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Spa Gift Baskets for Any Occasion: Gift Guide

If you can't decide which of our exclusive spa gift baskets you want to send to a friend, loved one, or family member, you're in the right place! We created this gift guide just for people like you who need some suggestions as to which of our spa gift baskets would be best for a particular event or occasion, so you can be sure your friend, loved one, or family member will be absolutely thrilled with his or her spa gift basket. Castle Baths conducts extensive demographic research into our aromatherapy scents and spa products to determine which gender, age group, and ethnicity is most likely to enjoy them.





slice of life spa gift basket with chocolate cake soap


Get Well Gift Baskets

Know someone feeling under the weather? Castle Baths offers two unique spa gift baskets specifically designed to help cheer people up and help them get on the road to recovery. Our Sweet Dreams Get Well Spa Gift Basket gives you one jar of our Dead Sea Bath Salts, one bottle of Body Mist, and one bottle of Hand and Body Lotion, all scented in our relaxing, restful aromatherapy blend of Lavender and Vanilla. Sleep is an integral component of any recovery, but can be difficult to achieve if you are worried, restless, or stressed. Our Sweet Dreams Get Well Spa Gift Basket will help your friend, loved one, or family member reach an ideal, calm state of mind to fall asleep naturally.

We also offer a Passion Get Well Spa Gift Basket scented in the sensual, sexy aromatherapy blend of Lavender, Rose, and Sandalwood to give your loved ones a night of passionate romance to look forward to once they've recovered, and our Lavender Lover's Gift Basket is also a great choice for a get well spa gift.

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Birthday Gift Baskets

While any of our spa gift baskets would make a great birthday gift, our "Best Day Ever" Happy Birthday Gift Basket and our other happy birthday baskets featuring our unique, decadent chocolate cake slice soap (made with real cocoa) have been designed specifically for treating your friend, loved one, or family member to a home spa day on her birthday. It includes one bar of our chocolate cake slice soap (which looks amazingly like a real slice of chocolate cake - don't try eating it, though), one jar of our coffee cocoa face and body scrub, and a chocolate scented candle. This spa gift basket is perfect for the chocolate lover in your life, and a great way to indulge without calories!

 happy birthday pampering spa gift basket collection top picks

If chocolate isn't her preferred scent, we recommend you take a look at our Lavender Vanilla Spa Gift Basket (with calming, restful aromatherapy properties), or our Key Lime Pie Slice Soap (which looks and smells amazingly like a real slice of key lime pie - but, again, don't eat it!)

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Thank You Gift Baskets

Sending one of our thank you spa gift baskets is a great way to show your gratitude and appreciation to a friend, colleague, or loved one who has helped you through a difficult time or who has always been there for you. We offer a wide variety of thank you spa gift baskets from which to choose. For example, if you want your thank you spa gift to have a religious or spiritual touch, our Thank You With Treasure Chest Gift Basket (pictured left) is a great choice, as it contains our floral, fruity, meditative aromatherapy blend aptly named Prayer. We also offer a Thank You Eucalyptus Gift Bag a relaxing Sweet Communion Thank You Gift Basket, an Appreciation Gift Basket (great for business contacts or clients), and much more!

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Christmas & Holiday Gift Baskets

Spa gift baskets make great Christmas gifts, especially for those friends, loved ones, and family members who live far away. We ship our exclusive spa gift baskets all over the world! Choose from our Holiday Gift Basket, which features our coffee cocoa face and body scrub, one slice of our key lime pie slice soap, and a candle, all packaged in a festive gift basket topped with a bright red bow, or our Tre'Yours Anti Aging Gift Basket, which features a collection of our Dead Sea Mud products packaged in a red basket with a festive blue bow.

You may also be interested in our Seasonal Ginger Clove Holiday Pie Slice Soap, our Fruit Cake Slice Soap, or our Chocolate Cake with Ice Cream Slice Soap. All three are handmade to look and smell like the real confections! But don't try to eat them, as they are really bars of natural soap!

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Inspirational & Easter Gift Baskets

As a handmade bath and spa company founded on Christian values, Castle Baths is pleased to offer you exclusive inspirational spa gift baskets for Easter and other spiritual occasions. Send someone our Easter Gift Basket, which includes our Hand and Body Lotion and Massage Oil, both scented in the spiritual, floral, fruity aromatherapy blend Prayer, plus a small, decorative sunflower bathtub. Or, if Prayer is not your friend's or loved one's preferred scent, check out our Special Easter Gift Basket, which is scented in our sensual, musky aromatherapy blend Passion, or our Easter Salt Gift Bag, which is scented in the sexy, energizing aroma of Eucalyptus.

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Spa Gifts for Mom

Mother's Day and the time leading up to it is one of our biggest sales events of the year! We offer two unique Mother's Day spa gift baskets: our Sweet Escape Spa Gift Basket and our Enchanted Evening Spa Gift Basket. Our Sweet Escape Spa Gift Basket features our Sweet Dreams Dead Sea Bath Salts (packaged in a champagne bottle), our Chocolate Cake Slice Soap, our White Chocolate Rose Soap, and a heart-shaped candle. Our Sweet Escape Mother's Day Spa Gift Basket is packaged specifically for young mothers who's only alone time may be in the confines of their bathroom - to turn bathrooms into luxurious home spa retreats where she can remember, "I exist!"


dead sea mud spa gift basket anti-aging best seller

We also offer an Enchanted Evening Mother's Day Spa Gift Basket for mothers of adult children who are struggling to avoid the dreaded "empty nest" feeling and need help remembering how to pamper themselves after taking care of their children for 18 years. Our Enchanted Evening gift basket includes a collection of products scented in our romantic Bathsheba aromatherapy blend, which has been proven to appeal to this particular age group in our research studies. Learn more about how we match our Mother's Day Spa Gift Baskets with their perfect recipient based on age group and lifestyle.

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Spa Gifts for Dad

Yes, we do make spa products for men! Check out our selection of exclusive spa gifts for dad this coming Father's Day, to include Dead Sea Mud products, gift bags, our Sexy Eucalyptus Dead Sea Bath Salts, and our In Appreciation Gift Basket You'd be surprised how many men enjoy our natural spa products!

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"I Love You" Spa Gifts

Valentine's Day, your anniversary, a wedding - there are so many occasions to say, "I love you!" Castle Baths is happy to help you find the perfect gift for each occasion! In 2013, we introduced our popular Valentine's Day Rose Soap Bouquet, which features one dozen rose-shaped handmade soaps on stems, scented in your choice of dark chocolate or white chocolate and vanilla musk.Take a look for some creative suggestions on arranging and using our Valentine's Day Rose Soaps.


best seller popular love gift basket

Our Wedding Wishes Spa Gift Basket is perfect for weddings or engagement parties, especially if you can't attend and are looking for a gift that you can send in your place. We deliver and ship our spa gift baskets all over the world! We also offer anniversary spa gift baskets, to include our popular Love Gift Basket (which includes a collection of Passion-scented natural spa products) and our I Love You Gift Bag (which includes our Sexy Eucalyptus Dead Sea Bath Salts.)

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Spa Gifts for Animal Lovers

Before Castle Baths Owner Laura Thomas founded her natural bath and spa company, she was an active breeder of prize-winning Purrinlot Persian cats. As such, she is an avid animal lover and offers a wide selection of spa gift baskets for pet lovers here at Castle Baths. Whether you're looking for something unique that a friend or loved one can put on display to proudly show he or she is an animal lover, or you're looking for something someone can use on his or her pets, Castle Baths can help you! Our Fat Cat and Fat Dog specialty soaps make great gifts to display around the house, and each also functions as a bar of natural soap. Plus, you get a free Breeder Bar Soap when you buy either as a gift set.

We also offer an entire product line of natural pet grooming products: Anna Designer Pet. The Anna brand is well known among breeders of Persian cats, and among many veterinarians and groomers in Europe, as well as some here in America. Choose from our popular Anna Tear Stain Remover Trio, our Conditioner and Grooming DVD Gift Set, and much more!

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Spa Gifts for Other Occasions

Have an upcoming wedding, graduation, or other special event we haven't covered yet? Don't worry. You'll find plenty of spa gift baskets here for those occasions too!  New graduate? Check out our Slice of Life Spa Gift Basket and give her a taste of the sweetness to come with this unique collection of chocolate and vanilla spa products!

Upcoming baby shower? Take a look at our New Baby Gift Basket filled with Sweet Dreams scented spa products to help mom and dad wash away the stress of caring for a newborn and finally get some peace of mind before going to bed.

Our Friendship Spa Gift Baskets make great all-purpose gifts too! While your at it, why not send one of our "Miss You" Gift Baskets to a friend or loved one with whom you'd like to get back in touch.


We also have specialty baskets for specialty care, ex: gifts for diabetics, cancer patients, menopausal women, precnancy, tired feet, etc.


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