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Pet Care

Luxurious & Natural Pet Care Products

Learn to groom your cat or dog like a pro with the Anna Designer Pet line of natural shampoos, soaps, supplies, and instructional DVDs. The Anna line was developed by prize-winning Purrinlot Persian cat breeder Laura Thomas and is trusted by breeders and vets throughout the world!

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pet shampoo dog shampoo

Anna Designer Pet 32 Oz Healthy Coat pH Shampoo


anna designer pet

Anna Designer Pet Fancy Fat Cat Soap Gift Set


pillow bed cover champagne

Silk Hydration Travel Pillow Bed Cover - Champagne

How to Have Purr-fect Faith, even at a cat show (paperback) - by Laura Thomas

How to Have Purr-fect Faith, even at a cat show (paperback) - by Laura Thomas


pet grooming brushes combo

Pet Grooming Brush Kit


cleansing applicator pad

Cleansing Applicator Pad


grooming brushes - anna

Pet Grooming Brushes - 3 Pack


grooming brush anna designer pet

Pet Grooming Brush


tear stain trio with dvd

Anna Tear Stain Remover Large Trio Gift Set

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Special Price $82.00

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Why Choose the ANNA Designer Natural Pet Line?

What sets us apart is our line is vegan, green certified, cruelty free, and 100% handmade- (with the exception of 2 products- non vegan due to containing honey powder and 1 having goats milk) We pack our products full of nutrition!

Pet Care grooming product needs, truly understood

Humans are not the only ones who deserve quality skin care.  Our furry friends also demand high quality products to ensure healthy skin and a shiny coat!  Your pet deserves only the best; especially when it comes to hygiene products. 

Traditional pet-care products can leave your furry friend’s skin irritated from chemicals.  At Castle Baths we aim to provide your pet with soothing pet shampoos and conditioners that will create a relaxing bathing experience for your cat or dog without the use of harmful irritants.  We also carry pet tear stain remover, face grooming brushes, pet face wash, soaks, body powder, and handmade pet soaps.  Pamper your pet with all-natural, organic, bathing products that promote long-term wellness.  Anna Designer Natural Pet Care products are celebrated by professional groomers and breeders around the world.

We also carry an array of products that are wonderful for pet shows!  Our tear stain remover and tear stain remover kits will help you prepare your furry friend for his or big day at the pet show.  Also, your cat or dog will have the edge it needs to help you take home the gold!

How long will these pet care products last?

Shelf life is 2 years for our pet care grooming products from the day we ship. We make the products fresh practically daily and it is ship as fast as we can get it made. Our Anna line is the Castle Baths Pet Line developed by breeder Laura Dilley Thomas, who once showed internationally top Persians to World wins. It was this Anna line, her own secret recipe that gave Laura the edge in the show ring, because grooming is half the battle for a quality presentation of a top contender. Laura retired from showing in 2007 after 20 years and began to offer her private grooming products to the public.

Where can I get the Anna Pet Care Grooming Products?

We’ve been selling the Anna designer Natural Pet care line in overseas distributions to stores, groomers, vets, and professional breeders who not only breed but show. Currently we’re in All of China, Hong Kong, & Indonesia. We are also making an appearance in parts of South Africa, Australia, Sweden, Israel, UK, Taiwan, Beijing, Singapore, France, Germany, Canada and steadily growing.

United States distribution has been active for the last 12+ years, with Castle Baths previously selling here in the US exclusively via our web site and marketplaces. Today these products can be found with Professionals such as Veterinarians, Groomers and some Exclusive Breeders.

The Anna line is named after GRC Purrinlot Anna's Gift- the world very first BLUE eyed Bi-color Persian show cat and grand champion. With sadness, our Anna passed away late 2017 in Laura's arms.She lived an incredible happy and long life as Laura's best girl. Our pet care line model was Anna herself!