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Need a Refill?

Tuesday, January 20th, 2015

Castle Baths auto ship program keeps you well stocked on all your favorites

janet ebookcastle baths auto shipYou may remember Janet, the heroine of our free e-book: Once Upon an Uglier Time…, who came to Castle Baths for help after suffering a severe allergy-based case of eczema when the face cream she had used for 35 years underwent a formulation change. As you may recall, Janet tried expensive creams from the mall and supposedly natural ones from health food stores, but nothing would soothe her burning skin until she discovered Tre’Yours skin care line, fell in love with our avocado oil based formulations, and became a lifelong customer, living happily ever after.

Janet is indeed a real customer and her story is true, but until now we haven’t revealed what happened to Janet after she made the switch to Tre’Yours other than concluding with the ambiguous, cliché fairy tale ending, “happily ever after.” Today, we will finally share the details and logistics of how Janet maintains her happily ever after as a Castle Baths customer.

Janet is a member of our auto-ship program. At least we like to consider her a member. Our auto-ship program is new so we can’t technically list her shipping arrangement with us as being part of the program, but she did in fact inspire us to offer such a program. Before Janet, no one had ever requested to be regularly resupplied with one of our products. Now, whenever she needs a refill, she simply calls us and we ship her favorite Tre’Yours products to her using the billing and shipping info we have on file for her.

Our new and improved auto ship program eliminates even the need to call us before your refill is shipped. Now, you only need to contact us once to set up your auto-ship account and select which products for which you would like to receive regular refills.

auto ship details

We invite everyone to check out our auto ship page to see which products are currently being offered for auto-shipping and the details for how you can sign up and get discounts on your favorite Castle Baths products by placing them on auto-ship.

Spa points and other customer loyalty rewards throughout the years

Thursday, January 8th, 2015

2015 marks Castle Baths’ 10th anniversary! Check out these popular customer loyalty incentives we’ve offered throughout the years.

grey blue bow photo made from silkThere are generally two types of shopping experiences that you’ll remember: the really good ones, where you felt like everyone you talked to was genuinely interested in helping you find exactly what you needed even when you weren’t sure what your needs were, and the really bad experiences, where everyone made you feel pressured to buy yet none of them seemed to know very much about what they were selling.

You’ve probably experienced the latter more times than you’d care to admit, and so have we, which is why in 2005 when Castle Baths first opened its (virtual) doors, we set out to provide our customers not only with great natural spa and bath products, but also a great online shopping experience – complete with a knowledgeable, non-pushy sales staff ready to help you find solutions to all your skin care needs, and special offers and incentives to reward customer loyalty.

If you’ve shopped with Castle Baths before, then you already know what we’re talking about. If you haven’t, here are some of the most popular customer loyalty rewards we’ve offered over the years, as rated by our customers:

Spa Points – they work like real dollars!

spa points

The easiest way to explain our spa points program to someone new to Castle Baths is that it works like many of the popular credit cards offered today, where you can earn reward points on every purchase you make. We offer a competitive 5% cash back on every order to our registered customers.

Your spa points will never expire so you can collect as many as you wish and use them whenever you wish – collect enough and you can even earn yourself a free spa gift basket!

Free U.S. shipping and competitive international shipping rates

Castle Baths offers free shipping on all orders over $69.00, and competitive international shipping rates through USPS priority air mail. We can ship our luxurious spa and bath products, pet grooming supplies, and spa gift baskets all over the world, and to any location (including hospitals, apartments, hotels, and more!)

Our Refer-a-Friend Program

Input your friends’ and family’s e-mail addresses into our refer-a-friend form and earn up to 30% off your next Castle Baths order!

Free Samples

In a cosmetological clinicDespite some attempts to abuse the system over the years we remain committed to offering free samples of our products to anyone interested.  Our samples offer just enough of each product to test how each smells and feels, and to make sure you aren’t allergic to any of its ingredients (a very rare possibility since all of our ingredients are natural, but one we must consider for the sake of our customers’ safety.)

Click here to find a complete list of all the customer loyalty rewards and promotions we currently offer.

Get the latest natural and organic spa news

Tuesday, November 25th, 2014


… by signing up for Castle Baths’ e-newsletter

Are you the type who can never get enough spa and beauty news? Do you instantly gravitate to spa and beauty related magazines like American Spa or Cosmopolitan when sitting in a waiting room? Do you have a special interest in organic  and natural spa and beauty products and techniques?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, and you haven’t already signed up for Castle Baths’ e-newsletter, what are you waiting for? CB’s e-newsletter is 100% free, and will deliver the spa and beauty content you crave directly to your inbox!

How to sign up for Castle Baths’ newsletter

Signing up is easy! Just go to our newsletter signup page or our website footer and input your e-mail address into the form field “get exclusive spa discounts.” Then click “submit.”

That’s it! Your first e-newsletter should arrive within a few days so be sure to check your inbox and spam filters to make sure you get it. Plus, you will indeed receive exclusive spa discounts for being a newsletter subscriber.  Here’s how:

Signing up for our newsletter puts your e-mail address into our system. We routinely create special offers and discounts available exclusively to the people in our system. Signing up lets us know that you’re one of the people we should contact whenever we come out with a new offer or discount.

What you’ll find in our newsletters

Don’t worry! We offer much more than special offers and discounts in our newsletters. There’s some real skin care and beauty articles in the mix too. Some of the skin care and beauty topics our newsletters discuss include:

  • What you NEED TO KNOW when selecting a get-well spa gift basket for a chemo patient
  • Parabens – why we don’t use them and which ones to watch out for in synthetic products
  • The benefits of Vitamin C for Anti-Aging skin care

If you’re still hesitating, you should know that you can always unsubscribe quickly and easily if you decide you don’t like our newsletters (but we’re almost certain you will like them.) To unsubscribe, just click the unsubscribe link in the footer of every e-mail.

Ready to get started? Sign up for our e-newsletter here!

How to contact Castle Baths

Saturday, September 6th, 2014

castle baths - contact us

We love hearing from our customers! If you have questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

There are many ways you can engage with Castle Baths online. Feel free to talk to us on our various social media accounts (we even offer live chat customer service on Facebook.)

Some things you can do that are exceptionally helpful for us to better understand your needs and improve our service towards you and our other customers include:

  • Writing a review (we get plenty of raving reviews via telephone but if you use the “write a review” feature on our site for the product(s) you ordered, then everyone can see it too! Plus, we occasionally offer special deals and discounts to customers who review our products.
  • Liking, sharing, and commenting on our content via social media (if you love our products, please tell the world! If you have a question or concern, start a conversation with us and others online.)

We hope to hear from you soon!


New product catalogs from Castle Baths!

Friday, August 29th, 2014

classics cataloganna catalogexotic earth catalog tre'yours catalog


If you haven’t been to our catalog page recently, you may want to check it out. In addition to our updated and improved Classics line catalog, we’re now offering catalogs for our Exotic Earth and Tre’Yours lines, as well as a wholesale catalog and welcome kit for anyone interested in reselling our products.

Why download one of our catalogs?

Wondering why we bother offering downloadable PDF product catalogs when all of our products are available for purchase online? Here are a few reasons you may want to download one of our catalogs:

  • You can see and compare all of our products scented in a particular aromatherapy blend (ex: all jubilee products or all Bathsheba products) on a single page.
  • They give you something you can print out and take with you wherever you go, so you can tell all your friends and family about your favorite spa and bath products!
  • If you’re a wholesaler or have interest in becoming one, these catalogs give you something you can give out to your customers so they can see the complete product lines.

All of our PDF product catalogs are interactive so you can use them to order products just like you would use our website. Just click on the product you want and you will be redirected to that product’s page on our website, where you can purchase it.

Plus, these product catalogs don’t just sell; they educate – making it quick and easy to compare the skin care and aromatherapy benefits of each!

Natural vs. Synthetic Spa and Bath Products

Thursday, August 14th, 2014

about castle baths

Learn all about Castle Baths’ efforts to spread the word on the benefits of natural spa products.

There are two ways you can shop for spa and bath products. You can go to the nearest store and purchase whichever synthetically formulated products happen to be on sale, or you can try to find a retailer who deals in natural spa and bath products. Going to the nearest store and purchasing whatever happens to be on sale sounds easy enough, so why are so many people just like you opting to shop for natural alternatives these days?

For long-time Castle Baths customer Janet, it was the unpredictability of synthetic products that led her to make the switch.

A rich, creamy lather might sound appealing, but low-lather products are actually much better for your skin. The chemicals used to create the suds can be quite irritating and drying.

A rich, creamy lather might sound appealing, but low-lather products are actually much better for your skin. The chemicals used to create the suds can be quite irritating and drying.

“The face cream that I used for about 35 years from [a company] had a formula change, the raw materials had changed completely and within 1 week I got the worst case of severe allergic eczema on my face and neck. It burned so badly and peeled even worse so I was desperate to try to find a new face cream but I had no luck. I tried expensive ones from the mall and cheaper, natural ones from the health food stores and they all just made it burn and peel worse. My skin was so dry but if I put any moisturizers on, it just got worse. Until I found the Avocado [Face] Cream from Castle Baths… With no chemicals or alcohol and very few ingredients my skin started healing quickly and stopped burning and peeling almost instantly, the PH seemed perfect and my skin which now looks more moist, fresh and younger says THANK YOU CASTLE BATHS!”  – Janet

Whatever the reason you decide to switch to natural spa and bath products by Castle Baths, chances are once you do, you’ll never want to go back to using synthetics.

Natural, handmade luxury at a comfortable price

We once asked our office staff (many of whom are also loyal Castle Baths customers) if they could summarize what makes Castle Baths stand out in one sentence or phrase. The result we came up with together was, natural, handmade luxury at a comfortable price. We ended up using it as an alternate tag line next to our “Nourish. Indulge. Seduce.”™ because it so accurately describes how we:

  • handmade castle bathsUse only natural, certified organic, and wild-crafted ingredients to formulate our spa and bath products, to include luxury skin care ingredients like Dead Sea Mud and Dead Sea Salt.
  • Make all of our products by hand and hand-package them with the utmost care.
  • Use eco-friendly, cruelty-free business practices.
  • And deliver real aromatherapy benefits by using pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils.

Learn more about Castle Baths and the benefits of using our natural spa and bath products.


Search by skin type, scent, and more at Castle Baths

Thursday, August 7th, 2014

There’s almost always something new and exciting going on at Castle Baths! We’re continually updating our inventory with new products we’ve formulated based on customer feedback, and offering new sales and promotions.

To see what’s new at Castle Baths, just visit our home page. Here, you’ll find feeds of all our new products, as well as all our products currently on sale, so you never have to browse aimlessly to find what you want.

castle baths - new products

Our streamlined search and navigation menus now offer you the ability to search by scent or by skin conditions such as acne, dry skin, or sensitive skin, so you can easily find products that are safe and effective for your specific skin type and skin care needs.

skin type

You’ll also find our popular gift guide for all occasions on our home page, as well as newly launched live chat feature that allows you to chat with one of our experts so you can get your skin care and gift giving experts so you can ask and get answers to your skin care and gift giving questions in real time.

castle baths - chat

Come check out our new products and new site features so you can start enjoying better skin today!


Choosing the Right Clay Mask

Thursday, April 17th, 2014

If you’re one of the women (or men) who enjoys relaxing in a soothing and detoxifying clay mask, and/or you consider yourself a connoisseur of luxury natural spa products, you’re in luck. Castle Baths, the go-to online luxury spa boutique for many people just like you, is now offering a wide selection of natural clay masks just in time for you to get your skin in shape for the spring and summer months!

Castle Baths is offering 12 unique, luxurious clay masks to include a sandalwood mask, an oxygenating mask, and an anti-acne mask at some incredible introductory prices.

While you may be tempted to load up on all 12 while our introductory prices last, please note that your skin probably doesn’t need all 12 to achieve your skin care goals. So here’s a quick guide to what we’re offering and how each mask can help you.

This week, we’ll be discussing the first six masks. Look for information on our remaining masks in future articles.

  1. oxygenating maskOxygenating Mask – this mask is exactly what it sounds like – a mask that helps open up your skin’s pores so your skin can breathe easier. Your skin needs oxygen just like the rest of your body, but if your pores are clogged or you’re wearing tight or layered clothing, your skin might not be getting all the air it needs to look its best.
  2. Anti-Acne Mask – another self-explanatory mask – this mask is great for dealing with acne. It doesn’t just de-grease your pores. It also addresses other causes of acne such as your skin’s pH level. Try mixing this mask with our Rose Hydrosol to really tone and primp your skin and keep breakouts at bay!
  3. Sandalwood Mask – this mask is not a clay mask, but rather pure sandalwood powder, and is great for diminishing the appearance of wrinkles, and for general tightening and toning of your skin. It also functions as a mild exfoliator when you wash it off, leaving you with silky smooth, youthful-looking skin.
  4. gray raspberry maskGray Raspberry Mask – our gray raspberry mask not only helps detoxify your pores, it also helps feed your skin with the numerous minerals found in gray illite clay and the many vitamins contained within raspberry seeds.
  5. Soothing Sensitive Mask – if you have sensitive skin and/or your face constantly feels dry and itchy, this is the mask for you. It is made with a mixture of white and pink kaolin clay to provide soothing relief for your sensitive skin.
  6. Absorbent Mask – if you have oily skin but aren’t breaking out in acne (yet) this is the mask for you. This mask is made with red kaolin clay to absorb the excess oil on your face before it has a chance to clog your pores and cause a breakout.

Each of these masks can also be used as a body wrap. You can find detailed instructions on how to apply each of these masks as a facial mask or body wrap in the additional info tab on each product’s page.anti-acne mask

Also, don’t forget that Earth Day is coming up almost immediately after Easter so why not celebrate our planet in a unique way this year by putting a little earth on your face and see what amazing results you can achieve with natural clay masks!

New Online Shopping Experience Awaits Castle Baths Customers

Wednesday, April 9th, 2014

The next time you visit our website, you’ll be in for a huge surprise! We’ve completely redone our website to provide you with state-of-the-art e-Commerce features and a streamlined interface that integrates flawlessly with both desktop and mobile browsers. Next month, we’ll be updating our blog’s look and feel.

We always like to stay on top of the latest developments in e-Commerce so we can continue to provide our customers with the easiest and most enjoyable online shopping experience. Our new site allows customers to search by scent, find the best natural skin care products based on common conditions such as acne or anti-aging needs, and find the perfect gift basket for a variety of occasions.

We’ve also given our new site a more upscale, modern look and feel that’s more in keeping with the luxuriousness of our skin care and pet care lines.

Check out our new home page – home

After several months of development our new site is finally live and functioning! We invite you and all your friends and family to try it out and let us know what you think of the new look and feel, as well as any questions or concerns you may have.  We’ve tested our new site thoroughly and are fairly certain that our development team has removed any of the bugs that often plague newly launched websites. But, in the unlikely event that you find something not working or displaying as it should, please let us know so we can correct the issue as soon as possible.

As a thank you for taking the time to explore and evaluate our new site, we’re offering a 10% discount on ALL our merchandise (including Anna Designer Pet grooming products) starting today and continuing until Mother’s Day (Sunday, May 11, 2014.) Mother’s Day is coming up sooner than usual this year so we invite you to take advantage of this special offer while you can, and while you’re at it, why not check out our skin care and gifts for men pages to pick up something for Dad too (Father’s Day is only one month after Mother’s Day this year.)

Please visit and like our Facebook page to find the coupon code you will need to claim your discount. You may use the coupon code an unlimited number of times! So if you place five separate orders with us between now and Mother’s Day, you’ll receive 10% off every order! Feel free to share this news and discount with your friends and family as well so they too can take advantage of this incredible offer.

If you’re a returning customer, don’t worry, your Castle Baths account has been migrated to our new site so you can still use the same login and password, and you still have all your spa loyalty points!

We hope you enjoy our new website, and that you’ll take advantage of our discount while browsing.

Have fun exploring,

–          Laura Thomas
Owner, Castle Baths



All Christmas Orders Must be Placed by 12:00 PM EST Friday

Thursday, December 19th, 2013

For those of you who haven’t ordered yet and are wondering if there is still time to place an order with Castle Baths and have it arrive in time for Christmas, the answer is “yes” – most likely. However, all orders must be placed no later than 12:00 PM (noon) on Friday, December 20, 2013 if you want them to arrive in time for the Christmas holiday.

If you place an order between now and noon on Friday and the shipping address you specify is in the continental U.S., chances are you will receive your package in time for Christmas. If you do place an order with us, or have done so already, and you are wondering where your package is, please refer to our blog from last week on the shipping process and potential holdups. If you suspect your package was delayed, please give us a call at (757) 788-8157 and we will help you track it down.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays from Castle Baths!