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Difference in Pure Organic and Wild Crafted Essential Oils - Medical Aromatherapy discoveries.

In our search to learn as much as we could about Organic and Wild Crafted Essential Oils, we discovered there were many versions of each oil in itself.

For example, did you know there are many types of Essential Oil of Lavender? Here is a list of some of the more popular Lavender Organic and Wild Crafted Essential Oils:

  • Essential Oil of Lavender Oil, Bulgarian Wild Crafted
  • Essential Oil of Lavender oil, 40/42, E. Europe
  • Essential Oil of Lavender oil, 40/42, France Lavandula
  • Essential Oil of Lavender oil, Super Bulgarian
  • Essential Oil of Lavender oil, Cert. Organically Grown
  • Essential Oil of Lavender oil, French Fine High Altitude
  • Essential Oil of Lavender oil, High Altitude Italian
  • Essential Oil of Lavender oil, Wild Crafted Grown
  • Essential Oil of Lavender, Spike oil, France


essential oil - lavenderEach of these organic and wild-crafted Essential Oils of Lavender have very different scents based on where they are grown, the plant crop, part of plant used, and the method of Distillation. For example:

Name: Lavender, Spike oil, France
Species: Lavandula latifolia (L.) Medikus (L. latifolia Vill.), fam. Lamiaceae
Part Used: Flower
Method: Steam Distillation
Class: Monoterpenol
Country: France


Castle Baths selects various Essential Oils of Lavender based on plant and crop to achieve the highest yield of a good year. Selecting organic and wild-crafted essential oils is much like selecting a fine bottle of wine.

Within each of these Essential Oils of Lavender is what is known as values. There are grade one, grade two, and grade three essential oils. Each grade higher in number has a higher cost value and a higher therapeutic value. A low grade is mostly scent, and is what is found in most commercial products, but not here at Castle Baths!

Castle Baths uses the highest therapeutic value for each Essential Oil that we purchase for our products. This is why we believe our product is a workable product, whiles others may fail to help you.

There are many places within the world in which we buy our Essential oils too. We decide on which to purchase at each new order. We check on the crop's season and the crop's worth. Some essential oils are better over time, much like fine wines. For example,  aged sandalwood is far superior to fresh sandalwood essential oil. 

Overall, don't worry about a thing. When you purchase from Castle Baths, you can rest assured that we have done our homework to bring you the best essential oil in our products possible. We aren't trying to save a dime; we are producing products with purpose, so only the best is allowed for you!

Now you know a little about the selection of Essential Oils, but do they really work?

Before deciding to open Castle Baths Owner, Laura, did extensive medical research on organic and wild crafted essential oils and their properties. Below is some article information on Lavender, since that is the example oil we selected to share and teach you.

Essential oils are not standardized. The chemistry of essential oils is very much influenced by the local geography, overall weather conditions, and the actual seasons, not to mention the time of day the plants are harvested.

Did you know that organic and wild-crafted essential oils can be altered to achieve standardization? For example, a certain chemical at lower concentration can be added to a batch to make a particular year's crop the same as the percentage of the prior year.

We use unaltered organic and wild-crafted essential oils for this very purpose: to assure you clean highest true grade quality available and not a man-made substitute.

Essential Oils have been used therapeutically for centuries. Clinical studies are currently underway finding some remarkable properties of various oils. With today's market working towards going green, you'll start to see and hear a lot more about essential oils and their therapeutic properties.

What do the researchers say? What is written in their journals about organic and wild-crafted essential oils and aromatherapy?

We visited the National Institute of Health, the National Cancer Institute, and the University of Minnesota. Here are some journal studies from Taking Charge of your Health for you to review from the Medical books and Journal information on Aromatherapy and Organic and Wild-Crafted Essential Oils. Read more . . .