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Caring for Damaged & Sensitive Skin

free white paper - sensitive skin


Our free report, Once Upon an Uglier Time, is your guide to natural regenerative skin care

In this free guide you will discover and hear the stories of some actual customers and the skin care issues they have suffered. I bet you will even say, hey that sounds a lot like me! Our story is written in storyville fun so you won't be bored reading this educational guide. Instead, we hope to awe and woo you as you turn the pages of this short and simple , but very informative report. The characters sharing are real and you may find some great treasures to help with your own skin care needs. We believe, you'll be amazed with the simple directions of what we share and how this report can benefit you.

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white paper - sensitive skin

Plus we share many other natural ways to care for your sensitive skin and live with chronic skin issues like rosacea and eczema. Find the soothing relief that has been eluding you for years!

Do you...

  • Worry about all the tanning you did during your teens and twenties? Here’s what you can do to keep your skin healthy. Page 4.
  • Wonder if your moisturizer can help you avoid scarring after surgery? Page 4.
  • Know the dangers of do-it-yourself chemical peels? Page 1.

If you answered yes to any of the above, read our free report and let us start helpng you fight the battle of skin care sentive issues.

My Experience Living with Sensitive Skin

janetThe face cream that I used for about 35 years from [a company] had a formula change, the raw materials had changed completely and within 1 week I got the worst case of severe allergic eczema on my face and neck. It burned so badly and peeled even worse so I was desperate to try to find a new face cream but I had no luck. I tried expensive ones from the mall and cheaper, natural ones from the health food stores and they all just made it burn and peel worse. My skin was so dry but if I put any moisturizers on, it just got worse. Until I found the Avocado Shea Butter Cream from Castle Baths which was made originally as an eye cream but I now am able to buy it in a larger 4oz. bottle. With no chemicals or alcohol and very few ingredients my skin started healing quickly and stopped burning and peeling almost instantly, the PH seemed perfect and my skin which now looks more moist, fresh and younger says THANK YOU CASTLE BATHS!

- Janet
Actual Castle Baths Customer


There's even more In this free Special Report:

  • Facial surgery  scarring- OH MY! Page 4.
  • A non-chemical-based sunscreen? ummm, just want everyone needs to help protect! Page 6.
  • Which can absorb more nutrients for your age... your stomach or your skin? Page 4.
  • The hype about Hemp. Page 7.It's real!!
  • Scientific proof of a homeopathic skin care remedy from the 16th century. Page 7.
  • One real-life person’s testimony on the effectiveness of natural skin care. Page 8.

skin care tips

A revolutionary new approach to caring for sensitive skin, using only natural ingredients

Ask yourself, do you have sensitive skin? Maybe you do and you don't even know it!

Are you tired of having to shop around for skin care products that will actually make your skin look and feel better, not worse? Would you like to be able to throw out all those chemical-infused bottles of lotion you’ve been using without success and try a new, natural approach that actually works?

Discover the effectiveness of natural skin care ingredients for sensitive skin, both in clinical trials (Page 7), and from the experiences of people just like you (page 8.) In this special report, you’ll see how this revolutionary approach to caring for sensitive skin can help you:

  • Ease the discomfort and swelling associated with recovery from cosmetic surgery (page 7.)
  • Keep yourself from worrying about skin cancer by using moisturizers with high antioxidant content (page 4.)
  • Find products that will actually help keep your skin looking youthful and healthy so you won’t have to spend each morning staring into your mirror looking for sun spots and wrinkles (page 5.)

Find real solutions to your sensitive skin issues now!

Why endure the easy bruising, the constant shopping around, and the ever-present worrying about your skin one minute longer? Get your free report: “Once Upon an Uglier Time… a breakthrough in natural regenerative skin care” today and start yourself on the journey to healthier skin.

I must share, for years I tried various products and many of them were labeled natural - and these products burned. Yes, that's right ...they burned my skin. Once I tried a new mask that burned so bad my face was red for several days afterwords and I had to have my face under cold water for 45 minutes before I could tolerate the burning senstation.

Let me show you what I mean and teach you about some great skin care directions. It actually works! I’ve seen the results in my own skin. And I won't go to bed without it.



Laura Thomas
Founder, Castle Baths