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Energizing Bergamot & Pink Grapefruit Aromatherapy Spa Products: Jubilee

Castle Baths' energizing Jubilee aromatherapy blend is made with the essential oils of bergamot and pink grapefruit to produce a citrus-scented "wake up" aroma you'll never forget! Jubilee is by bar one of CB's most popular scents, loved by men and women of all ages and ethnicity. Buy now!

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foot cream - bergamot pink grapefruit

Luxury Mineral Foot Cream - Jubilee Pink Grapefruit Bergamot


gift bag - beramot grapefruit

Jubilee Gift Bag


bath salt conditioning soak

Dead Sea Salts CONDITIONING Soak - Jubilee Pink Grapefruit Bergamot

bath salts dead sea jubilee

Dead Sea Bath Salts for the Soul - Jubilee Pink Grapefruit Bergamot

foot salts - bergamot pink grapefruit

Dead Sea Mineral Foot Bath Salts - Jubilee Citrus Peppermint


bath tea grapefruit bath tea grapefruit

Herbal Bath Tea - Jubilee


body lotion mist - bergamot pink grapefruit

Body Lotion Mist Spray - Jubilee


body mist spray - bergamot grapefruit

Natural Body Mist - Bergamot Pink Grapefruit - Jubilee


massage oil - bergamot pink grapefruit lime

Massage Oil - Jubilee


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