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become a castle baths wholesaler

Become a Castle Baths Wholesaler – Sell Our Products in Your Establishment

Are you looking for a creative way to boost business at your establishment? If you own and/or operate a business in the beauty, animal care, medical/therapy, or event planning industries, chances are we can help you grow your profits and build your reputation as an up-scale establishment.

How, you ask? …By selling Castle Baths’ handmade spa and bath products or Anna Designer Pet grooming products in your facility.

Our Current Wholesale Spa and Bath Product Order REQUIREMENTS:

  •  Current and valid Tax I.D. number
  •  Minimum initial wholesale order is $300.00 wholesale cost
  •  Minimum wholesale re-order is $200.00 wholesale cost

For wholesale pricing, please fill out the wholesale contact form below. Questions? Take a look at some frequently asked wholesale questions.


Select the industry or profession that best describes your business to learn more about how we can help you grow your profits

wholesale beauty professional wholesale animal care professional wholesale health professionals wholesale event planner

Wholesale Opportunities for Beauty Professionals

If you are the owner of a spa or salon, or a practicing aesthetician or cosmetologist, we know you work hard to keep your clients looking their very best. So we'd like to help you in your efforts by giving you the opportunity to offer our natural spa and bath products to your clients. Whether you offer our products for resale, use them in the performance of your services, or both is up to you.

For example, if you would like to offer your clients a facial mask they can use during the winter, when common masks such as clay masks would dry out the skin, consider trying our Dead Sea Mud Mask. It is non-drying. In fact, it actually moisturizes very well. Additionally, Dead Sea Mud has the ability to deep-cleanse the lower layers of the skin where ordinary cleansers can't reach.

We also offer both salt-based and sugar-based Body Scrubs, so you can be sure to have an exfoliant on hand for any skin type - even sensitive skin!

If you're looking for something to offer your clients for home beauty treatments, consider our Hand and Body Lotions, Body Mists, Body Butters, and Foot Lotions. Our Body Lotions, Mists, and Foot Lotions, in addition to being handmade, completely natural moisturizers, also have been scented with pure essential oils to give each a different aromatherapy benefit.


Wholesale Opportunities for Health Professionals

If you’re in the health and skin care business, we’d love the opportunity to partner with you in helping your clients relax and enjoy healthy, beautiful skin.

If you’re a massage therapist, you may be interested in our aromatherapy massage oils. Our massage oils are nut-free, non-greasy, and made entirely from organic ingredients. Whether you use them during the performance of your services or resell them for home use, they are sure to delight your clients and help boost business at your facility.

If you’re a dermatologist, you may be interested in our Tre’Yours line of natural anti-aging skin care products. The Tre’Yours line includes body scrubs, facial creams, spa soaps, mud masks, and more! We use only the highest quality organic and wild-crafted ingredients in the formulation of our Tre’Yours products, to include Dead Sea Mud, Jojoba Oil, Dead Sea Salt, Aloe Vera, and many others. Offer these luxurious home spa products to your clients when helping them to develop a home skin care regimen, and chances are, you’ll keep them coming back for more!

If you’re an aromatherapist, and would like to offer a wider variety of essential oils during client sessions, consider purchasing your oils from us.


Wholesale Opportunities for Animal Care Professionals

If you're in the animal care business, our Anna Designer Pet line is sure to be popular with your customers. Developed by top Purrinlot Breeder of Persian Cats Laura Thomas, the Anna Designer Pet line is a collection of natural pet grooming products, formulated for show-quality results.

If you're a veterinarian, you may be interested in our soap and shampoo bars that have been formulated to relieve:

  • Hot Spots (in dogs).................................................................. Hot Spot Shampoo Bar for Dogs
  • Chin Acne (blackheads).............................................................. Chin Acne Bar
  • Itchiness................................................................................ Oatmeal Itch Relief Bar
  • Stud Tail Grease (in long-haired cats and dogs)............................. Stud Tail Bar

These products, in addition to our Anna Designer Pet Large Face Trio, are already extremely popular with veterinarians and breeders in Europe.

If you're a breeder, and especially if you're a breeder of long-haired cats or dogs, you'll almost certainly want to offer your customers a Breeder Kit with their new kitten or puppy. The Anna Designer Pet Breeder Kit includes 10 three-piece sample-sized sets of our Anna Designer Pet Tear Stain Remover Trio, along with 10 a $5 off coupon for each customer to use when ordering more Anna products. Be ready when your next prospective buyer asks you what you use to groom your prize-winning kittens or puppies. This is, of course, assuming you've tried our Anna Designer Pet Trio for yourself. So, if you haven't, you may want to try it before your next appointment in the ring. You won't be disappointed. 

Also, consider reselling some of our professionally-made DVDs on Persian cat grooming for additonal profits and customer loyalty.

If you're own or run a pet grooming business, you can impress your customers by bringing Fluffy or Rover back absolutely spotless! When they ask how you managed to get their pets' fur so completely clean, soft and silky, tell them about our Tear Stain Remover and Stud Tail Bar Soap, and offer to sell them some of each. Or, if you prefer, just use them yourself when grooming your customers' pets and keep our products as your secret ingredient for success.

You may also wish to purchase some of our Persian cat grooming DVDs as instructional videos for your staff or to resell to your customers.


Wholesale Opportunities for Event Planning Professionals

Do you own or operate a boutique specializing in pre-packaged gift baskets? Are you a wedding planner or other event planner? If so, consider reselling our one-of-a-kind natural spa gift baskets in your facility.

If you prefer to make and sell your own gift basket, we offer wholesale pricing on individual products for you to use in your own baskets.

We also occasionally get requests by wedding and event planners for soap bars to give away to all those attending - often made to match whatever color scheme has been chosen for the event. If you are interested in purchasing spa products to give away as gifts or prizes at an event, we are happy to accomodate you.


To Learn More About Wholesale Opportunities at Castle Baths:

Please fill out the form below. Be sure to include:

  • Your Name
  • Business Name
  • Business Address
  • Business City
  • Business State
  • Business Zip
  • Tax I.D. Number
  • Phone Number
  • E-mail Address
  • Web Address

Please let us know which products you are most interested in, as well as if these will be for resale,  spa use, or both. Our products are packaged and priced differently depending on which option you choose.

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