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Dead Sea Bath Salts: most popular aromatherapy blends and staff picks

If you enjoy taking long hot baths complete with scented bath salts don’t settle for those cheap salts you see in the bath and body departments of large box stores! All bath salts are not created equally, and you tend to get what you pay for. Commercial bath salts that use Epsom salt as their primary ingredient can be quite drying to the skin. They may also be scented with synthetic fragrance oils (which can cause headaches in some people) rather than pure essential oils.

There’s no getting around it. If you want a real luxury bathing experience, you need to use pure, authentic Dead Sea bath salts. The act of bathing in the waters of the Dead Sea has been regarded as a luxurious indulgence for centuries, and with good reason. The waters of the Dead Sea have demonstrated unique regenerative powers in numerous scientific studies.

Dead Sea Salt in particular has been proven scientifically to help with aches and pains, as well as reduce the likelihood of stiffness after exercising. Dead Sea Salt is also extremely helpful for detox purposes, as it helps remove impurities from your skin’s pores while feeding your skin with much-needed minerals. Dead Sea bath salts that have been scented in essential oils carry the additional aromatherapy benefits that can range from resting a headache to aphrodisiac properties. It all depends on which essential oil blend you choose.

Some of our most popular aromatherapy bath salts

Castle Baths offers a wide selection of bath salts, all of which are made with pure, authentic Dead Sea Salt imported from the Dead Sea. Below are some of our customers’ favorites, as well as our personal staff picks:

bath salts sdSweet Dreams Conditioning Soak (staff pick) – our Sweet Dreams Conditioning Soak combines the rejuvenating powers of Dead Sea Salt with the moisturizing power of Unrefined Cocoa Butter and the relaxing aromatherapy benefits of our proprietary Sweet Dreams essential oil blend (combining the essential oils of lavender and vanilla) for a truly exceptional bathing experience! These sweetly scented salts will help put your mind at ease while conditioning your skin to help you achieve that coveted silky smooth look – perfect for a late evening bath just before going to bed!

dead sea salts - prPrayer Dead Sea Bath Salts for the Soul – the very first Castle Baths aromatherapy spa products ever created, this floral fruity bath salt blend has been a hit from the very beginning, and has grown in popularity each year since. Originally formulated to ship with Castle Baths founder Laura Thomas’ spiritual memoir How to Have Purr-fect Faith, Even at a Cat Show in an effort to entice people to read the book, this aromatherapy bath salt remains a staple for anyone who, like Laura, loves to meditate and pray while taking a long relaxing warm bath.


green tea infusion bath saltsGreen Tea Infusion Dead Sea Bath Salts – when it comes to detox, this Dead Sea Salt blend means business. It combines the detox powers of pure, authentic Dead Sea Salt with the high antioxidant content of organic green tea to help purify your skin of pollutants without having to go on risky diets or undergo expensive spa treatments. Green tea also delivers uplifting and cheering aromatherapy benefits – a truly rejuvenating bath salt from Castle Baths’ Exotic Earth spa line!


bath salts - eucalyptusSexy Eucalyptus Bath Salts (staff pick) – Remember when we said that some aromatherapy blends have aphrodisiac properties? Case in point right here! We call this blend “Sexy Eucalyptus” for a reason. Both men and women love its sexy, stimulating aroma – perfect for a bath for two! Also, if you’re feeling under the weather, our Sexy Eucalyptus Bath Salts have shown to be helpful in opening up all your senses and helping you feel more revived. Containing nothing but pure authentic Dead Sea Salt and the essential oil of eucalyptus, this aromatherapy bath salt is simple yet amazingly effective!

Do you have a favorite Dead Sea bath salt or aromatherapy scent? Tell us! We may just feature your story in our next blog!

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