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Castle Baths auto ship program keeps you well stocked on all your favorites

janet ebookcastle baths auto shipYou may remember Janet, the heroine of our free e-book: Once Upon an Uglier Time…, who came to Castle Baths for help after suffering a severe allergy-based case of eczema when the face cream she had used for 35 years underwent a formulation change. As you may recall, Janet tried expensive creams from the mall and supposedly natural ones from health food stores, but nothing would soothe her burning skin until she discovered Tre’Yours skin care line, fell in love with our avocado oil based formulations, and became a lifelong customer, living happily ever after.

Janet is indeed a real customer and her story is true, but until now we haven’t revealed what happened to Janet after she made the switch to Tre’Yours other than concluding with the ambiguous, cliché fairy tale ending, “happily ever after.” Today, we will finally share the details and logistics of how Janet maintains her happily ever after as a Castle Baths customer.

Janet is a member of our auto-ship program. At least we like to consider her a member. Our auto-ship program is new so we can’t technically list her shipping arrangement with us as being part of the program, but she did in fact inspire us to offer such a program. Before Janet, no one had ever requested to be regularly resupplied with one of our products. Now, whenever she needs a refill, she simply calls us and we ship her favorite Tre’Yours products to her using the billing and shipping info we have on file for her.

Our new and improved auto ship program eliminates even the need to call us before your refill is shipped. Now, you only need to contact us once to set up your auto-ship account and select which products for which you would like to receive regular refills.

auto ship details

We invite everyone to check out our auto ship page to see which products are currently being offered for auto-shipping and the details for how you can sign up and get discounts on your favorite Castle Baths products by placing them on auto-ship.

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