizes and detoxifies your feet.

Jubilee Mineral Foot Bath Salts will help to energize your feet and put the bounce back in your step! This product is ideal for itchy, dry feet, and even Athletes Foot. They will reduce redness and irritation of the bridge, heel, and toe joint areas, reduce soreness, and feed your skin with nutrients and minerals.

Sweet as candy, leaving your feet even sweeter…yet adding no calories to your diet! Our Castle Baths Spearmint Foot Scrub Candy is perfect for scrubbing, exfoliating, and moisturizing all in one. These little candies are very helpful for softening your heels, and are deliciously scented with Spearmint Essential Oil for a little aromatherapy while you soak.

Our feet do so much for us…so do something nice for them. Treat your feet like royalty, and order your Natural Foot Bath Salts Gift Set today!! Your feet will thank you.

Regenerate and Renew Your Spirit

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

Castle Baths Aromatherapy classic, Jubilee, is an all natural, chemical and detergent free collection, that allows you to Energize, Revitalize, Renew, and Reinvigorate your body, mind, and spirit. Mixing the aromas of Sweet Grapefruit and Energizing Bergamot, the Jubilee Body Wash and Body Mist Combo, is a perfect gift for yourself and everyone else. Jubilee is the perfect product to get your day off to a bold start!

This Spa Gift Basket includes:

  • 8 oz Jubilee Body Wash
  • 6 oz Jubilee Body Mist
  • Scrunchie

The absence of all chemicals and detergents in our Jubilee Body Wash creates a lather free experience that cleanses your skin and leaves it wonderfully soft and fragrant.

With Castle Baths Natural Organic Spa products, you can enjoy Pure, Handmade, Made to Order products that are created with certified organic and wild crafted ingredients, and are specially tailored with you in mind.

Go ahead!…Treat yourself or someone else to this amazing gift today!

Appreciate Your Friends this Holiday!

Thursday, December 22nd, 2011

Sometimes the holidays can be tied up with family gatherings and traditions, but our friends matter, too. We, at Castle Baths, have unique and thoughtful ways to make sure your friends know you appreciate them during this holiday season. Our True Friendship Basket is a great way to make them feel pampered.

This great offer includes several products:

Sweet Communion contains lavender and ylang-ylang, which are great for helping to relax after a long day.  What better way to show you care than to provide the gift of relaxation?

Great for formal or informal gatherings!
formal holiday
Go ahead and let the friends in your life know you’re thinking of them!