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Effective Sunburn Treatment Using Natural Skin Care Ingredients

Sunburned? Find soothing relief with these natural sunburn treatment skin care solutions from Castle Baths. There are a variety of natural skin care ingredients in existence that can provide soothing relief as you wait for your burns to heal, such as Aloe, Shea Butter, and Hazelnut Oil.

Experience Soothing Relief with Castle Baths

So, you wanted to be a sun goddess for the day, spent a few hours sunbathing at the beach, and now, instead of that toned, sexy tan you were hoping for, you have these blotchy red patches all over your shoulders, that ache whenever they come into contact with clothing. What can you do?

sunburn treatment

Only time and your body’s natural healing process will make a sunburn go away entirely, but there are ways you can experience soothing relief while you wait for your body to heal itself, and help protect your skin from suffering any lasting damage. 

Shea Butter to Soothe and Soften Sunburned Skin

Certified Organic, Unrefined Shea Butter is an excellent natural home remedy you can use for sunburn treatment and relief. Unrefined Shea Butter is rich in Vitamins A, E, and F. Vitamins A and E are useful for keeping your skin soft, smooth, and healthy, while Vitamin F has been shown to be helpful for protecting and rejuvenating skin. Shea Butter also contains cinnamic acid, which can act as a natural guard against UV damage.  

sunburnCastle Baths offers several bath and body products rich in Shea Butter, including, but not limited to, our Hand and Body Lotion and our Body Butter.  Our hand and body lotions are made with a full 20% of Unrefined Shea Butter, the required amount to deliver Shea Butter’s numerous skin care benefits to your skin. Many of the commercial lotions you see advertised in retail stores only contain 1 – 2%, and many also use processed (refined) Shea Butter, which contains nowhere near the variety and quantity of vitamins Unrefined Shea Butter possesses.

Our Body Butters contain a minimum of 50% Unrefined Shea Butter for even longer-lasting and superior soothing relief. We have also included several other natural skin care ingredients helpful for sunburn treatment, such as Aloe and Mango Butter, in the formulation of several of our body butters. For soothing sunburn relief, you may also wish to try our Citrus C Body Butter (which contains a blend of Mango and Shea Butter.) Our Green Tea Body Butter and Lavender Body Butter are also great for sunburns.

But, Shea Butter shouldn't be the only skin care ingredient in your natural sunburn treatment secret vault….


Certified Organic Hazelnut Oil for Facial Sunburn Treatment and Sun Damaged Skin

Shea Butter is great for providing quick, cooling, soothing sunburn relief, but don’t sunburns cause damage on the deeper layers of the skin too? In fact, they do, and lifelong overexposure to the sun’s UV rays can result in sun damaged skin if you don’t care for your sunburned skin properly.

When a sunburn develops, not only does it cause tender redness and peeling on the outer layers of your skin, but it will also result in the generation of substances known as free radicals within the deeper layers of your skin. Free radicals are the real culprits behind sunlight overexposure’s link to premature aging and/or skin cancer. They accumulate without notice for years until reaching toxic levels, at which point they can cause DNA damage. Certified Organic Hazelnut Oil can help keep your skin from deteriorating to this point.

Hazelnut Oil has the ability to naturally absorb harmful UV rays, and is frequently used in sunscreens for this purpose (though likely not at the quantity required and probably packed along with a multitude of other nasty chemicals.) It can also help address the issue of free radical accumulation by virtue of its antioxidant properties. The process by which free radicals damage skin is called oxidation. Oxidation is also what causes metal exposed to air and water to rust after many years, and an apt analogy to what can occur inside your body if free radicals are left to run their course. Antioxidants are substances that prevent this process and/or eliminate free radicals from your body. Hazelnut Oil is rich in the antioxidants Vitamin E and plant phenolics. Hazelnut is also the best choice if your face is sunburned, as it is lighter than our body butters, yet still extremely rich and soothing.Try Castle Baths’ Hazelnut Cream to experience the sunburn treatment benefits of Hazelnut Oil for yourself.


Aloe Vera for Sunburns

aloe vera spraysummer skin careAloe Vera is likely the natural skin care ingredient with which you are most familiar, as it is often included in commercial sunscreens. The reason Aloe Vera is such a popular sunscreen ingredient is because it contains over 150 phytochemicals, many of which have strong antioxidant properties to fight the free radical buildup that occurs when you get a sunburn before they can accumulate to dangerous levels. What the sunscreen manufacturers likely won't tell you though is that many commercial sunscreens don't contain anywhere near enough Aloe Vera to give you the full benefit of its natural sunburn soothing properties. Many commercial sunscreens are also diluted with synthetic chemicals which can exacerbate free radical damage in some cases, and actually worsen the problems they're intended to fix or prevent.

If you want to experience the sunburn treatment benefits of pure Aloe Vera extract, try our Aloe Vera Spray, which comes in an easy-to-carry spray bottle and applies like a light mist.


Natural Glycerin for Sunburn Treatment

Natural Glycerin is a humectant, meaning it draws water out of the environment and into itself. When you get sunburned, the heat from the sun's UV rays causes your skin's natural moisture and oils to evaporate, leaving your skin dry, flaky, and inflamed. Natural Glycerin combats the discomfort of sunburns and helps your skin heal itself faster by drawing much-needed moisture back into your skin and firming up any leaks in the natural protective barrier your skin produces to keep itself safe from the elements.