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Detox Skin Care Solutions

How to Remove Toxins from the Body

When it comes to removing toxins from the body, there are two major areas of conern: your internal organs and your skin. To detox organs, many people turn to popular detox diets, whereby they try to eliminate toxins by fasting. There has been much debate over the effectiveness of these diets, and experts agree that detox diets aren't the best choice for everybody.

Detox Skin Care Solutions: An Alternative or Addition to Dieting

Your body has its own biological detox systems such as the liver, kidneys, and colon to take care of toxins in your internal organs, so not everybody needs to periodically go on a detox diet. In fact, there are several groups of people for whom any diet involving fasting, such as a detox diet, would do more harm than good. These groups include: children, people who are ill, pregnant women, and the elderly. If you are still interested in pursuing a detox diet, talk with your doctor to determine what health risks you may encounter.

Your liver, kidneys, and colon flush toxins from your body two ways: waste (via the toilet) and through your skin. Ever wonder why you run a fever and sweat when you're sick? Your body is pushing toxins out by way of your skin, and raising your temperature so that you will sweat and purge toxins out of your skin. But, during the 98% of the time when you're not running a fever, and it isn't 100+ ◦F  outside, you'll need to take action to detox your skin once your body's internal detox system deposits them there.

Your body's internal detox system is not the only source of toxins in your skin either. Keep in mind that your skin needs air just as much as your lungs, and if that air is polluted, those pollutants are getting absorbed into your skin. Furthermore, many of the synthetic cosmetics and bath and body products you see in drug stores are, in fact, one of the main sources of toxins your skin encounters. These toxins bury themselves deep within the inner layers of your skin where most body cleansers can't reach, multiplying with each subsequent use of that store brand moisturizer you bought on sale - lying in wait to cause premature wrinkles, fatigue, or even skin cancer! By the end of the day, you have your body pushing toxins into your skin from the inside outward, pollutants and toxins seeping into your skin's pores from outside, and an equally toxic synthetic moisturizer adding a third source of toxins, as well as preventing any toxins from leaving your skin.

So what can you do about toxins in your skin?

  • Well, for one thing, check the ingredients on any synthetic skin care products you use. Do some research (toxins are often disguised with ambiguous or scientific-sounding names), and if you find a product to be toxic, STOP USING IT!
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight. The ultraviolet rays of the sun cause your skin to produce its own toxins called free radicals, which are one of the main causes of premature aging and skin cancer cases.
  • To eliminate the toxins already present in your skin, begin a regular detox skin care regimen using DEAD SEA SKIN CARE PRODUCTS.

Dead Sea Skin Care to Detox Your Skin

dead sea mudThe minerals found in Dead Sea skin care products such as Dead Sea Mud and Dead Sea Salt have a unique ability to deep-cleanse the inner layers of your skin where few other skin care products can reach. The rejuvenating and beautifying powers of the Dead Sea have been known since ancient times, and are backed by scientific evidence of their cleansing effectiveness. Learn how to select the best Dead Sea skin care product to detox your skin:

For example, if you do decide to pursue a detox diet, you may want to try Dead Sea Bath Salts to help replenish the magnesium you will lose as a result of your diet. All detox diets cause you to lose important, beneficial minerals and nutrients, as well as all the toxins you purge. Bath salts offer an easy way to replenish your magnesium levels without interferring with your diet. 

Dead Sea Mud Masks are also excellent detox skin care solutions. Your skin may break out during the first one to two weeks of using a mud mask - this is perfectly normal. The Dead Sea Mud is drawing out all the toxins built up in your facial skin, but can't eliminate every single toxin in one sitting. Therefore, the toxins that remain until your next mud mask session will be closer to your skin's surface, resulting in inflammation.

 Other Dead Sea detox skin care solutions

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