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Essential Oils for Skin Care

Essential Oils and aromatherapy can deliver a variety of health benefits, from lifting your spirits to being used in folk medicine for common ailments. The following essential oils have been shown to help beautify and normalize skin when used topically. All oils listed in the chart below are available for purchase from Castle Baths in undiluted (neat) form.

Essential oils, in general, can give your skin a golden glow unmatched by any synthetic body moisturizer or polish, and the specific oils listed below all have additional skin care benefits, ranging from soothing and moisturizing dry skin to reducing the appearance of cellulite and wrinkles.

  Essential Oils for Skin Care


Dry Skin

 Oily Skin

Combination Skin

 Sensitive Skin




  Bergamot     X          
  Cedarwood           X    
  Chamomile   X   X   X   X      
  Clary Sage     X         X   X
  Geranium Rose   X   X   X   X   X     X
  Juniper     X       X    
  Lavender   X   X   X   X     X  
  Lemon     X   X     X   X   X
  Marjoram     X          
  Patchouli    X         X   X  
  Pettigraine     X   X       X  
  Pink Grapefruit           X    
  Rosemary    X   X       X     X
  Ylang Ylang     X          

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