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Can a bar of natural soap replace your morning cup of coffee?

The act of drinking a cup of coffee first thing in the morning to wake ourselves up has become so ingrained in many of us that it’s created an entire industry. Your average cup of joe is no longer just a cup of joe with options of black, cream, or sugar. Now, thanks to businesses like Starbucks, the average person is confronted with an almost overwhelming number of choices when it comes to ordering coffee, from lattes to iced coffee, to Frappuccinos®.

But, as many who have tried such beverages can attest to, it’s quite easy to develop a coffee addiction. If your coffee of choice happens to be of the fancy, flavored varieties only served at restaurants and coffee shops, you may find your addiction can rapidly burn a hole in your wallet. Of course, there are other caffeinated beverages besides coffee from which to choose, but not everybody is excited about the idea of drinking tea or soda with breakfast. So what can you do if you’re trying to cut down on your addiction and/or save money by reducing your number of visits to the barista?

Have you ever considered whether your morning shower could replace your morning cup of coffee? No, we don’t mean a cold shower. We’re talking about the wide variety of energizing natural soaps out there that you might not know about. These soaps are made with naturally invigorating ingredients such as rosemary, spearmint, eucalyptus, grapefruit, and yes… coffee.

Here are a few staff picks from the handmade soap crafters at Castle Baths:

natural soap - lavender rosemary1. Lavender Rosemary Spa Body Soap

This Lavender Rosemary Spa Body Soap from Castle Baths’ Tre’Yours natural skin care line is made with the highest quality essential oils of rosemary and lavender for a refreshing, invigorating, minty aroma that is sure to wake you up and inspire you to get going. It’s also made with Fair Trade Cocoa Butter, which makes it great for irritated or sun damaged skin.

eucalyptus spearmint natural soap

2. Eucalyptus Spearmint Natural Soap

The Eucalyptus Spearment Natural Soap by Castle Baths’ Exotic Earth bath products line is made with the fresh, energizing essential oil of eucalyptus for a stimulating yet not overpowering aroma that is sure to delight your nose and wash away any lingering mental fog.

3. Cellu Coffee Bar

The Cellu Coffee spa soap from the Tre’Yours line is made with real coffee grounds and coffee butter for an authentic coffee scent and all of the energizing benefits of its natural caffeine content intact. The fresh coffee grounds gently exfoliate your skin and also stimulate your skin as well as your mind – great for sagging or uneven skin.

These soaps should last you several weeks if not months, so when you factor in the number of daily lattes you won’t need to buy over that time period, these soaps more than pay for themselves.

natural soap replace coffee

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