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Avocado Butter for Face and Skin Care

For many people, avocado butter is one of the secrets to beauty and healthy skin. There are many different things that you can do to help yourself feel better and look better, but using completely natural products is one of the best ways, because they can help you to look and feel your best, with a minimum of risk.

There are so many different spa and bath products out there that can do a similar job to that of avocado butter, so why use it rather than them? Why not use a synthetic equivalent that claims to be just as good for you?  To answer that question, let's digress for a moment to the vitamin and supplement industry.

A natural and better alternative to vitamin and mineral supplements:

You can buy vitamins, minerals and various supplements in various forms from a wide variety of health food stores. However, what the experts agree on practically unanimously is that vitamins and minerals taken in supplement form are not as effective as those taken naturally in the diet.  Why is this?

One reason is that many substances work best when in the presence of others, producing what is known as a synergistic effect; they work better together than each would separately.  This synergy is not always present in supplements. 

Additionally, and probably even more importantly, many vitamins and minerals that are manufactured synthetically, are available in a different form than those occurring naturally. This alternate form is often  not so easily assimilated into the body.

The Secret Skincare Ingredients of Avocado Butter:

So what has this to do with avocado butter?  This natural extract of avocado is rich in vitamins A, D, and E, unsaturated fatty acids, and lecithin, all of which are beneficial to your general health and that of your skin. Synthetic equivalents cannot possibly contain the same components in a natural form, nor be as easily used by the body as their pure, natural counterparts found in the avocado plant.

avocado eye creamHence, although synthetic skin care products can benefit your skin, they cannot do so as effectively and gently as natural substances such as avocado butter. This is why it is the prime ingredient in our Avocado Eyes Anti-Aging Eye Cream.The butter itself is produced from the flesh of the fruit, not from the extracted oil. The flesh is hydrogenated in the same way that vegetable oils are hydrogenated to produce margarine.

We actually make our own Avocado butter using an added shea to enhance the Castle Baths Avocado products. We beleive this superfood is a MUST for skincare of all skin types.

The melting point is 30C - 35C, which is only a few degrees below the natural temperature of the human body. Thus, it melts easily on application, which render it very easy to rub into your skin. It is excellent for dry, peeling, and cracked skin, and is also said to help to reduce the appearance of age spots on the skin. It is frequently added to sun lotions since it can help to protect the skin from the effect of UV radiation in the sun's rays. This quality is likely due to the antioxidant effects of Vitamins A and E, as well as avocado's emollient effect on your skin.

So treat yourself, and pamper yourself with a lavish application of avocado butter on your skin to make it feel silky and smooth, and help to protect yourself from the effects of aging and environmental pollution.

Avocado Skin Care by Tre'Yours

Our avocado skin care line by Tre'Yours gives you top of the line skin care, formulated for sensitive skin using our own handmade avocado butter, made by infusing organic, unrefined shea butter with avocado oil.

Avocado Face Creams

avocado skin care corrective face cream and hemp regenerative cream comboAvocado Corrective Face Cream & Avocado Hemp Regenerative Cream for Her by Tre'Yours

A day cream / night cream avocado skin care package free of ingredients that burn your skin or cause other skin sensitivities.

“I tried practically [all] of the creams on the market today and no matter how much or little they cost they never moisturized my skin but instead left it dry and with a terrible case of eczema, just too many chemicals or processed ingredients or just plain too many ingredients, less is better especially with allergies. This cream not only normalized my super dry skin but helped clear the severe case of eczema that I got from other skin products. It is worth every penny after all it is your face. I use it on my eyes, face & lips.”

- Janet

avocado skin care corrective face cream and hemp regenerative cream for menAvocado Corrective Face Cream & Avocado Hemp Regenerative Cream for Him by Tre'Yours

A day cream / night cream avocado skin care package exclusively for men! Great for post-op skin care too - full anti-aging skin care package for men.

"My ex-wife, of all people, recommended I try a sample of Castle Baths Avocado [Face] Cream to help with the scarring around my eyes [after my face lift.] I began using it and could not believe the results. I was so excited about it that I took the cream to my next follow up appointment to share with my surgeon. He was a little skeptical that a natural chemical free cream could work so well, but he could not argue with the improvement since my last visit and recommended that I keep using it on my entire face."

- Dave

Avocado Eye Creams

Tre'Yours avocado eye creams are the healthier choice in skin care. Let your eyes reflect wisdom, not stress.

avocado skin care anti aging eye cream

Avocado Eyes Anti-Aging Eye Cream by Tre'Yours

Avocado skin care anti-aging eye cream, enriched, creamy and natural! Safe on sensitive skin - one of our best sellers!

"This is the best eye cream I have ever used and it lasts all day. It's thick, creamy and feels wonderful. Hydrates with no greasy feeling. Great for night time too!"

- Mary

"I have already bought this product 4 times! I can't go without my Avocado Eyes."

- Jennifer

avocado vitamin a d k eye cream by tre'yours

Avocado ADK Eye Cream for Extra Dry or Sensitive Skin by Tre'Yours

Rich, creamy and infused with avocado oil and food-grade vitamin A, D, and K dietary supplements for those who need a little extra help around the eyes such as those with extra dry or sensitive skin.

avocado skin care + olive eye creamAvocado + Olive Eye Cream for Mature and Very Dry Skin by Tre'Yours

Our rich, creamy Avocado + Olive Eye Cream is made with the same “superfoods” for skin as Avocado Eyes, plus one other special ingredient: olive oil.The added olive oil in this natural eye cream significantly changes the original formulation, creating a new, slow-release, deep moisturizer ideal for deep wrinkles and damaged skin.






Which Avocado Eye Cream is Right for Me?

avocado skin care eye cream ebook by tre'yoursebook: Seeing Eye to Eye - the great anti-aging eye cream debate

Download your copy of our free ebook: "Seeing Eye to Eye - the great anti-aging eye cream debate" to learn more about each avocado-based eye cream the Tre'Yours skin care line offers and which skin types and conditions each is best for. Our ebook references multiple scientific expert sources on the documented benefits of avocado oil and avocado butter for anti-aging eye care.