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Here's some customer testimonials about their Castle Baths customer service experiences

"I love doing business with you!  You are always quickly responsive, and my orders always arrive quickly as well."

- A. Unrein

"I have read much info on the web but would very much get the "scoop" from you, the expert.  I will be wasting my money otherwise.  I absolutely LOVE these products!!!!!!! So gentle and effective."

- S. McKim

"Thanks for making these incredible videos. Although I have shown dogs for several years, I recently acquired my first show cat. Your videos have been a great help to me in learning how to prepare my sweet girl for the show ring.  I can't wait to hit the road and put my new skills to the test."

- K. York

"Laura was available to patiently answer my many questions, and was extremely knowledgeable about the different types of coats and their response to the products."

- G. Basner

... and some more testimonials about our products

"I can not tell you how pleased I am with my results and your products in this letter. It would take hours telling you how wonderful you are and your products!"

- Katy

"After using the products for the first time, I did see a tremendous improvement in the staining.  The area beneath the eye was much cleaner, and the staining appeared to be lighter.  The shampoo really gets down in there and cleans beautifully.  It is extremely mild and has a pleasant fresh scent.  The Wash is also mild, is easy to apply, and does not have to be kept refrigerated.  My favorite product is the Powder.  It is like make up in the sense that it covers the staining as it protects the area from getting wet.  My dog looks so much better, and that makes me feel better when I see her looking so pretty.   The products are easy to use, and it takes no time to use them. My dog enjoys the special attention, and jumps on my lap when she sees me open the bottle."

- Gloria

"I just want to let you know I am in AWE of your products!!!  I used the trio eye stain remover system and in only ONE use results are obvious!  My kitten is starting to look like a show kitten.  Best of all, these results were achieved WITHOUT ANY IRRITATION TO HIS EYES!!!  Other products could help with stain removal but would cause his eyes to tear more and darker & become extremely irritated to the point where he couldn't open his left eye all the way.  With your products, his eyes are crystal clear and healthy.  You are a GODSEND!!!"

- Lisa

"I love your grooming products. They have a very mild smell, don't make my kitty's eyes water, and leave her coat looking great."

- Kaki