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Dead Sea Brine Brings Out Natural Beauty

dead sea brineDead Sea brine, otherwise known as the water of the Dead Sea, is a component of many natural beauty and skin care products. As with almost all health products these days, you generally have a choice between natural and synthetic ingredients, although many products contain both.

It is the natural products that are generally regarded as being superior with respect to caring for your skin and hair, and Dead Sea brine is one of these. It gets its name for obvious reasons:  it comes from the Dead Sea, although you have to be careful of imitations that have more connection with ordinary sea salt than having any origins in Israel or Jordan.

One of the reasons for the beneficial effect of this marvelous substance is that it was at one time the habitat of living organisms, and is therefore full of beneficial minerals, vitamins and other nutrients. However, vitamins in themselves are not much use to you unless they are absorbed into your body. Bathing in Dead Sea brine not only ensures this absorption, but also enables the salts to have effective defoliant properties to remove dead skin and leave you feeling fresh and healthy.

Dead Sea brine and the salt is an effective treatment for those suffering from one or more skin conditions such as psoriasis, and is in fact much sought after by sufferers of this type of condition.  It helps to keep your skin looking young and healthy by cleaning out the pores, maintaining the health of the hair and sebaceous follicles and generally supporting the health of your skin in general.

You can't get much more natural than Dead Sea brine, because the genuine product contains no added synthetic substances.  In fact, it should strictly contain nothing added or it could not rightly go by that name. Unfortunately, many rogue traders offer products under the name that have adulterated with salt from other sources and also added synthetic materials.  Some of these will contain Dead Sea salt in one form or another, but it will not be the pure Dead Sea brine that will provide you with such beneficial properties.

It is possible that the genuine brine will become scarcer, because the Dead Sea itself is reducing in depth by one meter a year due to the diversion of the River Jordan that feeds it for irrigation purposes and drinking water.  That is when the fake brine will become a real problem.

Until that day, enjoy Dead Sea brine and all the benefits it offers to your health and your skin.