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6 Helpful Skincare Tips during Pregnancy

Pregnancy comes with all sorts of issues, and there are many things that moms-to-be have to go through. From morning sickness to putting in a lot of weight and other more annoying problems like changes in your skin, there are endless things that you are likely to encounter.

Skincare during pregnancy might not be your top priority, but you still need to look good. And the hormonal changes also mean that your skin will require even more care during the nine months than usual.

Whether it is an acne flare up or some nasty stretch marks, the probable "skin issues" are endless. But, what matters most is to know how to give your skin the best care during the nine months. And with the tips below, pregnancy skincare should be less stressful for you.


#1 Cleanse Often and Thoroughly

The hormonal changes that come with pregnancy will cause different reactions to different women. While some ladies will get that beautiful pregnancy glow, many others may develop some nasty pimples all over the face. Regardless of what happens to your skin, it is essential to cleanse it thoroughly and do it often. Cleansing helps to ensure that the problem does not get worse by keeping the pores open. Also, getting rid of makeup is also helpful as it can make the skin problems worse.

#2 Get Enough Sleep

Although ladies will blame their not so good looking skin to the hormonal changes, sometimes it is just because they are not getting enough sleep. Getting a comfortable sleep position with your growing belly is not always easy, but this is not enough reason for you not to get the rest that you need. Even with the excess fatigue that results from pregnancy you still need to sleep enough because this is the time that your body can rejuvenate. In doing so, it will also help to repair the damaged cells in your skin to keep it in good shape.

#3 Keep Away from Too Much Sun

Did you know that your skin is more sensitive to the sun during pregnancy? Yes, it is a fact, and so one of the most fundamental skincare during pregnancy tips is to avoid exposing your body to too much sun. But, this does not mean that you are free to use too much sunscreen because the chemicals in these products can cause more harm than good and some are not safe for your pregnancy.

The best advice would be to find some shade any time you are outside, and if you want some sun, you can get it early in the morning as it is not very intense. And also make sure that whatever sunscreen you buy is pregnancy friendly and it contains zinc oxide.

#4 Exercise

Exercise is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you think about skincare during pregnancy, but it is also helpful. If you keep your body in good health through exercises, your skin will also remain in good shape throughout the pregnancy.

Exercises will encourage blood circulations and nutrients to move to your skin and help to keep it looking healthy. And as you do your pregnancy safe workouts you can also include body and facial massages to improve blood circulation which is also vital for the health of your skin.

#5 Maintain a Healthy and Balance Diet

Diet also plays a crucial role in skincare. Just like the rest of your body your skin also needs proper nutrition to remain healthy and to fight off common problems like acne. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables to ensure that you are getting all the right nutrients into your system. And by doing this, you will also be guaranteeing that your body remains in good shape.

But, as you plan your diet you should also talk to an expert for advice on the best diet chart for pregnancy. Also, do not forget to take OTC prenatal vitamins as they will help to bridge any diet deficiencies during your pregnancy.

#6 Use Some Body Oil

Stretch marks are most ladies biggest skincare or beauty concern during pregnancy. But, it is worth knowing that in most cases they are hereditary and you do not always have to get them during your pregnancy.

However, it is still good to assist your stretching skin and take precautions to prevent them by using body oil. Sweet almond oil is an example of good body oil that you can use to prevent stretch marks. There are many others, but it is essential to talk to your doctor before using one. And when applying them, focus on the breast, belly, and hips because they are the most prone to getting stretch marks.


Taking care of your skin during pregnancy will make you feel good and also ensure you will have fewer skin issues to deal with after childbirth. With the six tips above it should also not be hard for you. But, the most important things are to stay hydrated, maintain a healthy diet, take your prenatal vitamins and avoid exposing your skin to a lot of sunlight and chemicals.