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Interested in our Auto Ship Program?

Running low on your face cream? Castle Baths can help you make sure you never run out! Just sign up for our auto ship program, and we’ll have a new shipment already in the mail for you whenever you start to run out of your favorite natural bath and spa products! You'll also receive a discount off our regular retail price for using our auto-ship program.

auto ship

The frequency with which we ship your refills is entirely up to you!

Just call or e-mail us and tell us whether you would like your refills shipped every week, every other week, every month, etc.If you're not sure how often you'll need a refill, just ask us for a recommendation.

We’ve tested all our products ourselves to determine how long each is likely to last you if you follow the schedule and use the amounts we recommend. For example, if you use the recommended amount of our Avocado Corrective Face Cream each day, it should last you approximately six weeks. When you get down to your last week’s worth of product, we’ll go ahead and put a refill in the mail to you so that it will arrive before you run out.

What if I run out sooner, or need to change my payment info?

But, of course, we understand that life doesn't always go as planned, and you may find yourself running out of your favorite spa and bath products sooner than you expected. For example, if you get a bad sunburn at the beach or you develop an outbreak of Rosacea, you may need to use more face cream than you ordinarily would. Or, if you have toddlers and they manage to get into your supply of Dead Sea Bath Salts and spill half the jar, chances are you'll need a refill sooner than later, which is why we've made it easy for you to change any or all of your auto-ship settings.

How to change your refill frequency and other auto-ship settings

It only takes one e-mail or phone call to sign up for our auto-ship program, and it only takes one e-mail or phone call to change your auto-ship settings. Just let us know if you need something sooner than you originally specified, or if you want to decrease the frequency of your refills because you have more than you need. You can also change your payment information, shipping information, and add or delete products from your auto-ship list the same way - just let us know and we'll take care of everything for you!

We are currently offering the following products for our auto ship program:

  • Anna Designer Pet Face Wash
  • All face creams
  • All eye creams
  • All soaps

Depending on customer demand, we may offer additional products for auto shipping in the future.

To sign up for our auto ship program, please call (757) 788-8157.