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Essential Oils to Disinfect and Cleanse Skin

Most essential oils have disinfectant properties, making them a great natural choice for keeping your body and your home safe from bacteria, fungi, and viruses that can cause disease. All of the essential oils listed below are great for disinfecting skin and surfaces, and among the best are the Essential Oil of Eucalyptus, the Essential Oil of Lavender, and the Essential Oil of Lemon. In addition to using them on your skin and body via aromatherapy massage or inhalation, you can also use these disinfectant essential oils to make a homemade cleaning solution or air freshener for your kitchen or bathroom. Using a blend of these essential oils can be a great natural alternative to using chemical-based aerosol disinfectant products. A blend of Lavender, Line, Bergamot, and Orange can also make a great natural, detergent-free dishwashing solution.

 Disinfecting Essential Oils






 Bergamot   X   X    
 Cedarwood     X    
 Chamomile (Roman)   X   X    
 Clary Sage   X   X   X  
 Eucalyptus   X   X   X  
 Geranium Rose     X    
 Ginger     X    
 Juniper     X     X
 Lavender   X   X   X   X
 Lemon   X   X     X
 Lemongrass     X     
 Lime  X   X    
 Marjoram  X   X     X
 Orange     X    
 Patchouli  X   X     X
 Peppermint     X    
 Pettigraine     X    
 Rosemary     X    
 Spearmint     X    
 Tea Tree  X   X   X   X
 Wintergreen     X    
 Ylang Ylang     X    

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