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Skin Care Article Directory

Here at Castle Baths, we don't sell; we educate. We actually care about you, your life and want to try and help you with whatever skin care concerns, aromatherapy needs, or general life worries brought you to us. We care about your safety and want to make sure you have access to quality, truthful information on skin care ingredients so you'll know which natural ingredients to look for in your skin care purchases, and all the chemicals and synthetic ingredients you'll want to avoid.

Think of this page as your personal skin care and aromatherapy encyclopedia. If there's a skin care issue that we haven't addressed yet and you'd like us to heelp you find the answer, please let us know! Be sure to check back often too, as we're continually adding new articles to our directory.

Articles About Skin Care

Birth Defects and Personal Care

Pregnant or trying to conceive? Know the facts about YOUR personal care products and cosmetics, which may contain ingredients linked to birth defects and cancer.

7 Helpful Skincare Tips during Pregnancy

7 Helpful Skincare Tips During Pregnancy - easy yet important.

Choosing the Best Moisturizer for Dry Skin

Not all moisturizers are created equally. Some work better than others for certain skin types or during a particular time of year. Find out which moisturizer will work best for you!

Cracked Heels

Do you have cracked heels? Do your friends or relatives? Cracked heels are actually often nothing more than severe cases of dry skin, and as such, can be soothed with the proper foot care regimen using natural skin care ingredients.

Detox Skin Care Solutions

Toxins are everywhere these days, even in the air we breathe. When toxins get into your pores conditions like acne, or generally dry, dull-looking skin can arise. That's why you need a good detox skin care regimen you can use regularly to keep your skin soft and silky.

Enlarged Pores? Three Natural Pore Minimizer Solutions

Nothing short of cosmetic surgery can actually shrink pore size, and any cosmetics company claiming to offer an over-the-counter product to do so is likely to get themselves in a lot of trouble with truth in advertising laws. However, there is much you can do to make your pores much less visible just by using the right natural skin care ingredients.

Essential Oils for Skin Care

Essential Oils aren't just great for aromatherapy purposes. Many actually have beneficial skin care properties too. Find out which ones will work best for your skin in this table of essential oils for skin care.

Free e-book: 6 Superfoods for Skin

Discover these 6 superfoods for skin and how they can work together to give you the anti-aging and skin soothing results you need, especially if you've had or are considering having cosmetic surgery.

Free White Paper: Once Upon an Uglier Time

Meet Janet and learn how she discovered two face creams made with natural ingredients that actually worked for her sensitive skin when so many others had failed or even made things worse.

How to Apply a Dead Sea Mud Mask

Learn how to properly apply a Dead Seea Mud Mask to achieve optimal detox and deep cleansing skin care benefits.

How to determine your skin type

There are five skin types recognized by the beauty and dermatology industries. Do you know which one you have? If not, find out by doing this simple and easy test.

How to Have Beautiful Skin

Do you have cellulite? There is no cosmetic treatment short of surgery that can actually remove cellulite, but there is much you can do to reduce its appearance and get silky smooth skin just in time for that big social event coming up.

How to Make a Homemade Body Scrub

Learn how to make a homemade body scrub using natural ingredients like Dead Sea Salt, essential oils, and more!

How to Make Skin Glow

Get glowing skin just in time for summer when you follow this skin care regimen using only natural products made with organic and wild crafted ingredients.

Living with Rosacea: Natural Skin Care Solutions

Do you have Rosacea. You might and not even know it, as the early symptoms of Rosacea are often mistaken for other skin ailments. Learn what you can do to help soothe your skin when you feel it flaring up.

Natural Sunburn Treatment

Sunburned? Follow these steps to soothe your skin and fight the free radical buildup that occurs when UV light burns your skin. Untreated chronic overexposure to sunlight and sunburns can lead to more serious skin ailments later in life.

Seasonal Skin Care Tips for Winter

Winter can take its toll on your skin both by virtue of it being cold outside and the numerous sources of artificial heat people use to stay warm indoors. Find out what you can do to keep your skin hydrated during the winter months.

 Skin Care After Chemo

Read this before getting a spa gift basket for your friend or loved one who has undergone Chemo. There are facts about how Chemo affects the skin that you need to know before selecting a spa gift.

Summer Skin Care Tips

Beat the heat with these summer skin care tips to keep your skin hydrated and protected from the sun.

Toxins in the Body Explained

Toxins can build up in your skin over time, clogging your pores and resulting in dull, dry, and generally unhealthy looking skin. Learn what causes toxins to accumulate in your skin and what you can do to remove them.


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