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Product Care: How to keep your spa products fresh

All of our products are handmade using only natural, Certified Organic, and wild crafted ingredients. While this makes our products much more luxurious and more beneficial to your skin, it also means that they won't stay fresh indefinitely. As such, some effort is required on your part to keep your products fresh and useful for as  long as possible.

Here are a few tips on how to properly care for your natural spa and bath products.

Do not store bath products in humid or warm places.

All of our products have an average shelf life of 12 months from the day you open them, but exposure to heat, light, and oxygen can hasten their expiration dates. As such, we recommend that you do not store your bath products in warm, humid places such as your bathroom when you are taking a shower (unless you happen to be using the product in question to bathe.) For this same reason, storing your products on a window sill during broad daylight or during a storm is also probably a bad idea.

Avoid contaminating your products.

Try and limit the number of times your fingers come into direct contact with your products (particularly so concerning face creams.) The natural oil secreeted by your skin can contaminate your products and cause them to not perform as effectively and/or expire sooner than they would have had they remained untouched. Occasional contact during use is perfectly fine (body lotion wouldn't be much use after all if it couldn't come into contact with your skin) but do try to minimize contact with the lotion, crea, etc. remaining in the container.

It is for this reason that we offer a number of our face creams in air-pump bottles. Our air-pump bottles keep their contents air-tight and only allow the specific amount of cream needed per application to come into contact with air and your fingers. This is also the reason we offer applicator brushes for our face masks and for our Anna Designer Pet products.

Touching your products' containers, of course, should have no ill effects on your products' performance. Just try to avoid exposing the actual liquid/cream any more than necessary.

Consider keeping your products refrigerated.

Many of our customers choose to refrigerate their spa and bath products once opened to extend their shelf lives. Our Rose Hydrosol in particular will last substantially longer if it is refrigerated.

If you have additional questions concerning product care....

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