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Gift Services offered by Castle Baths

 gift services

Have only a vague idea of what you want? Let us help you select the perfect gift!

Let’s say you’re a business executive for a company whose clientele is exclusively women. You want to send each of your clients a personal holiday gift but you don’t have the time to find out what each of them might like, and giving everyone the exact same thing seems tacky. What do you do?

Do you stick your administrative assistant with the tedious task of researching each of your clients’ likes and dislikes and then trying to find appropriate gift items? Do you just guess and hope for the best?

What if there was another option, one that didn’t require any time commitment on your part or on the part of anyone else at your company and could produce personalized gifts for each of your clients based on whatever budget you specify? Interested?

This is exactly the type of scenario Castle Baths’ Gift Services program was created to address. Castle Baths offers a wide selection of spa and bath gift baskets that make perfect professional-yet-personal gifts for clients. We will even create custom gift baskets for your clients based on their lifestyle and demographic, and the budget you specify.

How to use Castle Baths’ Gift Services Program

Castle Baths’ Gift Services program makes sending your clients the perfect gift as easy as 1 2 3!

  1. Sign up for our gift services program, specify a budget per gift, and provide us with a mailing list for all the people you would like us to send gifts to.
  2. We will create custom spa gift baskets for each of the people on your list filled with natural aromatherapy spa products they are sure to love based on our extensive research on which aromatherapy scents their demographic has been shown to prefer.
  3. We will ship the gift baskets we create to each of the people on your list and can even include customized greeting cards if you so desire.

Our Gift Services Program is Great for Weddings, Parties, and Other Celebrations Too!

Let’s say you’re planning a destination wedding, and you want to send a gift to each of the attendees as a thank you for attending. Castle Baths’ Gift Services program is a great way to accomplish this without stressing yourself or your wedding planner. We’ll take care of everything for you, from selecting the perfect gift for each of your attendees to writing personalized messages in each of the included greeting cards, to handling all the shipping arrangements!

Call (757) 788-8157 to learn more about Castle Baths’ Gift Services program and how we can make mass gift giving an easy and painless process for you year after year!