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CB Splash is published by Castle Baths,  a natural skin care and bath products retailer of four proprietary brands not sold anywhere else online or in stores, with the exception of specialized gift shops and spas. CB Splash is an informational health and beauty industry magazine, not an e-Commerce store, so if you wish to receive samples of any CB products, please visit our parent site: Castle Baths offers a free sample with any order and also offers free shipping for orders $69+ plus free returns.

A word about donations

If you are looking for samples with the intent to use them as donation gifts, please be advised that CB’s samples are not really sized to donate. They are tester samples and contain only enough of a product to test its feel or scent. They are not for resale or gifting, and therefore are not worthy enough to offer as donations, place in gift bags, or offer as prizes for raffles.