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About Castle Baths – Positive Pampering, Healthier Ingredients

Castle Baths is a Christian spa and bath product store to include products for both yourself and your best friends (especially the four legged ones) Our products are made with you in mind with a purpose to offer solutions for both needs and pampering. Each product line has a scripture, all labels witness faith.

The CEO of Castle Baths is the LORD almighty!

We are best known for not only our 4 exclusive proprietary brands, but also our amazing Gift Baskets .. The attention to detail is a must with us!

How are we different than other natural product brands on the market?

What makes us different is not only do we sell the products found on this website- but we also manufacture our products ourselves in-house, allowing us to offer you honest quality control. From the selection of ingredients to placing the label on the jar - its all done right here in-house. Best of ALL - All products are not only just natural - they are formulated to be 100% free of any cancer causing or birth defect ingredients! We believe you deserve the best, and that's our goal.We also try to make all of our products vegan. With this said- our pet grooming brushes are not made in house and are not vegan. We have a goats milk soap and honey in a shampoo for the pet line.

Premium quality, handmade and hand-packaged - 100% non toxic!

You have the right to know what ingredients go into your spa and bath products

Castle Baths is one of only 322 companies to have been awarded Champion status by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, a coalition of 170 U.S.-based nonprofit organizations that advocate for the use of safe and sustainable ingredients in cosmetics, to include the Breast Cancer Fund, the Environmental Working Group, and other national 501(c)(3) nonprofits.


campaign for safe cosmetics champion


What this means for you, as an educated consumer who values quality over quantity or price when it comes to your personal care products, is that Castle Baths has been recognized as an industry leader for being in full compliance with European Union standards for cosmetics, which are far more strict than current U.S. regulations. The European Union has prohibited the use of more than 1100 chemicals and ingredients commonly used in cosmetics, while current U.S. regulations only prohibit 11.


natural ingredients


Fresh, pure, effective products - made without ingredients linked to cancer or birth defects

Castle Baths uses Certified Organic and wild-crafted ingredients, and the highest therapeutic grade essential oilsto ensure that all of our spa and bath products are:

      green America gold certified business
       ewg skin-deep rating
      leaping bunny member
  • Eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable - member of Green America
  • Safe and effective on sensitive skin
  • Free of propylene glycol, formaldehyde, parabens, sulfates, petroleum, and alcohol
  • Free of GMO (genetically modified organism) ingredients
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Made with ingredients obtained through ethical, fair trade practices
  • Certified Cruelty-free (we never test on animals and are a member of Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics (CCIC) Leaping Bunny program)
  • Effective, without using ingredients linked to cancer or birth defects

We disclose 100% of our product ingredients, to include fragrances
(which we craft from essential oils rather than synthetic fragrance oils) to show our customers and our competitors that we do not believe it is ethical or necessary to hide this information from the public.

 Learn more about our efforts to keep all of our products handmade & hand-packaged in the USA and our standards for the organic & wild-crafted ingredients we use to formulate our products.


We never test on animals, nor do any of our suppliers, nor do we sell to any company or Country that test our product on Animals.

We chose to obtain cruelty-free certification through the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics' (CCIC) Leaping Bunny Program over other cruelty-free certifications because Leaping Bunny not only requires that we ourselves provide CCIC with documentation to prove that we never test on animals, it requires that all of our suppliers to also be cruelty-free and provide documentation as proof. This stipulation also allows us to ensure that we only purchase from ethical suppliers who are as committed to safety, purity, and quality as we are.



4 Brands, 7 Proprietary blends, all natural handmade in the USA - Laura's Story

Proud supporter of Environmental Working Group, a % of our profit is donated to EWG each month.

Member of the Arbor Day Foundation- we support and donate to  the Arbor Day Foundation and plant new trees annually.


laura thomas owner

I started Castle Baths in November 2005 with the intention of it being a small, unique American business I could own and operate out of my home. Actually, I take that back. I suppose you could say it really began in 2004 when I published my book: How to Have Purr-fect Faith, even at a cat show, and my publisher suggested I formulate my own bath salt blend to send along with the book as a gift set. Since my book was about my journey of faith and opens with a  prayer bath, I called the bath salt blend “Prayer.”

One year later I officially launched Castle Baths with only my Prayer bath salts and my Anna pet grooming products as my inventory. Prior to entering the spa and bath industry I had been (and at this point in time still was) a professional breeder of Persian cats. To help my cats look flawless at shows, I had formulated several natural cat shampoos and soaps, as well as a three-piece set of products to remove tear stains without damaging or stripping my cats’ fur. When I launched Castle Baths, I decided to name my line of natural pet grooming products after my cat Anna, who made history as the first blue-eyed bicolor grand champion Persian cat ever to exist! As sales of my Prayer bath salts and Anna products grew, I formulated additional Dead Sea bath salts in six other blends, each one intended for a different aromatherapy purpose. Unfortunately, I hit a snag marketing my new aromatherapy blends, but it was a wonderful snag and I became well educated in my efforts to help build Castle Baths for a better YOU!.

 prayer bath salt label - original
Original Prayer Bath Salts label - 2005


The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) presently classifies anything that claims to treat, heal, cure, or remedy any type of pain or condition, as well as anything that claims to affect the structure of the human body, as a drug, and thus, requires premarket approval as a new drug for any product that makes any such claims. So, even though I personally had found bathing with Dead Sea Salts scented in a blend of vanilla and lavender (which I later named “Sweet Dreams”) to help me fall asleep at night, I couldn’t promote that as one of my Sweet Dreams blend’s benefits.

By 2006, Castle Baths inventory included Dead Sea bath salts, hand and body lotions, body mists, bath teas, massage oils, and natural soaps available in each of my seven proprietary aromatherapy blends, plus my Anna line, which now included products for dogs as well as cats. After consulting some other aromatherapy resources I had found ways of promoting my products purposes without running afoul of FDA rules too. I was at the top of my game business-wise, or so I thought.


aromatherapy blends - original

Body mists and lotions scented in CB's original 7 aromatherapy blends sit on a shelf in inventory. 


My original goal for Castle Baths was to make it easy for people to experience nature’s best luxury skin care and aromatherapy ingredients from around the world, in combinations people won’t find anywhere else, all without having to leave the comfort of their homes. The audience I initially intended to market my business to consisted mostly of people a lot like me – women of faith with a passion for natural health and beauty. Women who trusted and enjoyed alternative health techniques like massage, yoga, and aromatherapy, and believed, as I did, that not every “cure” need come in the form of a pill. I did indeed manage to attract a fair number of like-minded alternative health aficionados to Castle Baths in the beginning, but I also attracted a few people I hadn’t been expecting.

As a matter of principle, I promised myself that I would always formulate my products with ingredients that are not only natural, but also vegan, and cruelty-free (meaning they are not tested on animals.) ON behalf of Castle Baths, I signed the Compact for Safe Cosmetics and became a member of both Green America and the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics (CCIC) Leaping Bunny program.  What I hadn’t realized at the time was just how many vegans, animal rights activists, and environmentalists were out looking specifically for companies that made vegan, eco-friendly, and cruelty-free products. When they found Castle Baths, it was like a match made in Heaven.



I gained another audience I hadn’t expected due to my choice of ingredients. It wasn’t long before I realized my choice  to use of high-end, certified organic ingredients in my formulations would drive costs much higher than those a company that used only cheap, readily available, synthetic ingredients would normally incur. As such, I had to price my products somewhat higher than what one might expect to spend on a similar product made synthetically. Ironically, the fact that my products and their ingredients were so highly valued has attracted the attention of an audience that otherwise would not be likely to give me much notice: the affluent.

One day, I received a call from a prominent day spa, whose owner was impressed with my natural formulations and wanted to know if I could formulate some even higher-end natural products with greater anti-aging benefits she could sell to her clients. I considered the request and came to the conclusion that the opportunity to get my products in such a prestigious location was too great to ignore. So I began formulating once again and the Tre’Yours natural anti-aging line was born! Other calls soon followed. As it turned out, my new Tre’Yours line was attracting attention from more than just spa owners and affluent customers.


treyours original label

Original Tre'Yours label for Mediterranean Breeze Dead Sea Salt Scrub


A number of people began telling me how they wished they could afford to purchase the spa soaps I had created  for use in their homes, and how much they loved the idea of natural spa and bath products, but explained rather reluctantly that I was simply out of their price range. As I said, I had priced my  products as high as I had because of the cost of the ingredients I had used in their formulations. I couldn’t sell them for any less using their existing formulations without taking a loss, so I went back to formulating. My goal was to try and create products that were still natural but didn’t contain some of the high-end ingredients I had used in my Tre’Yours line. I succeeded in creating several natural soaps, as well as some new single-scented salts and some patterned decorative soaps, but I couldn’t exactly brand them as Tre’Yours products since the Tre’Yours anti-aging line was all about the high-end ingredients I had excluded, nor could I use my aromatherapy labels since these products were unscented or single-scented rather than using any of my proprietary blends. So how should I market these products? I wondered. My solution ended up being to create a fourth product line under the Castle Baths brand umbrella: Exotic Earth.

Every time I created a new product, I would conduct a quality control test by using it myself. But even after my products passed my quality control tests, I found myself still using them regularly. I truly believe in Castle Baths, and what we do. I believe in our products so much that I use CB products exclusively myself. You won’t find any other brands in my medicine cabinet. I believe God led me to this career and this is what I'm meant to do.

Life with Multiple Sclerosis

2008 was also the year I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS.) As a result of my MS I retired from actively breeding and showing my Persian cats. My doctor told me I needed to avoid stress whenever possible (and all the traveling required to compete in national and international cat shows is certainly stressful.) The silver lining to all this was I now had a lot more time on my hands to devote to Castle Baths.

Today, Castle Baths subscribes to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society with a deeply personal motivation towards finding a cure. I must admit, I personally do not take any of the MS medications and it is my father who donates financial support to this group. My neurologist for the first time ever (in 2018) told me how much he respects me for choosing health and diet over medication, I am determined I can keep my health in sync with diet and exercise. I am an avid health nut:-)


2009 - Present

To this day, everything at Castle Baths is made fresh, and usually barely has time to sit on the shelf before it sells and we need to make more. We hand-package and ship new orders daily.

Thanks to our incredible loyal customers and supporters, who have helped us become one of the most trusted sources for natural skin care and aromatherapy online, Castle Baths now offers over 400 products. Almost everyone who shops with us becomes a repeat customer, and refers at least one other person to us. Those people often become repeat customers too. It truly amazes me how many people today consider myself and the Castle Baths team to be their go-to bath and spa experts.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I enjoy conversing directly with all our customers, getting the opportunity to share my knowledge and passion, and helping them solve whatever issues they may have. If I can’t help or I'm uncertain, I'll be upfront with you about my uncertainty and help you find other sources that may be of benefit, even if they aren’t affiliated with us. And you never know, your conversation with me could inspire our next big product launch.


In Summary, why I do what I do

My journey towards founding Castle Baths began when I set out to improve the spa and bath industry with the same determination that had led me to teach myself genetics and eventually produce the first ever blue-eyed bicolor Persian show cat in the WORLD.

Starting with nothing but the natural shampoos and soaps I had formulated for my world-renown cattery, Purrinlot, and an aromatherapy bath salt blend I had created to accompany my book "How to Have Purr-fect Faith, even at a cat show."

I applied the same methodologies that I had once applied to my genetics background, and mastered the art of chemistry in formulating. In my research I discovered links to cancer and birth defects relating to chemicals found in personal care products. The book, "Not Just a Pretty Face", left an incredible impression on me!

My mother passed away at an early age due to cancer, and had had many miscarriages. This led me to shift the focus of my research from your typical big brand products laden with chemicals to natural, God-made, not man-made, ingredients.

Our products are exclusive- not mass market. Every product we offer is formulated to be safe, natural, and to offer an effective solution to people's actual problems. I believe in Castle Baths, and all that we stand for, from the bottom of my heart, and I use our products daily. As a closing note, our products are formulated so naturally- that they can be eaten, even though we do not believe they will taste very good.

Thank you for your interest my story and in healthier, natural solutions. I hope you find your experience here at Castle Baths, both educational and helpful in understanding how using the right ingredients can make all the difference.


CB Owner/Founder