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Join Castle Baths’ Soap of the Month Club

Want to receive one FREE decorative soap every month for one year?

Of course you do, and when you join Castle Baths’ Soap of the Month Club you’ll receive exactly that: one exclusive, Castle Baths natural decorative soap every month for one year!

The soaps we offer our club members are not available for purchase anywhere else on our website, nor are they for sale on any other website, nor are they offered in any brick and mortar retail store. There is only one way to get one of these limited edition decorative soaps, and that’s by joining Castle Baths’ Soap of the Month Club.

One payment of just $120 entitles a member to one exclusive, limited-edition decorative soap valued at less than or equal to $15 every month for an entire year! Get a member ship for yourself and/or sign up a friend or loved one to receive the gift that keeps on giving. There are only 250 “seats” available in the Soap of the Month Club so be sure to secure your membership as soon as possible!

How to join:

  • Simply fill out the membership application form on this page. Don’t worry, it’s simple and easy to use!
  • Provide your name or the name of the person you’re signing up, the address you’d like us to ship to, and your payment information, and you’re all set!
  • Remember, there are only 250 “seats” in the club, some of which may already be taken, so be sure to reserve yours as soon as possible.
  • There are no hidden costs or shipping fees! Your $100 payment includes shipping and all other expenses.

Upcoming soaps:

June 2014: Neapolitan Ice Cream & Cake

Much like our chocolate cake & ice cream soap, this limited-edition Neapolitan Ice Cream & Cake Soap is hand-crafted to look and smell just like a real Neapolitan ice cream scoop and cake slice, with rich aromas of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. Perfect for showing off your summer style!

July 2014: Red, White & Blue Margaritas

A true original! These soaps are hand-crafted to look and smell just like real margaritas (no alcohol though) and with a patriotic twist. Celebrate Independence Day in style this year!

August 2014: Lemon Bunt Cake

As we begin preparing for Autumn, what could be more appropriate than the scent of fresh baked goods. This Lemon Bunt Cake Soap has been hand-crafted to look and smell just like the genuine artifact and will retain its fresh-baked scent much longer than the edible version.

A note about exclusivity:

Please note that we may occasionally release a limited number of these decorative soaps to the general public several months to one year after they have been featured as the soap of the month for our club members. Keep in mind that non-club members will have to pay full retail price (approximately $15) for each soap, so even if we released every single soap to the general public (which we won’t) after it had been featured as the soap of the month, it would cost a regular customer about $200 not including the cost of shipping  to collect a year’s worth. A Soap of the Month Club membership gives you the same 12 soaps for just $120 and no shipping fees.