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Spa, Bath and Body Collections

Unique, Faith-based, Products with Purpose - Spa, Bath and Body, Beauty Collections!

What are you looking for? Relaxation? Aromatherapy? Anti-aging benefits? All of the above? Each of our faith-based beauty products is inspired and created with the utmost concern for our customers, and has a specific purpose.

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Let us introduce you to the 4 brands of Castle Baths:


CB Classic: our Aromatherapy Line with 7 proprietary blends

Bathsheba - Rosewood Rose

bath and body-

Romantic and Inspiring, some say this blend acts as an Aphrodisiac. Bathsheba is made from a blend of pure rose absolute and the essential oil of rosewood to produce a woodsy, romantic scent. This particular scent has traditionally been very popular with baby boomers and up, and is said to help people feel more confident.

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Restoration- Geranium Rose Sage

bath and body

Restoration is designed to help women feel pretty and soothe feminine woes of midlife. As such, its target audience consists mainly of middle-aged women. It is made from the essential oils of Sage and Geranium Rose for a floral scent reminiscent of a formal English Garden.

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Sweet Communion - Lavender Ylang Ylang

bath and body

Made from the essential oils of lavender and ylang ylang, Sweet Communion is designed to help people relax and unwind after a stressful day. It’s aromatherapy benefits include relaxation and helping to restore emotional balance. It has been a top choice among lovers of lavender for many years.

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Sweet Dreams - Lavender Vanilla

bath and body

As its name might suggest, Sweet Dreams is designed to help put people in a restful state of mind, allowing them to drift off to sleep naturally faster. It is made from the essential oils of lavender and vanilla, and has a sweeter aroma than sweet communion. It tends to be popular among generation Y females.A perfect prelude to a great nights sleep. . . and an energized tomorrow.

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Jubilee - Pink Grapefruit Bergamot

bath and body

Jubilee has the aromatherapy benefit of energizing, and is made from the essential oils of bergamot and pink grapefruit. Popular among both men and women, it’s invigorating aroma can help wake someone up during a morning shower. Jubilee tends to be particularly popular among younger generations and among African Americans. Give your body a wake up call and your feet back dancing with this Pink Grapefruit Bergamot delight!

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Passion - Lavender Rose Sandalwood

bath and body

Passion is made from pure rose absolute, the essential oil of lavender, and the essential oil of sandalwood for a sensual, arousing aroma. This musky scent has the aromatherapy benefit of stimulating people’s sexuality. Men love it when women use it, and women love their skin’s sensual aroma after using it. Dismiss stress and worries from your day, cleanse your mind, and restore some happy thoughts. Clean! Musky! Fresh! SEXY!

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Prayer - Lavender Rose Bergamot Pink Grapefruit

bath and body- Prayer

As previously mentioned, Prayer is made from the essential oils of bergamot, pink grapefruit, and lavender, blended with pure rose absolute. It has the aromatherapy benefits of relaxation and helping people reach a spiritual and more balanced state of mind. It has traditionally been most popular with baby boomers and generation X, but can be appreciated by anyone who enjoys a long, meditative soak in the tub. Get Happy, Get Holy, Get Healthy, all in an hour! (leave your worries in the hands of the Lord)

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Whether you need to relax, or just enjoy an occasion to meditate, pray and reflect in quiet solitude. . . you're sure to find just what you're looking for right here. The CB (Castle Baths) Classic brand is our signature line, and encompasses products scented in Castle Baths first seven proprietary blends of essential oils. In addition to our original Prayer scent, which is made from pure rose absolute and the essential oils of bergamot, pink grapefruit, and lavender, there is Bathsheba, Passion, Jubilee, Restoration, Sweet Communion, and Sweet Dreams. Products containing these scents are usually bath products such as our natural soap, body mist, or hand lotion, but we also offer some spa products such as massage oil in these scents as well. We also offer numerous combinations of these scents and products in our one-of-a-kind gift baskets.


Tre'Yours: Our Anti-Aging Skin Care Line

We strive ourselves in the development of this line. It was initially designed for an actual Upscale Spa to be used exclusively on their customers during Spa Treatments. Today, Castle Baths offers this pampering upscale line to all! Designed with all skin types in mind to pamper, nourish, and beautify your skin all in one!


Treat Yourself to Tre'Yours - our pampering, anti-aging Spa Line! The Tre’Yours brand is Castle Baths’ high-end spa product line. These products are specifically formulated to help reduce the physical signs of aging. Products listed under the Tre’Yours brand are packed with nutrients that have proven helpful in bringing a more youthful appearance to skin. The Tre’Yours line is not for everyone – just people who are really serious about skin care. Castle Baths products under the Tre’Yours brand include advance skin care dead sea products, natural exfoliating solutions, and anti-aging facial creams, to name a few.


Exotic Earth: Our Bath & Spa Line

Single-scented for singular sensations - Products listed under Castle Baths Exotic Earth brand have a single scent or are ingredient specific. For example, a product containing 90% pure rice bran oil or one scented only in the essential oil of patchouli would fall into this category. This is one of our largest categories, and includes natural soap bars, facial & body oils, body butters,and more. Because these products are made with single scents rather than blends, there are a greater variety of scents available under this brand. So, if a person wants a natural bar of soap scented in lavender and only lavender, this is the brand for him or her. This brand also includes products that are lightly scented to appeal to people with sensitive noses.

exotic earth


Anna Designer Pet: Our Natural Pet Care & Grooming Line

The Anna Designer Pet brand is designed to bring the cleansing and healing powers of Castle Baths’ Classic, Exotic Earth, and Tre’Yours brands to the animal kingdom. Many products listed under the Anna Designer Pet brand contain Dead Sea salts, natural glycerin, antibacterial agents, and many other beneficial properties shared by Castle Baths' other three brands, except these are designed specifically for use on pets. These products were designed by award-winning Purrinlot breeder of Persian cats, Laura Thomas, for use on her own animals, and now she is sharing her secret to show success with you! Numerous veterinarians have endorsed its effectiveness in removing tear stains, stud tail grease, and much more!

anna pet care