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Coconut Oil in Skin Care Products

When you use coconut oil in skin care products and in cosmetics, you are getting more out of the product than you might believe. There are many synthetic, or non-natural skin care products available on the market, and while many claim to contain the same vitamins and nutrients as coconut oil, and other natural skin care products, these ingredients might not be in a form that is as beneficial to your skin as the same substances in their natural form of coconut oil.

coconut oil for skin careThis article is one of the most important articles you can read teaching you more about what goes into your spa products and what it does to your skin - the largest organ in your body! The one that you see every single day as it ages! Your skin shares your inner heath!

Although this is not related to skin care, calcium is often taken by people to avoid osteoporosis. However, calcium cannot be absorbed by the body unless it is taken in the presence of Vitamin D and magnesium, and iodine is also essential for a proper calcium balance. Calcium is frequently found in association with these other minerals in nature.

unscented natural coconut oil for skin care

The same is true of many vitamins that are contained in natural skin care products like coconut oil. 

They come as a package which is rarely available in synthetic supplements and skin care products.  Coconut oil is a prime example.

Natural coconut oil contains a number of strong antioxidants, but the refined vegetable oils used in conventional synthetic skin care products have had the antioxidants removed. Beyond that, processed oils can generate free radicals, both on your skin and outside your body.  In fact free radicals can actually be generated in the oil itself during storage if it is exposed to sunlight. Free radicals oxidize the cells in your body by grabbing electrons from them, and so destroying the molecular structure of the skin cells. This causes wrinkles, liver spots (oxidized fatty deposits) and other signs of aging. If you rub such processed oils onto your skin you can actually create the skin conditions that you are trying to remove.

Our unscented coconut oil, however, is cold-pressed to preserve its high antioxidant and vitamin content.

The substances that destroy these free radicals are known as antioxidants, common examples being Vitamins A and E, plant phytochemicals such as polyphenols, beta carotene, flavanoids and so on. All are predominantly plant-based. If a vegetable or plant oil is processed in such a way as to generate free radicals, its natural antioxidants will be removed by the free radicals, and the oil will have no beneficial effects; in fact it will do harm to your skin, and any other tissue with which it comes in contact.

That's why you need a natural vegetable oil such as coconut oil for your skin, rather than a synthetic skin care product produced from refined vegetable oils. Virgin coconut oil that has not been refined is very strong in antioxidants, particularly Vitamin E.  A single free radical can initiate a chain reaction that destroy thousands of skin cells, and just one molecule of an antioxidant such as Vitamin E can stop that chain reaction.

Coconut Oil stops the aging process in your skin stone dead, and enables your skin to look youthful for longer.  It can stop wrinkles from developing and liver spots from being created as you get older. For older people, this is just as important as keeping supple wrinkle-free skin is for youngsters.  That's the main benefit of using natural oils in your skin care products, and coconut oil is a particularly powerful example that can help you to retain your youthful looks. This is why natural soaps are better for your skin that the commerial chemical versions you but in the grocery store.