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Sweet Communion Herbal Salt Bath Tea

For many of us, the day begins with the tea’s aroma while for a lot others, it acts as an essential kick. Those aromatic leaves which hold the key to rejuvenation, now, not only relieves your senses but also the entire body. Castle Baths classic Sweet Communion Herbal Salt Bath Tea is an assortment of herbs, milk and herbal salts, infused with organic essential oil of Lavender along with its buds for complete body rejuvenation.

Just as a whiff of the bath tea rises your spirits, soaking your body in the pool of aromatic assortment will relax you thoroughly making you feel fresh and energized. Completely herbal, such bath teas were used by the pharaohs as a cure for skin ailments like eczema, acne, dermatitis, psoriasis , flaking and dandruff etc.

A way of herbal aromatherapy, Castle Baths Sweet Communion Herbal Salt Bath Tea gives you a complete rejuvenation relieving you from aching muscles and sore body parts.

Sweet Communion Herbal Salt Bath Tea: Simply Indulge!

Love thy body and indulge in the herbal extravagance. Castle Baths Sweet Communion Herbal Salt Bath Tea promises to refresh your senses and body with its herbal aromatic ingredients. Just soak yourself and re-energize your spirit. Bathe the Cleopatra way!

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