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Past Press Releases by Castle Baths

Castle Baths Launches Two New Tre’Yours Products, Men’s and Women’s Spa Lines

Hampton, VA, Sept. 17, 2013 - In an exciting breakthrough for regenerative skin care, the launch of Tre’Yours Avocado Corrective Face Cream and Avocado Hemp Regenerative Cream is the first brick and mortar directed launch for Castle Baths, an online, natural, luxury spa products company.  The launch of these two new products comes with exclusive his and hers product lines and new labeling for all Tre’Yours products.  Extra gentle for people with sensitive skin, the benefits of these anti-aging products are also exceptional for those with problematic skin, such as rosacea, psoriasis, and eczema.  Plus, men and women choosing elective surgery will benefit greatly from the all-natural ingredients during the healing process by helping to reduce swelling, bruising, and scarring.

The two new products are based upon the formulation of Castle Baths’ popular Tre’Yours Avocado Eye Cream, but with added ingredients designed to help reduce swelling, bruising, and scarring during the healing process.

“We had received numerous requests for larger quantities of our Avocado Eye Cream, many of whom were people recovering from surgical procedures and quite a few men too,” said Castle Baths owner and founder Laura Thomas. “We began to realize there was a huge untapped market for post-op skin care products and a Tre’Yours men’s line, which served as the inspiration for launching these two new products.”

Currently available at, Tre’Yours products will soon be available at select surgeons’ and dermatologists’ offices, upscale spas, and high-end retail outlets within the U.S.

The synergistic combination of six elements provided by nature, when formulated together, share explosive results.

Avocado oil acts as a boosting ingredient, increasing the efficacy of all other ingredients’ performance.  Green tea extract protects skin from free radicals and related damage, better than vitamins C and E!  Unrefined, natural Shea Butter’s combination of fatty acids, phytosterols, vitamins A, D, and E help to calm skin irritations, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and more.  Hemp seed oil has the ideal amounts of omega EFA to not simply coat your skin but to closely match your own lipids, penetrating into cells and lubricating the surface.  It is considered one of the best elements for preventative skin aging.  Cucumber extract has both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to help constrain the activity of pro-inflammatory enzymes.  Arnica Montana extract is known to have many therapeutic properties, believed to be especially efficient at helping to reduce swelling, increase circulation, and minimize bruising in post-surgery patients. 

The combination of these six unique ingredients is what makes these two anti-aging Tre’Yours products so effective.  Plus, the natural green color balances red, irritated skin, giving an even tone.   Visit to learn more about Tre’Yours products and its parent company, Castle Baths. 

About Castle Baths

Founded in 2005, Castle Baths specializes in creating natural spa products using organic and wild-crafted ingredients and is an approved member of Green America.  Laura Thomas founded Castle Baths with the belief that skin care products should not contain man-made chemicals or toxins. Her efforts throughout the years paid off when Castle Baths became one of 321 companies to achieve “Champion” status with the Compact for Safe Cosmetics.  Thousands of companies were reviewed in the Skin Deep® Environmental Working Group database, and only a select few met champion status standards for the purity and safety of their formulations.



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For immediate release:

Castle Baths Attends HAPPI Magazine’s 1st. Ever Anti-Aging Conference

New Brunswick, NJ – Castle Baths Founder Laura Thomas and Chief Financial Officer Susan Bounds attended HAPPI Magazine’s first ever Anti-Aging Conference and Tabletop Exhibition September 18 – 19, 2012. The event was hosted at the Hyatt Regency hotel and included presentations on potential new anti-aging technologies, new growth opportunities in the anti-aging market, rules for cosmetic advertising claims, and anti-aging techniques for ethnic skin, among other topics.

“There was a lot of insightful information presented on the science behind some new and upcoming anti-aging ingredients,” Thomas said. “We also learned of several natural ingredients with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties comparable in efficacy to synthetic products currently on the market. We can use this information to improve and expand our product lines.”

Dermatologists who presented at the conference include Dr. Andrew F. Alexis, Director of the Skin of Color Center at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital and an Assistant Clinical Professor of Dermatology at Columbia University; Dr. Jeanine B. Downie of Mountainside Hospitals and Overlook Hospitals; Dr. Jennifer Linder, a Moh’s skin cancer surgeon and an expert in Sculptra facelifts currently serving as Chief Scientific Officer for PCA Skin; and Dr. Nicholas V. Perricone, a world-renown anti-aging expert, award-winning inventor, and adjunct professor of medicine at Michigan State University’s College of Medicine.

Keynote speakers who are not dermatologists included Gail Vance Seville of Sensory Spectrum, Inc., James H. Hartten of Arent Fox, Jim Larkey of Carefield Imaging Systems, Carrie Mellage of Kline & Company, Elizabeth Nach of the Federal Trade Commission, May Shana’a of Ashland Specialty Ingredients, Karen Young of The Young Group, and David A. Zetoony of Brian Cave, LLP. Complete bios of all presenters can be found at

If HAPPI Magazine’s conference becomes an annual event, Thomas will return and continue to learn the latest scientific discoveries in natural anti-aging ingredients.

“I whole-heartedly believe consumers are looking for a natural alternative to synthetics and surgery for their anti-aging skincare regimens,” Thomas said. “Currently, the industry tends to focus more strongly on the science of synthetic anti-aging products. We can still use the scientific data presented at the conference to improve our natural equivalents.”

Castle Baths’ Anti-aging line, Tre’Yours is devoted specifically to the science of anti-aging using natural ingredients. Products listed under this line contain organic, wild-crafted, and kosher ingredients, and are specially formulated to improve the look and appearance of aging skin. Castle Baths’ products are also completely vegan and gluten-free. Castle Baths’ entire product line can be viewed at

“Anti-aging isn’t just a matter of what is in a product,” Thomas said. “The formulation, methodology, and delivery method are equally as important. We work to discover the most ideal percentages, preparation time, and method of application to the skin to give people the most anti-aging benefits possible.”

For more information, call 757-788-8157 or e-mail


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For immediate release:

Castle Baths to hire 50 salespeople throughout U.S.

Hampton, Virginia - August 16, 2012

Starting this August, top-quality natural spa and bath product manufacturer Castle Baths will be hiring 50 salespeople nation-wide as part of its long-planned expansion into the supplier/distributor world. Once a small retail business operating solely online, has grown exponentially over the years, and is now hoping to begin selling its spa and bath products to spa owners, dermatologists, and other professionals in the skin care industry.

“We’ve had tremendous success marketing our Anna Designer Pet line of natural soaps and soaks for pets in the European Union and other countries,” said Castle Baths owner Laura Thomas. “We hope to have similar success marketing our products intended for human use here in the United States.”

Thomas also hopes her hiring decision will have a “trickle-up” effect, boosting business for her new hires, their wholesale clients, and Castle Baths itself.

“By hiring 50 new salespeople, we’ll be giving 50 people quality, corporate-style work without the corporate ‘desk-job’ atmosphere,” Thomas said. “When they recruit new wholesalers, they will profit, and when the wholesalers start selling our products, they will profit. In turn, we will profit. It’s a win-win situation.” 

The four brands to which Thomas refers include Castle Baths’ Classic brand, which includes products scented in the original seven aromatherapy essential oil blends she created when founding Castle Baths, Others include the Exotic Earth brand, which includes products with single scents or a large quantity of a specific ingredient, the Tre’Yours brand, which includes products formulated specifically to give the most anti-aging benefits for their user’s dollar, and the Anna Designer Pet line, which includes natural soaps and soaks for pets.

“Our salespeople will have the option of selling as many or as few brands as they wish,” Thomas said. “If we find someone with extensive experience and contacts in the boutique, gift shop, or event planning business, and she wants to just focus on our gift baskets and gift bags, she can. If we find someone who used to be a professional breeder of cats or dogs, and he wants to just focus on our Anna Designer Pet line, he can. Each of our products has a purpose and target audience, so we’re very flexible with our sales representatives and wholesalers.”

Castle Baths was founded in 2005 to provide “products with purpose,” to customers worldwide. “Our greatest advantage over our competitors is that our products actually are all-natural,” Thomas said. “The cosmetics industry is filled with products containing parabens, oxides, and other potentially harmful manmade chemicals. Our products contain none of these, just the pure, organic ingredients the Lord gave us to keep ourselves at our best.”  

For more information on Castle Baths, visit or call 757-788-8157.




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Castle Baths Spa Bath Line "Bath Salts for the Soul," includes: Sweet Communion, Jubilee, Bathsheba, Restoration, Sweet Dreams

CB Press Release: Year in Review

Hampton, Virginia- January 21, 2008

Decadent, Indulgent, Divinely Inspired!

Castle Baths products offer a unique organic cleansing experience-for body and soul! Another supernatural YEAR IN REVIEW for Castle Bath owner, Laura Thomas, and her handmade bath Salts for the Soul.

Go-Go-Go to the Castle, Escape from the real world!

With today's "go-go-go" lifestyle, it is often very difficult to do two very important, yet very necessary things: RELAX and UNWIND! Women and men alike find themselves out of time, over-stressed, and ultimately worn out. Luckily, the perfect remedy can easily be found-the Castle Baths Collection of "Bath Salts for the Soul"!

This ultra-relaxing, natural line of bath salts provides the ultimate escape from hectic days. Creator Laura Thomas has carefully crafted the perfect addition to any individual's bath experience. "Spending time with Castle Baths makes SCENTS," she states, "because I offer a product with a purpose, not just a fantastic scent." Each of the products in the Castle Baths line is designed with YOU in mind- whether you fancy vanilla, lavender, grapefruit, or lime, each combination of sea salts and herbs in the Castle Baths collection has been fashioned to induce relaxation, as well as mind and body rejuvenation. As enticing scents stimulate the senses and organic essential oils caress and pamper the skin, the stress of the day will simply melt away!

"Last year, our second in operation, was even more supernatural than our first!" states Thomas. Castle Baths Products with Purpose experienced widespread success, as many retail establishments up and down the East Coast hailed the collection. More and more customers have discovered the amazing benefits of the Castle Baths collection. Thomas was told over and over by satisfied customers how wonderful the Restoration Salt Soak helped women. Bathsheba was last years' biggest hit-a top seller! Perhaps romance was in the air as customers utilized this product to awaken, revitalize, or rekindle their love connections. At years end, the new Tre'Yours Line was added to the Castle to rejuvenate skin over forty. Spas were beating down the doors requesting to carry this ultra-soothing, restorative line.

This year, Castle Baths continues the tradition of providing customers with a superior all-natural, handmade product-ALWAYS. Thomas wishes to let her customers know that, "Castle Baths customers are number one, always treated like royalty. Even their mail from us is blessed with gifts to each and every customer-always." So, with the start of a new year, why not indulge yourself by purchasing products from Castle Baths, a company dedicated to customer service, satisfaction, and above all relaxation. Get away from it all-whatever stresses 2008 brings. This year, turn your day, your mood, your body and spirit around and "Get Back to the Bath!" Best wishes for a new year-RELAX and ENJOY!




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Hampton, Va. 23663

Get Back to the Bath!
'Castle Baths' Creator Celebrates One Supernatural Year

It all started at a cat show in Richmond, Virginia, in 2005, where award-winning Persian breeder Laura Thomas got the divine call to create her sensational "products with a purpose".

Thomas started with an all-organic pet care shampoo, soap, and soak line that soon had the pet-loving public beating a pathway to her Internet storefront at "People-products" naturally followed.

In her inspiring autobiography How to Have Purr-Fect Faith, Even at a Cat Show! Thomas tells how the fatigue and time-pressured mother and housewife found fresh faith when, in the midst of serious trials, she called a "time-out on life," and sobbed and bobbed in a Dead Sea salts/essential oils concoction she called "Prayer." "We struggle every day to find time for God," says Thomas, but He will meet us more than halfway when we do. He wants to be close to us." Her vision for "Castle Baths" stems from an intense desire for women everywhere carve out a place to commune with God during their busy day.

Today three product lines-with dozens of creamy entries in each-have emerged from the "bubbles and steam" of the Castle Purrinlot prayer room.

"Sea Salts for the Soul," made from authentic, organic Dead Sea salts, comes in her original "Prayer" potion (in a porcelain tub gift set), but now its available in five fragrantly different herbal admixtures. Israeli sea salts are the bedrock of Laura's "Castle Baths Classics, for a better you..." line. Her trademark "CB Signature Line, for a renewed you..." contains "Bless Me" face cream and fragrances like "Anoint," "After the Storm," and "2 the Promised Land." A third "Spa Line" features rich facial treatments and products "for a pampered you."

Thomas manages to combine the spiritual with the sensual in her home-grown aromatherapy. She offers grateful stressed and distressed skin-owners top-quality herbal creams, soaps, salts, oils, gels, teas, and splashes for every imaginable malady: tired feet, aching muscles, PMS, exhaustion, menopause, sexual malaise, and more. "We won't consider carrying a product unless it serves a specific purpose and promotes spiritual health," says Thomas. "How do I know if a product delivers? Because it has worked for me!" Thomas' extensive research includes treating herself to her own simple therapies and educating others on the benefits of God-given herbal remedies that have sometimes been forgotten by modern man. First-class packaging completes the spiritual and sensory experience "How about an hour of Sweet Communion?" a headline beckons at "Are you ready for a personal Jubilee? Long to radiate allure like Bathsheba, or lie down to Sweet Dreams?

You bet!

Product designer Thomas says response to her organic pet care and first-quality CB lines has been "supernatural and super wonderful." "Women today have too much on their plates," says Thomas. My bath and body collection of cosmetics and bath salts invite them to find sanctuary right in their own homes-to get happy, healthy, and holy-all in one hour!"

With the phenomenal response to her Castle Baths Collection in just one year, the outgoing Owner now sets her sights on filling the shelves of spas and cruise ships throughout the world with her wares. "I will market CB as the higher end product line and attempt to place it in some of the more prestigious spa locations worldwide. If all goes well on my U.S. exhibition excursions, I'll travel overseas with CB, the Spa and Signature Lines."

Like the travel-size salts, lotions, and splashes available at, it looks like this body and soul-cleansing concept and its creator are going places in 2007!

For more on Castle Baths products or to arrange an interview or speaking engagement, contact Laura Thomas at 757-813-7891.




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Get Happy, Healthy, and Holy- All in an Hour! "Bath Salts for the Soul"

Collection Offers an All-Organic Experience Of Cleansing, Communion, and Personal Renewal


CB Opening Press Release:

Hampton, Virginia- November 1, 2005

TO: Features Editor
RE: Castle Baths Product Line:
New! "Bath Salts for the Soul" Totally Divine Hydrotherapy Line

Searching for the secret to personal revival but can't find a tent rally to attend? Seek no further! Just in from the shores of the Dead Sea coast in Israel comes an authentic Dead Sea salts foundation, the basis for nine exquisite new herbal admixtures specifically designed to soak out impurities and infuse you with tranquility, mental clarity, and spiritual zeal!

For centuries salt has been prized for its wonderful properties-conditioning the skin, preserving the digestive organs, and invigorating circulation. Now salt's curative crystals, in combination with organic essential oils (and no chemical additives) join with the carefully selected, wild-crafted herbs in the Castle Baths Collection to help you connect-or reconnect-with God, others, and yourself. It's a spiritual scrub session that will float your boat externally and promote true internal joy.

"My goal," says creator Laura Thomas, "is to help women, and men also! - discover the sheer supernatural power that's released when we call a time out on life to calm the soul and clear the mind within the healing waters of our own home." Praying in the bathtub, her favorite prayer closet, Thomas found the inspiration to write and relate more meaningfully to family, to God, to coworkers, and others.

"How about an hour of Sweet Communion? Are you ready for a personal Jubilee? Long to radiate allure-like Bathsheba, or lie down to Sweet Dreams? I know I did!" says Thomas.

These are but a few of the possibilities when you pour from a vial of the vanilla and lavender-laced, or pink grapefruit-lime infused-or one of seven other piquant combinations of sea salts and herbs created by a woman with a passion for promoting healthy connections. A full description of Laura's latest formulations is at

"Feline Faith" Author Finds Seeping Is Believing

"Whether you call it 'hydrotherapy' or just simple indulgence in a steamy, hot bath, everyone knows it helps," says Thomas. "Now I know dusting the cascading waters as you draw your bath with Bath Salts for the Soul helps even more. They smell soooo wonderful, and they work! I've become a true believer in the blends I loved creating."

Prayer, Thomas' first all-natural bath salt concoction fashioned to assist in the rejuvenation process, was offered in combination with How to Have Purr-fect Faith, her first publication (Abiding Books 2004), which tells of the prizewinning cat breeder's storybook discovery of hydrotherapy as the perfect cure for stress, irritability, fatigue, spiritual dryness, and lagging self-esteem. Both were runaway successes, encouraging her expansion of the Castle Baths product line.

"If I am having a hard day, feeling sick, need guidance, or snap at the family, I am off to the bath!" Thomas says. "Some Castle Baths are quick, some take longer to work, but this is where I find the peace needed to develop a clear-thinking mind. I'm not just cleansing my body; I'm clearing my soul and making my inner self as fresh as the outer me."

Thomas is now out to tell the world about her rediscovery of the new yet entirely ancient intervention of hydrotherapy as a curative for modern-day miseries. Beautifully packaged in gift-worthy Studio Nova Crystal jars, "Bath Salts for the Soul" provide a pleasing combination of aromatherapy, plant science, and hydraulic lift. For you-a stressed-out coworker, a mom-on-the-move, frayed family member, and more-as Thomas says, "They're simply divine!"

Laura Thomas was a divorced teenage mother and survivor of abuse working three jobs when she found faith through a 700 Club minister's message, remarried, and pursued a vision to breed Persians "to the glory of God" in her cattery. The author of How to Have Purr-fect Faith, her latest pilgrimage is sharing the restorative potential of hydrotherapy to help individuals in a stressed-out society reconnect with God, one another, and themselves. Laura lives with her family in Eastern Virginia.




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