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Find your perfect scent with this aromatherapy quiz!

Have you been thinking about trying aromatherapy spa products, but you aren’t sure which scent you should try first? You’re not alone. One of the main questions our customers tend to ask us is, “Which scent is right for me?”

To answer this, we’ll usually ask them some basic information like their age group, what they’re hoping to achieve via aromatherapy, and how they’re currently feeling. Then, we’ll make a few suggestions based on their answers.

But if you’re not the type to delve into your innermost feelings and life problems over the phone, we have another solution for you to find out which scent would best suit your personality and needs. Just take our aromatherapy quiz.

The quiz:

aromatherapy scents1. I am:

A. Female B. Male

2. I am between the ages of:

A. 18-29 B. 30-40 C. 40-55 D. 55+

3. I most enjoy the aroma of:

A. Vanilla B. Fruit C. Geraniums D. Roses E. Lavender

4. I struggle with:

A. Insomnia B. Tiredness/lethargy C. Womanly woes (ex: PMS) D. Stress

5. I want to try aromatherapy in order to:

A. Sleep B. Wake up C. Relax D. Feel sexy/romantic E. Meditate

6. I consider myself a(n) ________________ person.

A. Restless B. Unmotivated C. Moody D. Sensual E. Spiritual

rose scent

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