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Luxurious Spa Gift Baskets for those who delight in Natural Skin Care, Bath & Body

Gluten Free, Vegan, Green-Certified, Real Ingredients, bringing the spa to you!

Natural Skin Care, Spa Products, Bath Products & Luxurious Spa Gift Baskets for Women, and even Men!

Green Spa Grooming Products for both People and their Pets.

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What does this mean for you? Our products won't leave you sick! You'll delight your senses! Everything is formulated safe, with cancer-free, birth defect-free ingredients.

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Lavender Seaweed Body Scrub

Top Spa Baskets, Favorite Spa & Bath Products!

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"Looking for a great gift idea? How about a beautiful basket? Castle Bath Spa Products has a HUGE variety to choose from!"
Leslie, Leslie Loves Veggies 

"Castle Baths spa products are natural and a delight to the skin!" Bridget, Mint Green with Envy

“Natural spa products that will make your senses sing!” – Wendy Hines, Blogspot

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Castle Baths offers 4 natural proprietary "Cancer Free" skin care and bath product brands with 7 proprietary blends. We formulate everything right here in Hampton, VA, USA! Trusted by doctors and even the most discriminating home spa aficionados.



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A note for those first time shoppers,

Hi, My name is Laura, and I am Castle Baths. I'm not a big corporation. I'm a simple, real human with morals and a care for others.

Something you might not know about Castle Baths is that this business is my life. I breathe, eat, and live Castle Baths and am devoted to making the 4 proprietary brands offered within-store the absolute best I can offer you. When I think of a product, I first think about "you", the customer, and what skin care problem you may be experiencing that I can remedy. I research not only the ingredients to use in the formulations, but which product will offer the greatest beneficial solution.

Once I determine the type of product that will help my customers needs, formulation development goes into play. I shop the world to find the purest, most effective ingredients pertaining to the solution to your problem. Lastly, I try to determine how to make this awesome, golden product more affordable. Since natural, certified organic and green product ingredients cannot be purchased in bulk and still remain stable and fresh (unlike unsafe chemical ingredients), the resulting cost tends to be higher for you, making it somewhat difficult to price competitively with companies that may not care as much about the safety and effectiveness of their ingredients. Therefore,what I tend to do is try to increase the amount of product you receive so that it's still competitive. What this means, for example, is rather than the competitions typical, chemical-based 1 oz face cream for the 1 ounce price, we sell a natural 1.7 oz instead for the 1 ounce price to you.

Some of our products include bath oils, natural soaps, a complete skin care line, bath salts made from dead sea salt, body scrubs, bath teas and even pet care grooming products for your furry best friends. We have an extremely wide selection, all in one store for your convenience. We even have a full gift basket section and we ship gifts everywhere in the US and even international!
This makes us ideal for sending gifts to your deployed loved ones as well.

I place quality above anything else in our product line! Our research and development seek only the best for our lines. We like to consider you as a part of our family. We care about the environment, animals, and people. We care about you and what you need.

If you don't find what you are looking for on our site, we've been known to customize not only gift baskets but spa and bath products too. What ever scent you favor, what ever skin type you have, we hope to have the perfect skin care solutions right here for both you and your best friends, even those furry friends you love so dear.

Laura, Owner/formulator
Be Blessed, because your future can shine healthier with Castle Baths!


Check out my book- How to Have Purr-fect Faith, even at a cat show, by Laura Thomas


Shop Castle Baths for natural skin care & spa bath products inspired by YOU, using only Premium Organic Ingredients- cancer and birth defect free!

 Nourish, Indulge, Seduce with "cancer and birth defect free" natural skin care, bath products and upscale spa gifts for a healthier lifestyle. Gift Basket FAQ