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Earn discounts on pet grooming supplies, spa products, and more by referring your friends

Monday, December 15th, 2014

cats and dogs

Castle Baths’ refer-a-friend program is well-suited to dog and cat breeders, and others too!

Carla the dog breeder (name changed) gives out a sample Anna Designer Pet Breeder Kit, which includes a $5 Castle Baths coupon, with every one of her new puppies. The people who buy from her almost always ask her what she uses to feed and groom her puppies because they know her reputation as an award-winning breeder, and want to ensure that they continue the exact same care regimen she uses.

This action, along with providing all the required veterinary records for each of her puppies every time she makes a sale, and her already stellar reputation in the dog breeder community would be more than enough to convince anyone that she is a good, ethical breeder – someone who cares more about the health and safety of her puppies even after they leave her care than she does about any profits she might make from each sale. But, Carla doesn’t stop there.

Once her buyers leave, she logs onto her computer and inputs her buyers’ e-mail addresses into the Refer-a-Friend form on Castle Baths’ website so they’ll know where to go to buy more Anna Designer Pet grooming supplies. By using Castle Baths’ refer-a-friend feature, she ensures that her buyers will have yet another discount waiting for them when they get home, and, once they buy their first refill, she’ll get a discount too.

It’s a win-win situation, and one that’s not exclusive to dog and cat breeders.

Castle Baths’ refer-a-friend feature makes it easy for anyone to earn discounts by referring friends and family, whether they buy pet grooming products, spa products, or a gift basket for someone else.

All you need in order to start earning discounts by referring your friends and family through our refer-a-friend program is:

  1. A Castle Baths customer account (creating one is easy)
  2. A list of your friends’ and family’s e-mail addresses

phoneThat’s it! You’re all done, and once the people you referred places an order, you’ll get your discount.

Click here to learn more about our refer a friend program and how you can earn up to 30% off your next Castle Baths order!






Top Persian cat grooming tips to avoid the dreaded “lion cut”

Sunday, December 7th, 2014

persian catWhen not participating in cat shows, many Persian cat breeders choose to give their cats a “lion  cut” to reduce the amount of grooming each cat requires, or to keep them cool during the hot summer months. But, given that it’s close to winter now and cat show season is coming up, you’ll probably want to do all you can to keep your cats’ fur in pristine condition.

But how do you accomplish this if you’re not already a professional cat groomer?

Award-winning breeder of Purrinlot Persian cats, Laura Thomas, has a few tips for you. Once an internationally-known breeder of grand champion Persians, Laura has since retired from actively breeding cats and now offers her expertise to others interested in grooming their cats like a pro.

Laura’s tips on how to groom your Persian cat

Click here to read Laura’s top Persian cat care and grooming secrets.

Laura’s top Persian cat care tips include information on the best cat grooming supplies to use, which types of cat shampoos work best, how diet affects your cats’ fur, and much more!

purr-fect bath for persians and other longhairs dvdThese cat care and grooming tips aren’t exclusive to Persians either. They are intended for all longhaired cat breeds.

For even more tips by breeder Laura Thomas on how to get your cat looking show-quality, check out these cat grooming DVDs, featuring step-by-step instructions on how to give your Persian or other longhaired cat a bath, how to remove tear stains, and much more!

Though some cat owners choose a lion cut for their cats simply because they like the way it looks, there’s no reason you have to do so to if you don’t care for that particular style. Just be sure to maintain your cats’ coats regularly using these cat care and grooming tips.


These grooming tips are also great for dogs:

 dogs chihuahua dog

Who is Anna? How one cat inspired a pet grooming supply line

Thursday, June 26th, 2014

anna - purrinlot

Since we don’t typically feature our Anna Designer Pet products in our blog, you may be wondering, “Who is Anna?” and “What exactly is so special about her and the Anna Designer Pet grooming line?”

Who is Anna?

Anna, more formally known as GRC Purrinlot Anna’s Gift made cat breeding history when she became the  first ever blue-eyed bicolor Persian Grand Champion worldwide. Prior to Anna, it was considered genetically impossible for a bicolor Persian cat to have any eye color other than copper. So when breeder Laura Thomas approached the Persian Breed Council,  the governing authority for determining pedigrees in Persian cat shows, with her dream of a blue eyed bicolor Persian, she was met with ridicule.

“Even if such a cat could exist, you would never be able to register at any professional cat show,” breeders and cat show judges told her repeatedly. “Since bicolor Persians can only have copper eyes, it would be illegal to show a blue-eyed bicolor Persian.”

Despite the ridicule, Laura never wavered in her faith that God would one day make her a blue-eyed bicolor Persian. Convinced that she would one day be blessed with such a cat, she set about the task of getting this supposedly “impossible” breed registered with the Cat Fancier’s Association and the Persian Breed Council so that when the day came that such a cat did exist, he or she could be legally shown.

purr-fect faith bookLaura’s dreams and efforts came to fruition in 1999 when the Cat Fancier’s Association officially recognized the blue-eyed bicolor Persian cat as a legitimate, albeit still hypothetical, breed, and then again in 2006 when Anna was born and taken on tour to various cat shows.

“During her champion show, each judge in ring after ring would pull out the rule book to check if her eye color was legal,” Laura recalls. “The expression on the judges’ faces when, to their astonishment, Anna’s eye color was indeed listed as legal, was priceless!”

Anna was crowned a grand champion, and the rest is history. You can learn more about Anna and Laura Thomas’s journey of faith through cat breeding in her inspirational autobiography How to Have Purr-fect Faith, even at a cat show.

The Anna Designer Pet Line

As any professional breeder will likely tell you, taking a cat to grand champion status takes more than just genetics. Winning cats need to be groomed impeccably so that they look flawless when they get judged in the ring. That’s where the Anna Designer Pet Line comes in.

cat shampoo trioFor years, Laura had been using natural grooming soaps and cat shampoos that she had formulated herself. These natural, handmade grooming products had several advantages over commercial grooming products of the day. They were detergent-free, and thus, could cleanse fur without stripping it or damaging ends. They were safe to use on kittens and around sensitive areas such as the fur around the eyes.

When Anna became a grand champion, Laura decided it was time to share her secret to success with the rest of the world. She took her natural pet grooming formulations to market, capitalizing on Anna’s newfound fame by naming the product line after her. The Anna Designer Pet grooming line quickly grew in popularity to become the number one breeder-recommended natural grooming supply line in the world.

The Anna Designer Pet Legacy

anna designer pet catalogToday, the Anna Designer Pet line remains one of the top breeder-recommended and veterinarian-approved natural pet grooming supply lines in the world, with retail representation across five continents.

If you’re a breeder, groomer, veterinarian, or businessperson, you too can become part of the Anna Designer Pet legacy by becoming a wholesaler for the brand. The application process to become an Anna Designer Pet wholesaler is easy and straightforward.

New pet care beauty tools and accessories available at Castle Baths

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014

New products, services makes tear stain cleanup easier than ever!

karla - before using anna designer pet tear stain remover trioWe typically focus our blog on our human products, but this week we’ll be discussing one of our most popular pet care products: our tear stain remover trio.

tear stain remover trioOur Anna Designer Pet Tear Stain Remover Trio is one of our most popular pet care products for a very simple reason: it works. It safely and effectively removes tear stains from puppies, kittens, and adult cats and dogs without the use of chemicals or drugs.

The Tear Stain Trio has three components: a face shampoo, a face wash, and a grooming powder. You can learn all about how and when to use each component in this free, informational white paper titled: Tear Stains, Their Causes, & How to Use Castle Baths’ Anna Tear Stain Remover Trio. You can download the white paper for free from its product page or from the Tear Stain Trio product page in the CB Product Perks section.

Since our free white paper is so detailed on the causes of tear stains and exactly when and how to use each Tear Stain Trio component, we won’t repeat ourselves by going into all that here. We would, however, like to draw your attention to a few new pet grooming beauty tools and accessories we’ve recently started offering as standalone products to help make using our Tear Stain Remover Trio even easier than it already is.

cleansing applicator padThe first new pet grooming beauty tool we’d like to introduce you to is this pack of cleansing applicator pads. These applicator pads are designed to work with our face wash to help you be more accurate when working near sensitive areas like around your cat’s or dog’s eyes. In addition to increasing your accuracy when applying our face wash, these applicator pads offer the following benefits:

  • Each pad measures 2.25 inches (57.2 mm) making each large enough to hold comfortably yet small enough to work in and around  sensitive, detailed areas.
  • Each pad is made from polypropylene and rayon so it shouldn’t shed the way cotton applicator pads sometimes do.
  • These pads can work the face wash deeper into your pet’s fur without causing irritation.
  • Each pad is disposable and offers a more sanitary means of washing your pet’s face. There are 100 pads in each pack.

pet grooming brushesThe next pet grooming beauty tool we’d like to show you is this pet grooming brush kit, which is a set of three grooming brushes designed to help you apply the grooming powder component of our Tear Stain Remover Trio so that there will be less fly-away powder and more thorough coverage. These brushes also offer the following additional benefits:

  • Each brush helps work the grooming powder deep within the fur so there is less dust when applying it.
  • Each brush is designed to pick up and hold powder so you can apply it exactly where you want it, and nowhere that you don’t want it.
  • Each brush is individually wrapped to ensure it is free of germs and contaminants, and is more sanitary to use than trying to apply powder with your fingers.

The last new tool we’d like to show you isn’t really a new product, as we’ve offered individual refills of our face shampoo, face wash, and grooming powder for as long as we’ve been offering our Tear Stain Remover Trio. Rather, it’s a new way of ordering refills. Castle Baths is now offering auto-ship services.

Our auto-ship program, in a nutshell, sends you refills of each component of your Tear Stain Remover Trio automatically whenever you’re running low so you never have to worry about ordering refills or running out. We know how many uses you should get out of each product if you follow its instructions, and when you sign up for our auto-ship program, we use that knowledge to keep track of how long it’s been since your last order so we can have a new supply already in transit by the time you realize you’re current supply is running low. You can learn more about the specifics of our auto-ship program, and additional products that qualify for auto-shipping on our auto-ship page.

You can also find out more about our new pet grooming beauty tools and accessories, as well as our auto-ship program in our tear stain white paper, so we highly recommend that you download a copy for yourself. It’s completely free and there’s no pressure to purchase anything. It’s purely informational.

We hope you enjoy our Tear Stain Remover Trio, pet care beauty tools and accessories, and our new auto-ship program!

Pamper Your Pet on the Road

Thursday, June 28th, 2012

Does your pet go everywhere with you? Or maybe they are show pets?

My gift, Anna, was sent to me by God, and it is in His name (and Anna’s) that I created Anna’s Natural Pet Product Line.  Anna is one-of-a-kind; she is the very first blue eyed bicolor Persian in the world. She deserved the best, and so I created the all natural, completely vegan pet line named after her.

Is this your pet or your friend and a gift from God?

My Anna is not just a pet – she is so much more. Those of us who love our pets deeply, as family members even, understand when others go out of their way to pamper their pets and give them the best that we can provide.  In that effort, I came across these beautiful bedding pillows that not only look gorgeous, but also keep your pets’ long hair from breaking! They are great to use at home or while traveling and even help to reduce shedding – so less hair to clean up.

Ivory- Satin Hydration Travel Pillow Bed Cover

ivory pillowUse the extraordinary Satin Hydration Travel Case where ever you go; it works wonderfully as a bed while traveling and at shows! Campaigners, Show Championship and Granding Exhibitors- this ivory satin hydration travel pillow bed cover bedding is a must!

  • Measures: 19 ¾ x 14”
  • Open slit for easy pillow insertion
  • Kissed with our signature satin bow detailing:-)

Black- Satin Hydration Pet Travel Pillow Bed Cover

black satin pillowIf you are showing or traveling with a long hair animal- most likely you do not want the coat to break! Regular bedding (especially cotton) pulls, breaks and thins your coat- satin does not. Use this black satin hydration pet travel pillow bed cover bedding at home or while traveling- great for both cats and small dogs.

  • Measures: 19 ¾ x 14”
  • Open slit for easy pillow insertion
  • Kissed with our signature satin bow detailing!


Make Your Pet Look Like a Natural Star!

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

Save $$ Now on Anna Natural Pet Products

This is a special package deal brought to you through Purrinlot. You will receive everything needed to get started and make your pet look like a star!

The #1 Natural Grooming Line is ON SALE!

This entire line of pet products is Breeder developed and Veterinarian approved. You just can’t get a better product for your pet! Plus, it’s on sale for over 40% off AND you can get FREE Shipping!

You will receive:

  • 1- 12 oz Healthy Coat pH Shampoo
  • 1- 4 oz Healthy Coat Face and Body pH Shampoo
  • 1- 12 oz Healthy Coat pH Conditioner
  • 1 Hollywood for Persian Grooming BATH DVD
  • 1 It’s Show Time – Ringside edition Grooming DVD
  • 1 original Bath DVD for Persians and other longhairs
  • an an eBook- How to Groom your Longhair Persian (delivered via down loadable link)

You simply can’t beat this DEAL! Order your fully equipped Anna Designer Special today – and make your pet look like a star – naturally!

Sale ends soon – don’t miss out on this special 40% discounted offer!

Natural Organic Spa and Bath Products with a Christian Foundation

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

Castle Baths is a different kind of retailer than other spa and bath product shops.  We not only apply our Christian tenets to the products themselves, but also in our customer service approach. We feel that God is in all we do, and so we do what we can to be as gentle to the earth, our bodies, our customers, and our community, in a spirit of service.

All Natural Products

Our products are created with all natural, organic ingredients in order to eliminate one source of man-made chemicals that pollute the earth and our bodies on a daily basis. Our entire spa bath line are:

  • Natural, pure
  • Made to order, as fresh as possible
  • Vegan (except 3 goats milk soap bars)
  • Handmade (no machines or factories)
  • Shipped daily for shelf life
  • Never tested on animals
  • Created with Certified Organic and Wild Crafted Ingredients
  • Made with you in mind

Castle Baths offers a full line of Beauty Products, top spa products and therapeutic bath products, along with one of a kind spa gift baskets and designer natural pet products. We offer Pampering Beauty and lots of Hope to our customers!

Helping People through Service

Effective January 1, 2011: We wish to give  back some of our profits to our charitable causes.

We feel that the bank doesn’t need to hold money that people in need could use! This has brought us to the decision of donating to those in need.

Castle Baths Charities:

We receive lots (I mean LOTS) of request for charitable donations and giveaways….we really have to have them budgeted before we can help- if you have a charity of importance let us know and we can add it to our list to be reviewed.

Castle Baths gives back a bare minimum of 10% of our time, talents and tithe. Our staff is also given a full day each quarter Paid to offer their support within the community. For example: Racheal walks and donates her time to speak with neighbors and groups to collect donations for the troops each month, while Castle Baths pays for the postage and supplies needed to ship the items to the Soldiers. Here’s a note from one of our Support Our Troops groups:-)

Cat House on the Kings – Please visit and tour this site- it is incredible!

Animal Rescue – Animals need love, shelter and food- not a death sentence!

Save the Bay -Chesapeake Bay Foundation – this is where we live. We hope you’ll care enough to help a cause where you live. We help clean the bay up annually with this one.

Support Our Troops -Donated Items welcomed to send to our troops overseas- We ship monthly to our solider’s. Email Racheal Brennan for how you can help or call us 757-813-7891

MS Society – Owner, Laura Thomas was diagnosed with MS in January of 2009, what was once a walk to help has now become a part of Laura’s Life- literally:-)

You have a choice in Bath and Spa Products

We know that you have a choice in where you buy your bath and spa products – we want to provide you with a guilt free, charitable option that you can be proud of and tell your friends about.  Help us to make a difference by donating to  a charity while you get your all natural, bath, spa, and beauty products from us!

Tired of Trying to Remove Tear Stains from Your Pets Face?

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

Easy, Tearless, 3-Step Process to Beautiful Faces

No More embarrassing stained faces.

Professional Breeders choose Anna tear stain remover trio because:

1. Saves them money (it actually works)
2. 100% safe (no antibiotics- no chemicals)
3. Gives them the advantage in the ring!

Before and After Photos!






Before Treatment






After Tear Stain Remover

Even Vets Refer us as the BEST Choice Solution in tear stain removing.

This tear stain remover is the worlds leading Breeder preferred and Breeder referred natural tear stain remover system for both cats and dogs on the market today! Why- BECAUSE IT REALLY WORKS!!

Chemical and Antibiotic FREE! No Need to worry about chemicals near your Pets eyes! or antibiotics harming your Pets liver!

Large Tear Stain Remover trio contains:

– 12 oz face/body shampoo
– 12 oz face wash
– 8 oz large grooming powder

See our video demonstration for how to use the Tear Stain Remover for proven results.  Click here for even more information about other Anna Natural Pet Products!

Pamper Your Best Friend this Holiday Season

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

Man’s best friend needs pampering, too!

During the holidays, we take time to be thankful for all the people in our lives and all the things we enjoy. One of the best friends we have is our pets! Don’t forget to grab them something nice for the Holiday, as well.

Pet Gift Baskets

We have put together some of our best pet products from our Anna Natural Pet Products line to give your pet the best Holiday present ever!

Our Pet Gift Basket

This incredible offering includes:

  • Anna Healthy Coat pH Shampoo
  • Anna Healthy Coat pH Conditioner
  • Anna Face Wash
  • Oatmeal Shampoo Bar
  • Treasure Basket

For the Dog Lover in You
This Pet gift basket of dog bones is a unique gift for all dog lovers! Each Bone is original size and shape and texture of a real dog bone! Each bar offers a great shampoo bath for your dog or any dog lover.

Set includes 4 bars- one of each:

  • Oatmeal
  • Extra Lather
  • Aloe Vera
  • Honey

Looking for something smaller? We have an assortment of our Designer Anna Natural Pet Products on sale this holiday season, so check them out!

Happy Holidays!

Dog Lovers Bath Gift Basket of Dog Bar Soaps – Deliciously Caring!

Friday, July 16th, 2010

This super cute Anna Natural Pet Products Gift Basket for dogs will surely have your doggy running towards the bathing area! Well when you have a bone dangling in the bath room can a dog resist it?

The dog lover shampoo baths are bar soaps molded in shape of dog bones and are their size and texture too! So you may have a hard time keeping your doggie from getting a bite of it. The Dog Lovers shampoo basket consists of 4 bones (read bar soaps) enriched with wonderful natural ingredients that are great for the fur and skin of the dog.

These make perfect gifts for dog lovers! And it’s not just the care but the oh-so wonderful scents. You may just turn yours or others’ dogs into a clean freak with the Dog bar soaps. But please stick to the vet’s instructions about bathing dogs. No matter how tempted the dog or you are!

Dog Bath Gift Basket – For the Love of Dogs

This pet bath gift is all natural and comes from Anna Natural Products for dogs so can be easily trusted. Anna natural products have been offering doggie and catty delights for a long time. From dog shampoos, to cat soaks, tear stain removers – Anna pet products are the best choice for cat and dogs products.

If you have a dog who needs a pampering once in a while then get the dog bone bar soaps now! The gift basket is priced at $19.95 and can be viewed at:

For more natural pet products from the leading brand, shop at:

The 4 bones bar soaps are great spa products for pets and those that they deserve unconditionally.